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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Type NUMBERONEDACRESTREET at the main menu to enter the cheat mode. Then hold down [Shift] and type:

WIREWEWAITING - Turns off the textures
WHATSTHEPOINT - Turns graphics to the dots
SOLIDASAROCK - Invulnerability
FLATBROKE - No shading
GOURAUD - Gouraud shading on
OLDMACDONALD - Protect farm from jumping COWS !!!
FLYMETOTHEMOON - Racing in the moon
HAVEALL - You got it all
SUPERDAISY - One shot kills 'em all
INVUNERABILITY - That's just what it seems
INFINITELIVES - And so is this one
INFINITEWEAPONS - Infinite weapons
MASTEROFTHEUNIVERSE - Atleast it changes textures on & off
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Some Useful Cheats
Function keys turn cheats on & off:

[F2] - Easy Shoot
[F3] - Invulnerability
[F4] - Infinite lives
[F5] - Infinite weapons
[F6] - Smart bomb
[F7] - Quit
[F8] - Stores current situation
[F9] - Reloads stored situation
[F10] - Frame wait on/off
[F11] - Restart

Use Tanks in Arcade Mode
Type "tanksalot" (all lowercase) on the main menu (no need to enter the NUMBERONEDACRESTREET cheat before hand). This will unlock tanks for use in the arcade mode levels.

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