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Get Icons Used by Other Characters
This will show you how to get additional icons that will be available in the ? tab beside the years when selecting your buddy icon. To enter these codes, you must reset all progress and enter the codes when typing in your screen name. Entering these screen names will unlock respective icons. (Your first name does not need to be the first name of the character).

H3RST0RY - "Her Story" icons.
Isaac666 - "The Binding of Isaac" icons.
arcadefire - Arcade Fire icon.
Bioshock - Bioshock icon.
Borderlands - Borderlands icon.
BradDarko23 - Brad's icons.
Crash - Crash Bandicoot icon.
daftpunk - Daft Punk icon.
muchusername - Doge icon.
Dota2 - Dota icon.
Deadworld - Elegy icon.
emerly35 - Emily's Icons (Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Muse, etc).
undertale - flowey the flower!
Halflife - Half-Life icon.
JohnCena - Icon and AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA achivement (Steam Only).
Kappa - In Kappa We Trust.
Clippy - It looks like you're unlocking buddy icons.
Zelda - It's dangerous to go with out this buddy icon.
JobBot - Job Simulator icons.
vaultboy - Makes your buddy icon look like the Vault 111 from Fallout 4!
Markimooper6 - Markiplier's icon.
Minecraft - Minecraft icon.
modestmouse - Modest Mouse icon.
nineinch - Nine Inch Nails icon.
nyancat - Nyan Cat icon.
Radiohead - Radiohead icon.
sigurros - Sigur Ros icon.
HerStory - Stanley Parable icon and easter egg.
Jacksepticeye - The green eye icon.
Zombies - The Walking Dead icon.
TravisDaMan - Travis' icons.
Password123 - Unlocks all buddy icons.
Chell - With cake!

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