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Achievements (Steam)
A New Age - The Sun Cult is victorious.
Abandoned - Defeat the Sun Cult.
Ancestral Artistry - Use dance to save the world.
Ancestral Conflict - Come face to face with the Goddess as an unbeliever.
Ancestral Courage - Pray with Enkidu to the Great Mother.
Ancestral Grace - Pray with Dumuzi to the Pale Dancer.
Ancestral Insight - Pray with Enheduanna to the Silver Sister.
Ancestral Power - Commune with all of your ancestors.
Ancestral Song - Confront the Sun Cult on their home turf.
Ancestral Strength - Pray with Kubele to the Queen of Heaven.
Beast Tongue - Learn how to talk to animals from a witch's cat.
Betrayal - Convince the Sun Cultist to join you.
Chilled - Unlock the coolest cooking ingredient.
Clone Wars - Complete the game as quadruplets.
Cooking 101 - Fill your cupboards.
Dancer - Convince the Snowdancer to join you.
Demigod - Defeat Wave 30 of the Endless Arena.
Elopement - Seduce the King.
Forgiveness - Re-enact the ancient rituals.
Forgotten - Submit to the Sun Cult's ultimate weapon.
Groupie - Entertain a young admirer at your campfire.
Heartbroken - Refuse a direct order from Issar.
Hildisvini - Borrow Frigga's boar.
Humbaba - Finish what Gilgamesh started.
Intrepid Explorer - Delve into a Sun Cultist ziggurat.
Legendary - Defeat Wave 20 of the Endless Arena.
Loremaster - Research each aspect of the Moon Goddess.
Master Chef - Fill your cookbook.
Mighty Iflun - Convince a gryphon to join you.
Moon Child - Convince the Songweaver to join you.
Pazuza the Wind Spirit - Meet the wind spirit of the mountains.
Punishment - Destroy the Sun Cult's ultimate weapon.
Real Enkidu - Make friends with a man that has no tribe.
Spirit Guardian - Defy the natural order.
Spirit of Dance - Dance with a maenad of the mountains.
Spirit Tongue - Learn how to talk to spirits by journeying in the afterworld.
The Celestial Map - Fill the sky with all the constellations.
The Celestin - Remember the people of the river.
The Curse of Kun - Suffer the wrath of the River Queen.
The Final Victory - Defeat the Sun God for all time.
The High Tribes - Remember the people of the mountains.
The Issarian Cycle - Find a place for each player class in the heavens at the same time.
The Melody Within - Forgive your ultimate enemy as a priestess.
The Ufratu River - Remember the Holy River.
Theology - Complete the game as yin and yang together.
Treasurer - Fill your pockets.
Wars Within Wars - Win in a battle against your own brother.

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