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Type this codes anywhere in game:

hollywood - Bonus Track
pioneer - Pioneer engine in any car
slip - Super slip & slide mod
bus - You want a school bus?
Semi - How about a big truck?
armytruck - An army truck
vwbug - VW Beatle, of course
volvo - A Volvo
bmw - A BMW
mercedes - A Mercedes
miata - Mazda Miata
jeepyj - Jeep YJ
quattro - Audi Quattro
vanagon - VW Combi
landcruiser - Toyota Landcruiser
commanche - Jeep Commanche
snowtruck - Mercedes Unimog Snowtruck
redracer - Ford Indigo
volvoestate - Volvo Estate
landrover - Landrover
VWfb - Hehe

More cars to drive without the pesky editing:

drive29 - Monolithic Studios Bus
drive30 - Limo
drive31 - Citroen 2CV
drive36 - Cart
drive37 - Outhouse
drive38 - T-Rex
drive39 - Wagon
drive40 - Souvenir Stand 1
drive41 - Souvenir Stand 2
drive42 - Souvenir Stand 3
drive43 - Log
drive44 - Wooden crate
drive45 - Monorail
drive46 - Hoverpolice
drive47 - UFO
drive48 - Hovering sewage truck
drive49 - Snowy wooden box
drive50 - Snowy wooden box 2

If you want to drive something different like the log, or the Trex, then do the following:

Note: You MUST do this EXACTLY as shown, otherwise the game will crash when you try to play that car.

Go to the: /gamedata/carmodel/pc

directory in NFS2. Then swap the files like this(for the log). Change "log.geo" to"log1.geo" . Then go change "Sbus.geo" to "log.geo". Change "log1.geo" to "Sbus.geo". Do the exact same as above,but with the *.qfs files. Now in the game type "bus" in any screen and you shall be driving log!

Here are the file names for most of the objects.

BOX. - Wooden Box
CART. - Handcart
CITR. - Citroen 2CV
CRAT. - Crate 1
LIMO. - Limousine
LOG. - Wooden Log
MONO.- Monolithic Studios Tour Bus
OUTH. - Outhouse
SM45. - Mono-Rail
SM46. - Hover Cop Car
SM47. - UFO
SM48. - Hover Sewage Truck
SM49. - Crate 2
SM50. - Crate 3
SOU1. - Souvenier Stand 1
SOU2.- Souvenier Stand 2
SOU3. - Souvenier Stand 3
TANK. - Army Tank
TREX.- Tyranosaurus Rex
WAGO. - Covered Wagon

My favorite, they float off the ground, but you can't control how high they go.

WARNING!!-You must NOT change any other files in that directory, othewise the game will crash when you try to play that car.

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