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Nov. 25, 2005

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Cheat Mode
During gameplay, press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+C, then type any of the following "Codes". Some codes require you to worship a god, which will be listed below in (), for the code to work:

Pharaohs Tomb - Instant Win
Fury of Seth - Angry Gods
Treasure Chest - 1000 Deben
mockattack1 - Attack by Land
mockattack2 - Attack by Sea
Bounty - Better Inundation (Osiris)
Mummys Curse - Worse Inundation (Osiris)
Pharaohs Glory - Increase Export (Ra)
Bird of Prey - Less Trade (Ra)
Supreme Craftsman - Super Storage Yard (Ptah)
Noble Djed - Full Stock (Ptah)
Typohian Relief - Protect Soldiers (Seth)
Seth Strikes - Destruction (Seth)
Cat Nip - Full Houses and Bazaars (Bast)
Kitty Litter - Killer Plague (Bast)
Hippo Stomp - Angry Hippos
Side Show - More Hippos (Hippos Must be Present on Map)
Life From Death - Double Harvest (Osiris)
Underworld - Destroy Farms (Osiris)
Big Dave - Industrial Destruction (Ptah)
Grenow - Destroy Storage (Ptah)
Spirit of Typhon - Protection from Invaders (Seth)
Meow - Party for the Gods
Living Large - *Upgrade All Residences (Bast)

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