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Achievements (Steam)
A New Earth - Kill all native aliens on Pandora.
All The Nobels - Win a research victory.
Another Glorious Day In The Corps - As James Heid, clear a hive before native aliens turn aggressive.
Another Green World - Win a game with Terra Salvum.
Back To Earth - Eliminate a faction from Pandora.
Calculated Move - As Eric Preston, forge an alliance with James Heid.
CERN Around, Bright Eyes - Develop a city with more than 100 research per turn.
Circumnavigation - Explore the whole planet.
Clever Girls - Execute a flank attack.
Closed The Box - Win a game on medium difficulty or higher.
Colony Expanding - Build a second city.
EVA-01 - Build a Titan Mech.
Farm Belt - Develop a city to produce more than 100 food per turn.
Fishing With Dynamite - Sink a Transport with a Bombardment operation.
For Great Science! - Win a game with Togra University.
Friends Like These - Forge an alliance with another faction.
Glass Cannon - Build or refit an artillery tank with the Assault Tactics Tweaker device and no armor.
God Bless The NHS - Build or refit a trooper with the Healing and Universal Maintenance device.
Here Comes Skynet - Enter the Mechanization Era.
Hey, Big Spender - Purchase 200 production items.
I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds - Build a nuclear launch center.
I Hear You Got A Bug Problem Ma'am? - Clear 100 hives.
I Survived Pandora And All I Got Was This Achievement - Win a game on very hard difficulty and very high alien aggression.
If I Had A Hammer - Add a device to a unit design.
If You Want Peace ... - Declare war on another faction.
It Belongs In A Museum! - Explore 100 ruins.
Just An Obstacle - Win a game on very high alien aggression.
Kinetic Bombardment - Damage 3 or more units with a single operation.
Limit Break - Kill an Aspidoch.
Little Big Victory - Win a game on a small size world or smaller.
Master Of All Trades - Achieve every victory type.
Master of Pandora - Win a game on hard difficulty or higher.
Mercenary Kings - Win a game with Imperium.
Metropolis - Develop a city with more than 100 production per turn.
Mini-Me - As Yun Xi, produce a Replicant Factory building.
Money Talks - Win an economic victory.
No Man Is An Island - Convert an Aspidoch to your side.
No Points For Neutrality - Win a military victory.
Non-Signatory To The International Whaling Convention - Kill a Leviathan.
Not The Gubernator - Have unrest in a city.
Nu Dillydale - Develop a city with more than 10 morale.
Nu Eldorado - Develop a city to produce more than 100 minerals per turn.
On The Trading Floor - Use the planetary market.
Only Zerglings Go To Heaven - As Lilith Vermillion, produce 5 troopers before turn 18.
Planned Economy - Reassign population tasks.
Progress Waits For No One - As Alpheus Schreiber, explore 4 ruins before turn 24.
Razing The Stakes - Destroy an enemy city.
Rolled The Dice - Start a game on random alien aggression, difficulty, world size and shape.
Royal Rumble - Start a multiplayer game with the drop-in option enabled.
Satellite Rain - Deploy an operation.
Science In Action - Complete a project.
Siege Centurion - Capture 100 enemy cities.
Singin' in the Rain - Use a Spitter unit against a Hive.
Sir, Yes, Sir! - Promote 5 or more units with a single Field Training operation.
Standard Boring Triumph - Win a game on a medium size world.
Staring Into The Abyss - Build a black hole generator.
Starmaker - Explore an observatory.
Stayin' Alive - Win a multiplayer game.
The Bellboy - Change ground elevation.
The Big Bug Hunter - Win without losing any units to aliens on medium alien aggression or higher.
The Bigger They Are - Win a game on a large size world or larger.
The Choke's On You - Build a Fort on a choke point.
The Constant Gardinier - As Vivian Gardinier, produce or refit a unit with the Deadlock Elusion Field device.
The Gentle Giant - Convert a Leviathan to your side.
The Orni's Reporting Wormsign - Build or refit an aircraft with the Sonic Environment Evaluation device.
The Promised Land - Win a game with Divine Ascension.
The Rok - Win a game on very hard difficulty.
The Rule Of One - Win a game with Solar Dynasty.
The Ultimate Survivalist - Win without losing any units to aliens on very high alien aggression.
There Is No Spoon - Enter the Transcendence Era.
There's Gold In Them Thar Hills - Reassign city territory acquisition.
Time For The IPO - Win a game with Noxium Corporation.
Top Of The World, Ma - Attain maximum rank with a unit.
Trouble Incoming - Native aliens turn aggressive.
True Friends Stab You In The Front - Finish a multiplayer game.
Turn Around, Bright Eyes - Convert a native alien to your side.
Unlocked Secret Level - Win a game with every faction.
We Can Rebuild Him - Refit a unit.
Wealth Over Work - Accumulate 1,000,000 credits across any number of playthroughs.
Welcome To The Jungle - Win a game on high alien aggression or higher.

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