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Aug. 08, 2008

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Cheat Mode
Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[-] while on the adventure screen, then click the [?] on the left side and enter the following codes:

Gold - 500,000 GP.
Heal - Health.
Achievements (Steam)
Dream Pet - Transform your pet in all the available companions.
Good Boy! - Send your pet to town at least 10 times from the 40th floor.
Lance An Awful Lot - Reach the maximum level of Spear Skill.
Light Speed Killer - Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds
Prince of Thieves - Recover and return to the statues all the stolen equipment of the legendary heroes from Druantia and Typhoon.
Reckless Fate - Complete the game in Hardcore Mode.
Sky is the limit - Collect all 6 Fate cards in any one set.
Smasher - Get 50 critical hits!
The Wrecker - Destroy every chest, urn, barrel and wooden box on a single level.
Witchcraft Master - Use any spell 100 times.

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