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Cheat Mode
To access the cheat mode, start a game and while selecting which team color to play, you type any one of the cheats below and press return. If you did it right you will hear a beep. This can be repeated for however many codes you wish to trigger

Then, when within the game you can toggle the cheat modes which you have selected on/off by pressing the "C" key.

speed364 - Allow speed up game in network mode.
worker928 - Allows you to buy workers anytime.
pickup036 - Allows you to pick up other teams beacons.
weapons563 - Allows you to buy all guns.
loans458 - Allows you to borrow any amount of moneyfrom the bank.
estates216 - Allows you to buy an estate without conditions.
upgrade934 - Immediate upgrades (Purchased house appears immedeitly).
gadgets215 - Allows you to access all gadgets.
houses462 - Allow you to purchase all houses.
tenants872 - Allows you to selection of any tenants (it says none but just click on them, it works)
Easy money
Enable the "Borrow any amount" code. Borrow up to $21,475,000 from the bank. The bank will pay the player $214,756 each month instead of the player having to pay the bank interest on the loan.

Real Estate Scam
You can set aside an area to build houses... The houses you build and then sell for $1000 or more dollars then it costs to build them.

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