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Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Disable FMV sequences, briefing, and agent menu
Start the game with the "-c0" command line parameter.

Run specific level
Start the game with the "-l"<level name> command line parameter.

Hold "`"at the map screen. Select a destination with the cursor keys and type "lantfh".

Level select
Enter one of the following codes while controlling Kyle to jump to the corresponding level.

1Secret Baselasecbase
2Taley: Tek Baselataley
3Anoat City (sewers)lasewers
4Weapons Research Factorylatestbase
5Gromas Mineslagromas
6Detention Centerladtention
7Ramees Head Docking Stationlaremshed
8Robotic Factorylarobotics
9Nar Shaddaarlanarshada
10Jabba's Shiplajabship
11Imperial Shiplaimpcity
12Fuel Stationlafuelstat
13The Executerlaexecuter
14The Arc Hammerlaarc

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