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When playing game press [Enter] and type these cheat codes below:

MONEYFORNOTHING - Get loads of money and resources
BORNTORUN - Restore moves
HELP! - Restore health
LOSER - Lose mission
STAIRWAYTOHEAVEN - Leader gains a level
PAINTITBLACK - Unreveal map
LIFEISACARNIVAL - Revive dead units.
ALLALONGTHEWATCHTOWER - Know the units in enemy cities.
ANOTHERBRICKINTHEWALL - Allow buildings in the capital.
GIVEPEACEACHANCE - Be at peace with all countries.
BADTOTHEBONE - Wage war on all countries.
COMETOGETHER - Have an alliance with all countries.
JUMP - Increase party experience.
INVISIBLETOUCH - AI ignores you.
LETSDOTHETIMEWARPAGAIN - Advance to a specific day.

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