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Achievements (Steam)
Academic Defender - Protected Galileu's scientific teams.
Big Brother - Helped the USF forces on Korvus.
Bombarder - Used an orbital super cannon.
Captain Sparrow - Boarded a Gark station.
Colonizer - Build 10 colonies.
Invader - Completed the infiltration mission on Ngaxu.
Killed the Killer - Destroyed the Gark Planet Destroyer.
People Person - Protected Dogar Prime's evacuation.
Raider - Destroyed the Alliance forces on Giomos.
Savior - Rescued Admiral Robertz.
Sheriff - Destroyed Roarke's stronghold.
Sky Marshall - Control 10 Fighter squadrons.
Speculator - Extract 500,000 Crystals.
Strategist - Destroy 500 enemy ships.
Tactician - Destroy 100 enemy ships.
Defender - Defended Saruni system from an Alliance offensive.
Drill Sergeant - Train 150,000 marines in a single mission.
Economist - Extract 100,000 Crystals.
Entrenched - Build 100 Heavy Turrets.
Fleet Commander - Controls 5 Battlesihips at the same time.
Gemini Hero - Complete the Gemini Campaign.
Gunnery Specialist - Use a battleship special ability.
Heavy Hand - Destroy 5 Colonies.
Humanity Protector - Destroy 500 Gark ships.
Team Player - Defeated the Gark at Quelatrix.
The Saint - Protected the wounded on Heromon.
The sword is mightier - Destroyed the Gark Stargate.
VIP - Meet Admiral Ragnar.
War Master - Destroy 1,000 enemy ships.
Xeno Cleaner - Destroy 100 Gark Ships.

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