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Jan. 06, 2008
Author: Grawl20KB
Feb. 26, 2007
Author: Scottie_theNerd69KB
Sep. 13, 2006
+1 option(s)107KB
Aug. 08, 2006
Jan. 10, 2006
Dec. 31, 2005
Dec. 15, 2005
Dec. 13, 2005
Dec. 06, 2005
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Dec. 06, 2005
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Nov. 24, 2005
Completion bonuses
Seven barrel Nock gun - Successfully complete story mode.
Armored horse and Cannon Nock gun - Successfully complete story mode and all side missions (100% completion).
Apache Shirt - Successfully complete the Hunting missions.
Silver Spurs - Successfully complete the Pony Express missions.
.69 Ferguson Rifle - Defeat Hollister.
Dual Peacemakers - Defeat Reed.

Unlimited ammunition
Take a barrel of TNT from the Badlands mine. Find the abandoned house in the Badlands where the buffalo graze. Go to the back of the house on the outside. Face the chimney (looking west) and place the TNT barrel on the left side of the chimney. Blow up the TNT barrel to open a hole in the ground with unlimited ammunition for all weapons.

Desecrate Hoodoo's corpse
After you defeat Hoodoo, there will be a intermission sequence showing him dead standing up in a coffin. After the sequence, he will still be in west empire standing in the grave. You can take out your double-barrel shotgun and shoot him a few times in some areas. You can shoot off his head, arm, and both of his legs. leaving a corpse floating in an up-right coffin.

Easy poker game wins
When you are playing Texas Hold 'em inside the Alhambra, you can easily win with or without a good hand. Raise the bid to the maximum. This should make at least one to three players fold. You can then cheat to make your hand better, and if it is a worse card, forget about the cheat card and go back to your original hand. Afterwards, keep checking your hands until one of you wins. It should be you most of the time. Do not worry if you lose; the tournaments are free.

Faster riding
Hold [Dash] while repeatedly jumping your horse to travel about double the speed.

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