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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat Mode
Press "\" or "/" to enable Talk. You must be in developer mode for most of them to work which is turned on by holding down the "shift" key while double clicking on your Drakan shortcut. This will bring up the "Riot Engine Options" window, select the "Developer" tab and check the "Enable Developer Mode" box. All cheats are disabled in multiplayer mode.

debug on - Enable debug mode
debug off - Disable debug mode
iamgod - God mode
iamgoddes - God mode for the final stage
smoghead - Full health
foghack - Removes the fog
giants - Kills all enemys close to you
opensezme - Opens all doors
floy - No clip mode (fly mode), to disable the floy cheat type drop and floy again
fov # - Change field of view; may crash game (# is 6-93)
speed # - Set game speed; may crash game (# is 1-50)
drop - Land with flight mode active
all weapons - List weapon names in debug mode
foghack - Remove fog
switch - Switch view to nearest enemy
give [weapon name] - Gives indicated weapon
gimme [item] - Gives indicated item

Item List: Fire, Ice, Magma, Poison, Lightning, House Key, Club, Scimitar, Speed Scimitar, Short Sword, Battle Axe, Iron Battle Axe, Duncan's Battle Axe, Lightning Axe, Vykruta's Axe, Mithril Axe, Axe Of The Order, Mace, Mace Of Hand, Death Mace, Battle Hammer, Grungle's Hammer, Iron Hammer, Long Sword, Mithril Long Sword, Great Sword, Giant Slayer, Mithril Great Sword, Sword Of Flame, Flaming Sword, Mourn Bringer, Dark Scimitar, The Cleaver, Sword Of Ice, Runeblade, Energy Bow, Long Bow, Speed Bow, Heavy Bow, Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ice Arrows, Fire Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Magic Arrows, Dragon Armor, Chain Mail, Plate Mail, Banded Mail, Scale Mail, Mine Key, Lane Rune, Storage Rune, Elemental Amulet, Barrier Rune, Rift Crystal, Rune Of Stone, Atimar's Book

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