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Full moon bonus level
Set the system date to any day on which a full moon falls and begin game play. The bonus level is designated by a flag that contains a circle.

All creatures, buildings, and traps
Type please give all at the main menu.

Cheat mode
Use the spell to transfer yourself into one of your minions during game play in the dungeon. Press [F12] while in the minion to display the cheat menu. Use the mouse to highlight a cheat. Alternatively, use the spell to transfer yourself into one of your minions during game play in the dungeon and press [F11]. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. To use a creature's spells, press [Keypad Enter] and select a spell. Additionally, press [Keypad Enter] at the main screen during game play for another cheat menu. Unlimited free creatures can be created by using the "Place Creature Mode" option.

Bonus Stage
There are several bonus stages in Dungeon Keeper, but one of them can be found without doing anything. To access it, set your PC's date to any day with a full moon then start the game. The bonus stage will appear as a flag with a circle in it.

Get Everything
At the main screen type please give all. This code should give you All creatures, Buildings and Traps when you start the game.

Easter Eggs
Hold down [Left Shift] and type FECKOFF or SKEKSIS for some greetings from the programmers. They will run until you release [Left Shift]. You can also start the game with command line parameter -alex and, while playing, hold down both [Shift] keys and type JLW for another greeting.

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