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Cheat Mode
In the mission selection screen, click on the little black shadow that looks like a plane on the right part of the screen to unlock 3 special planes and 1 special level.
Unlock Three Planes and Bonus Mission
After you complete level ten, go to the mission select screen, look to the right of the screen, and there will be a tiny airplane. Click on it and there will be a sound to confirm the code. Now you have access to three new aircraft, including the U.F.O., the F-22 Raptor, and the Kikka, a Japenese plane. You will also be able to unlock mission 11, a bonus mission.

General Survival Hints
After a lot of frustration, I was finally able to complete all levels. My advice is to stick with the Thunderbolt and only go after objective targets.

If you need points to survive, put your plane into a tight, high altitude turn which seems to draw the Jap planes in. Zap them as they fly by, and just wait for your rockets to reload (you will almost never be shot down in a tight turn).

Go after high point objects such as the 320 point Jap bombers but ignore targets with low point value.

If you get hit and start smoking, head to your airstrip or aircraft carier and repair your plane to stem your point loss.

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