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Cheat mode
Press [Delete] during game play. Then, press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes require v1.09.13 or later versions of the game.

Knight enters the wave3
Pirate enters the wave4
One additional credit for ship8
All ships in wave get wildcard defense weapon7
Enforcer enters the wave[F5]
Game ends if you are in Deamons' Gate5
Enforcer will arrest you[F6]
Exit duel arena without killing opponent2
All noble weapons[F7]
Additional fuel6
Thrusters powered up9
Guns powered up<SUP>1</SUP>[F3]
No defenders made[F9]
Toggle invincibility[F8]
Start inner deamon fight[F4]
Win current race1

1. This code requires v1.20.01 or later versions of the game.

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