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Cheat mode
Type one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Changes map moderavmap (at map screen)
[F1] creates screenshotravpic (at title screen)
All weapons, ammorambo
All skeleton keysravskel
Walk through wallskitty
Level selectengage<episode number><level number>
Deathmatch levelengage41
Full healthponce
Toggle power-up modeshazam
Kill all monsters in levelmassacre
Chicken modecockadooledoo
Sixteen of each inventory item in the game<SUP>1</SUP>gimmez0
Ring of Invulnerabilitygimmea
Quartz Flaskgimmec
Mystic Urngimmed
Tome of Powergimmee
Time Bomb of the Ancientsgimmeg
Morph Ovumgimmeh
Wings of Wrathgimmei
Chaos devicegimmej
Sound debugnoise
Ticks-per-frame counterticker
Instant deathiddqd
No weapons, ammoidkfa

1. Items will reduce to one of each instance after level completion. Wings of Wrath cannot be carried over to next level.

Secret Grave Yard level
Go to the Cathedral (level 6) and flip the end switch. Do not complete the level. Instead, go back up the green key stairs and turn right. Go down the hall until you see an opening in the wall that was not there before. Enter it, kill the enemies, flip the switch to open another door down there. Go on the right "end" teleport to complete the level and travel to the Grave Yard.

Glitch: Health boost
If you are at low health (1-10), there is an easy way to to boost your health by about 30. The lower the health, the better. Pull out the Phoenix Rod and walk next to a wall. Blast the wall, and if you are at low enough health and did the trick correctly, your health will go up.

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