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Achievements (Steam)
All Dolled Up - Solve the puzzle in Shadow Vestry without skipping.
Amateur Sleuth - Solve the first hidden object puzzle without skipping.
And Then There Was Light - Solve the puzzle in Fallen Palace without skipping.
Bittersweet Victory - Use the Mirror of Inversion to end the game.
Champion Collector - Find all the Cursed Objects.
Comedy Tragedy - Solve the puzzle in Glacial Hall without skipping.
Draw Fire on Ice - Solve the puzzle in Chapel of Ice and Fire without skipping.
Eagle Eye - Solve all hidden object puzzles without skipping.
Film Buff - Watch all the cutscenes without skipping.
Five-Card Draw - Solve the puzzle in Tunnel of Vines without skipping.
Flowers Lie in Your Path - Find all the Flowerstones.
Happily Ever After - Use the Shattering Sword to end the game.
It's All in the Arrangement - Solve the puzzle in Heraldry Wall without skipping.
Lone Survivor - Use the Jewel of Repose to end the game.
Master Adventurer - Finish the main story without using hints.
Music to My Ears - Play the music box in Forgotten Garden more than once.
Opposites Attract - Solve the puzzle in Mermaid Aquarium without skipping.
Packed in Tight - Solve the puzzle in Secret Chamber without skipping.
Roots Before Branches - Solve the door puzzle in Tower Foyer without skipping.
Shake the Dew Off the Leaf - Solve the puzzle in Forgotten Garden without skipping.
Swing into High Gear - Solve the puzzle in Tower Top without skipping.
The Sun, the Moon and the Stars - Solve the puzzle in Ivy Greenhouse without skipping.
The Ultimate Survivor - Finish the Collector's Edition Bonus Game.
Tick Tock - Solve the clock puzzle in Tower Foyer without skipping.
What a Green Thumb! - Solve the puzzle in Kingdom Entrance without skipping.
Where You Belong - Solve the puzzle in Briar Rose Courtyard without skipping.
Written in the Stars - Solve the puzzle in Alchemy Laboratory without skipping.

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