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Jul. 27, 2009
Aug. 15, 2008

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View Full Ending Movie
Finish the game. Protect Kyrie during the ending movie for 90 seconds from being hit.

Unlock Artwork
Demon Invasion - Complete Dante Must Die mode.
Light From The Demon Blade - Complete Hell And Hell mode.
The Cast - Complete Devil Hunter mode.
The Demons and 12 publicity pictures - Complete Son Of Sparda mode.
The Ladies Of Devil May Cry - Complete Heaven Or Hell mode.
The Secret Festival Of The Sword - Complete Legendary Dark Knight mode.
The Two Heroes and 29 character images - Complete Human mode or Devil Hunter mode.

Unlock Different Modes
Dante Must Die mode - Beat "Son of Sparda" mode.
Heaven or Hell mode - Beat "Son of Sparda" mode.
Hell or Hell mode - Beat "Dante Must Die" mode.
Son of Sparda mode - Beat "Devil Hunter" mode.
Time Attack Mode - Beat "Devil Hunter" mode.

Unlock Super Costumes
Beat Dante must Die mode.

Unlock Bloody Palace
Complete the game on "Devil Hunter" difficulty.

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