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Achievements (Steam)
7 Years of Bad Luck - Destroy the magic mirror.
Demolitionist - Successfully use the dynamite.
Elementary - Solve 1 mini-game after the skip charges, without leaving.
Experienced - Use 25 items without a hint.
Fairest of Them All - Earn every single achievement.
Faster than Light - Find 5 hidden objects in 7 seconds.
Ghost Busted - Help an angry spirit find peace.
Hero - Complete the main game.
Interior Designer - Make 7 upgrades to the squirrel's house.
Keyholder - Solve 1 mini-game without skipping.
Kindhearted - Repair the squirrel's house.
Legendary - Complete the bonus chapter.
Lightning - Finish the game in less than 5 hours.
Master Architect - Complete all squirrel house upgrades.
Master Locksmith - Solve 15 mini-games without skipping.
Observant - Finish 1 Hidden-Object Puzzle with no hints.
Overthrown - Destroy the ice crown.
Problem Solver - Solve 5 mini-games after the skip charges, without leaving.
Puzzle Professor - Solve 10 mini-games after the skip charges, without leaving.
Redeemer - Help all the spirits find peace.
Root of the Problem - Destroy the evil apple tree.
Safecracker - Solve 7 mini-games without skipping.
Seeker - Finish 10 Hidden-Object Puzzles with no hints.
Squirrel Approved - Befriend the squirrel.
Supersonic - Find 3 hidden objects in 5 seconds.
Time Breaker - Find 10 hidden objects in 12 seconds.
Trained Eyes - Finish 5 Hidden-Object Puzzles with no hints.
Trial by Ice - Repair the bridge.
Walkthrough Guru - Use 50 items without a hint.

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