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Cheat Codes
Enter these codes during gameplay. These codes cannot be used when the game setting is on Tsunami.

dnitems - Adds all items, all keys, and max body armor.
dninventory - Adds all items, max body armor.
dnstuff - Adds all items, weapons, keys, ammo, and gives max armor.
dnkeys - Adds all keys to inventory (Red, Yellow and Blue).
dnweapons - Adds all weapons and gives maximum ammo.
dnhyper - Adds Night Vision Goggles and Steroids to Inventory, uses Steroids.
dnskillX - Change to skilll level X (1-4), restarts level.
dnview - Changes to 3rd-Person View.
dncoords - Displays current coordinates, viewing position, and other information.
dndebug - Displays debug information (upper left corner).
dnallen - Shows BUY MAJOR STRYKER message.
dnbeta - Shows PIRATES SUCK! message.
dntodd - Shows REGISTER COSMO message.
dncosmo - Shows REGISTER COSMO message (Version 1.3d and prior only).
dnshowmap - Shows entire map of level (press the map key).
dnrate - Shows the framerate.
dncashman - Throw some money when the open key is pressed.
dnmonsters - Toggle monsters on / off.
dnclip - Toggles clipping (walk through walls).
dncornholio - Toggles God Mode (Invincibility), Gives Jetpack (unlimited while cheat is on).
dnkroz - Toggles God Mode (Invincibility), Gives Jetpack (unlimited while cheat is on).
dnunlock - Triggers all the doors, forcefields etc. in the level to be unlocked / locked (only works in the registered version).
dnscottyXYY - Warp to Episode X (1-4) Level YY.

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