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Cheat Mode
To access the cheats in Krossfire, you must do two things:

1.The game must be run with the command line option '-badnews'.
To do this you should make a shortcut to the kknd2.exe file. Next you need to edit the properties of the shortcut ([ALT]+[ENTER]). In the target field, add '-badnews' to the end of the line. It should look something like this:

C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\Kknd2.exe" -badnews

2.To activate the cheats in the game, you must press [Ctrl] and [TAB] together at exactly the same time. It may take you a little while to hit them together. When you do, a message will be displayed saying 'Cheats Enabled'.

These are the cheats:
[Ctrl]+M - Extra money.
[Ctrl]+C - Win level.
[Ctrl]+F - Lose level.
[Ctrl]+W - Turn on waypoint information.
[Ctrl]+E - Turn off waypoint information.
[Ctrl]+T - Turn off the fog of war - this may activate enemy units on the map.

To use a custom unit configuration file in the single player missions, run the game with the command line parameter '-stats' followed by the name of the configuration file. For example:

C:\Games\KKND Krossfire\Kknd2.exe" -badnews -stats justybear

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