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Achievements (Steam)
All decked out - Purchase all upgrades for the Dundee bomber.
Canadian handshake - Acquire the Canadarm heavy bomber.
Chooser of the slain - Destroy 300 Walkyr ships.
Close encounters - Destroy 50 Alberich ships.
Ke ke ke - Acquire the Xerg light fighter.
Master blaster - Destroy all drones in the Shooting Range in less than 30 seconds.
New moon - Destroy the Götterdämmerung.
Nuke it from orbit - Repel the meteorblitzkrieg.
Outsourced - Complete all Indian side missions.
Quantity AND quality - Purchase all upgrades for the Korean light fighter.
Satellite chaser - Complete the tutorial part of the game.
Destroyer destroyer - Destroy 10 Hunding ships.
Fly me to the moon - Safely escort Renate to the moon.
For king and country - Acquire the Spitfire frigate.
Gold digger - Destroy 100 Rheingold ships.
Hoarder - Collect 500 salvage.
It's the size of Texas, Lady President. - Detonate the Ãœberasteroid.
Scrapper - Collect 100 salvage.
The Armorer - Destroy the Walther capital warship.
The emperor protects - Acquire the Banzai heavy fighter.
The fall of the king - Destroy 20 Hanebu IV ships.
The Knight - Destroy the Biterolf capital warship.
The Aviator - Destroy the Herrmann capital warship.
The Bard - Destroy the Tannhäuser capital warship.
The Baron - Destroy the Wolfram capital warship.
The line is broken - Destroy 20 Wotan ships.
The Mystic - Destroy the Heinrich capital warship.
The Russian reversal - Complete all Russian side missions.
Tug of war - Destroy 10 Brünnhilde ships.
Yes she can - Complete all US President missions.

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