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Apr. 15, 2006
Author: DV Morpheus18KB
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Joke Language in Language Menu
Open up the Menu, go to Options, and open the language menu. Here you will have your standard languages (English, French, German, etc.) and at the bottom there will be a joke language placed by the Developers called Bork! Bork! Bork! After using this language, everything will be in english lettering, but with strange spelling. You can undo this by reversing the process.

Emote commands
Enter one of the following commands in the chat window:

Cheap Yellow Dye
Instead of shelling out high prices for yellow dye, simply purchase dye remover from any merchant and apply it to your armour. Most armour has yellow as its base colour so using dye remover may save you money.

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