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Achievements (Steam)
50,000 volts - Kill 50 zombies with shock damage.
Ankle deep in the dead - Finish the Dead Pixels on Easy or higher.
Back from the dead, but in a good way - Resurrect a player
Better than the guy that made the game - Survive 10 waves in the Last Stand Survival mode.
Bloodbath - Reach a kill combo of 40.
Buried in the dead - Finish the Dead Pixels on Hardest.
Chunks of zombies everywhere! - Kill 10 zombies with a grenade.
Picked clean - Empty 50 buildings of items.
Saving ammo - Kill 50 zombies with melee attacks.
Shoulder deep in the dead - Finish the Dead Pixels On Hard or higher.
Supply and demand - Sell a wanted item to a trader
The Experiment - See the medical experiment die.
The Fiend - Kill the clawed fiend
The Husk - Kill the burning husk.
The Infected - Kill the infected survivor.
Corpsicles - Freeze 100 zombies.
If you've got the cash - Spend over a million dollars in trader stores.
It don't belong to me - Complete a game without raiding a building.
It's a beginning - Get 1,968 kills.
It's the humane thing to do - Kill a Zombie Player
Kill it with fire - Set 100 zombies on fire.
Master of all skills - Max level all skills.
Nice shot - Kill 5 zombies with one shot.
Pack mule - Walk across an entire street over encumbered.
The Queen - Kill the Queen of spitters.
The Sergent - Kill the ex-army sergent.
Time attack - Complete a Last Stand time attack game.
True ending - Finish the solution game mode on any difficulty.
Two against the world - Finish a co-op game on any difficulty.
Waist deep in the dead - Finish the Dead Pixels on Normal or higher.

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