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Achievements (Steam)
A Whole Mess Of Kills - Kill 10,000 foes.
Beat The Game - Beat the entire game. Everything must be complete. There can be nothing left to do, no score to beat, no foe to smash.
BFF - Revive a teammate 15 times in one co-op game.
Co-op Score Asteroid - Score 500 on Asteroid in co-op.
Co-op Score Easy - Score 4,000 on Easy in co-op.
Co-op Score Hard - Score 4,000 on Hard in co-op.
Deathmatch Kills - Have 1,000 deaths in Deathmatch.
Earn This Achievement - You earn this achievement by earning it.
Killed By The Snitch - Get killed by the snitch foe.
Loop Hard Music - Last long enough for the music to loop in single player Hard mode.
Mess With XML - Crack open some XML.
Perfect Credits - Complete the credits without crashing.
Player Deaths - 5,000 player ships have exploded.
Score Asteroid - Score 400 on Asteroid.
Score Asteroid Show-off - Score 401 on Asteroid with the Show-off Ship.
Score Easy - Score 3,000 on Easy.
Score Easy Show-off - Score 3,001 on Easy with the Show-off Ship.
Score Hard - Score 3,000 on Hard.
Score Hard Show-off - Score 3,001 on Hard with the Show-off Ship.
Team Pacifist - Go 60 seconds without killing or crashing in co-op Hard.
Unlock All Ships - You'll need to unlock all of the ships.

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