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Oct. 17, 2009
Oct. 09, 2009

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Secret Levels
There are two secret levels you unlock from taking the test at http://recruit.flashpointgame.com/en/game.php. Go to the in-game password prompt and enter these codes:

AmbushU454 - Unlock "Ambush" mission.
StrongM577 - Unlock "Coastal Stronghold" mission.
CloseQ8M3 - Unlock "Close Quarters" mission.
RaidT18Z - Unlock "Night Raid" mission.
OFPWEB2 - Unlock "Debris Field" mission.
OFPWEB1 - Unlock "Encampment" mission.
BLEEDINGBADLY - Unlock Fire Team Engagement Mission Mode.

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