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Achievements (Steam)
A Little Ambition - Purchased one Attribute.
Add to The Collection - All Custom Motorcycles collected for Torque.
Agent of Justice - Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent completed.
Almost Famous - Completed 25 PP Trials.
Angel Gets Her Wings - Complete Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.
Apprentice - Level 5 reached.
Ashes to Ashes - All Biohazards burned.
Bag of Chips - All ZDC Chips collected.
Be a Dick! - Joined a Co-op game.
Bootleg Operator - All Bootleg Zombrex collected.
Builder's Apprentice - Helped Torque build a special bike.
Burn Baby Burn - Burn all propaganda Posters.
Certified Survivalist - 25 Survival Training Bronze medals earned.
Cleaning House - Prep Base Camp for Bravo Team.
Collector - 250 weapons collected in the weapons locker.
Complete Package - Overtime completed.
Counter Terrorist - Infect all Safe Zones.
Covering The Traces - Collect precious cargo.
Customizer - Created 5 combo vehicles.
Day at the Museum - Chapter 5 completed.
Delivery Man - Collect Charlie's supplies.
Driven - 20 vehicles collected in the vehicle lot.
Duct Tape Master - Created every combo weapon.
Duty Or Death - Complete Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle.
Eagle Has Landed - Locate the President.
Engineer - 50 blueprints collected.
Envious - Kenny defeated!
Expert - Level 25 reached.
Eyes in the Sky - Hack all ZDC Cameras.
Family Man - Chapter 3 completed.
Fashion Plate - 100 clothing items collected in the clothing closet.
Fit to Lead - Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising completed.
Fly The Coop - Escaped Los Perdidos Police Department.
Gang Banger - Led a full survivor posse.
Genius of Zombie Slaying - Killed 72,000 zombies.
Gluttonous - Darlene defeated.
Greedy - Albert defeated.
Guardian Angel - Rescue all Survivors.
Hacking the Hacker - Nelson found.
Hall Monitor - Defend the school.
Happy Camper - Chapter 4 completed.
Hawg Heaven - Torque's surprise obtained.
Help Wanted - 5 survivors added to the survivor bulletin board.
Hunter and the Hunted - All Captains defeated.
Journeyman - 25 blueprints collected.
Kane's Last Words - Evidence collected.
Ladder Climber - Purchased 10 Attributes.
Left 100,004 Dead - Killed 100,004 zombies.
Live to Fight Again - Recover all Squad Members.
Local Hero - Stranded survivor saved.
Lusty - Dylan defeated.
Man of the People - 15 stranded survivors saved.
Master Builder - 100 blueprints collected.
Master Mechanic - Created every combo vehicle.
Master of Massacre - Killed 53,597 zombies.
Maxed! - Level 50 reached.
Med Tech - Collect all Medical Supplies.
Morgue-ified - Chapter 2 completed.
Nightmare Master - Chapter 7 completed in Nightmare Mode.
No Peeking! - Destroy all ZDC Cameras.
Out With The Bad - All Bikers defeated.
Planner - 5 blueprints collected.
Prestige Hound - Completed all PP Trials.
Prestigious - Completed 10 PP Trials.
Prideful - Jherii defeated.
Quarantined - Chapter 1 completed.
Rest In Peace - Collect all Dog Tags.
Shakedown - Interrogate Spec Ops.
Sideswiped - Completed 20 side missions.
Slothful - Theodore defeated.
Sourced - Source of military signal discovered.
Specialist - Maxed out a single attribute.
Starter - Chapter 0 completed.
Stick it to the Man - All Emergency Phones destroyed.
Survival Training Master - 25 Survival Training Gold medals earned.
Survival Training Specialist - 25 Survival Training Silver medals earned.
Sworn to Protect - All Survivors rescued.
T.I.O.D. Disciple - Created 50 combo weapons.
Talk It Out - Question Winnie.
The Doctor is Out - Chapter 6 completed.
The Finer Things - All bottles of Special Reserve Whiskey collected.
Them's the Facts - The Facts completed.
Throwing Down the Gauntlet - Survived Spider's trial.
Well Stocked - Collect special supplies for the Safe Zone.
Wrathful - Zhi defeated.
Zombie Butcher - Killed 1,000 zombies.
Zombie Killer - Killed 100 zombies.
Zombie Slayer - Killed 10,000 zombies.

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