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Cheat mode
Press T and type one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Uber Jedi, unlimited full Force powersiamagod
All weaponsdiediedie
Full inventorygimmestuff
Disable AIstatuesque 1
Enable AIstatuesque 0
Increase Force leveltrainme
Enable invincibilityboinga 1
Disable invincibilityboinga 0
Full manatrixie
Full mapcartograph
Slow motiongospeedgo 1
Resume normal speedgospeedgo 0
Level skipgameover
Jump to specified coordinatesquickzap
Better Force Push
This trick will allow you to push an opponent farther by pressing F without having to target him. Target your guy with Force Push and push him once. If he is in your sight you can repeatedly press F -- the targeting box for Force Push will not appear and you can still push him. It will also be a more efficient way to kill your opponent with this Force. Although difficult to master, its very useful once learned.

A-Wing crash
At the start of level 1, when you go up the elevator to close the blast door, allow some field troopers walk into the bay on your right. There is an activation panel. Hit it, and a giant A-Wing will appear from the bay's ceiling, fall on the field troopers. and create an explosion.

Han Solo's blaster (demo version)
Enable the "All weapons" code. Press 1 to switch to the lightsabre. Press 2 twice to get Han Solo's blaster from Star Wars: Episode IV (A New Hope). You can also charge the weapon by holding Z (secondary fire) For maximum fire power, hold Z until the charging sound has stopped. This will kill the storm troopers with one shot.

Han Solo's blaster is part of the game's regular weapons. You can get it by killing a certain enemy (as in all the other weapons). You use the primary fire button to shoot and the secondary fire button to charge and release a more powerful shot.

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