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Cheat Mode
At the DOS prompt, type DSUN -k911 to activate the codes.

During the game press:

[T] - Get a higher level
[M] - Recharge magic
[Alt]+[F2] - For party stats
[Alt]+[F4] - To learn all spells

To duplicate items in your inventory do the following:

Step 1: Save your game;
Step 2: Select the item you want to duplicate and give it to the leader;
Step 3: "Save" the leader by dropping him;
Step 4: Click the sun symbol to bring up the game menu and click the disk icon;
Step 5: Click the word restart;
Step 6: Select "Create Characters." Create your first character, a "dummy," by just clicking done;
Step 7: Then, add the leader from your previous party (the one with the item);
Step 8: Start the game;
Step 9: After the announcer is through talking, go to your inventory and transfer the item to the dummy;
Step 10: Drop the dummy;
Step 11: Load your game and drop the person with the item;
Step 12: Add the dummy, and he has the item, so give that item to someone else;
Step 13: Then add the character you dropped, and now you have two items where you had but one.

Step 1: Make sure at least one of your spell casters can cast a wall of fire;
Step 2: Right before the very last battle of the entire game right click while its loading the battle map, this causes it to pause before the actual fight begins;
Step 3: Cast any protective or enhancing spells that your caster has on other members in the party;
Step 4: Cast a fire wall in the path or above any enemy units;
Step 5: Drop the caster from your party then add him back restoring all of his spell points (Note:if any protective spells are placed on the caster they do not remain after dropping and then adding him back on);
Step 6: Repeat this until you have an amazing advantige and then fight; (note: The enemy will cross over the fire taking the damage and dieing but so will any NPC's That are on your side, also you cannot cast any offensive spells over the walls so you have to wait for them to come to you). Note:This works on both of the last two major battles.

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