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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat mode
Press [~] during game play to display the console window. Then, type sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

give <name> - Spawn indicated item
impuse 101 - Ammunition for weapons
bot_stop <0 or 1> - Toggle bot AI on/off
bot_add_ct or bot_add_t - Allow bot to join game for indicated team
bot_kill - Kill all bots
bot_pistols_only <0 or 1> - Toggle bot using pistols only
bot_snipers_only <0 or 1> - Toggle bot using snipers only
bot_auto_follow - Bot automatically follows you if you do not give them orders
bot_defer_to_human 1 - Bots will not do mission objectives and will expect humans to do it
bot_kick - Kick all bots from game and leaves humans to play
bot_knives_only - Bots use only knives
bot_prefix <prefix> - Bots have a prefix in their name
bot_show_nav - See where bot is going
sv_clienttrace 99999999999 - Weapon hits nearest enemy
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Type /bind p "chooseteam;menuselect 6;menuselect <1 or 2>;menuselect 2" at the console window in v1.1 or greater. Note: Enter "1" for the terrorists or "2" for the counterterrorist sides. After dying, press [P].

Weapon names
Use one of the following entries with the give code to spawn the indicated weapon:

M249 (heavy machine gun): weapon_m249
TMP (silenced SMG): weapon_tmp
M4A1 (silencable rifle): weapon_m4a1
Deagle (Night Hawk): weapon_deagle
HE grenade (high explosive): weapon_hegrenade
AWP (magnum sniper rifle): weapon_awp
P90 (gun with 50 bullets per clip): weapon_p90
Scout (weakest sniper rifle): weapon_scout
Glock (terrorist default pistol): weapon_glock
First round advantage
On the first round it is advisable to buy Kevlar (body armor), as it takes in around 15% of damage done by pistols (which are only used in the starting rounds).

Surprise defense
If your enemy attacks in surprise from an angle you cannot see, it is always best to jump as your opponent will not expect that.

Cabinet blockade
In the storage room directly outside the projector room with the hostages, go to the corner. There is a door and three cabinets. You should be standing on the opposite side of the door, looking at the three cabinets. Look at the floor. The three cabinets will cast a shadow (if you have shadows on). Place a grenade directly on this corner and back out of the room. If placed correctly, when you re-enter the room the three cabinets will be stacked horizontally, forming a blocked doorway. The enemy can easily shoot the top cabinet off -- defense is still required.

Another blockade can be formed in the terrorist spawn room (the one that has the desks on looking the hostages and couches). You can climb the desks, but there is also a small walkway with two doors to the left of the desk. You will see three small cabinets and a large cabinet next to the door. To the right of the large cabinet is a trash can. Be careful not to bump the trash can. Drop a grenade inside of it, hopefully falling at the correct location. This will force the three small cabinets in front of the doorway. If done perfectly, the large cabinet will be horizontal on top of them. Shoot the horizontal cabinet so that it is directly in the middle of the doorway with the left and right of it overlapping slightly on each side of the door. By doing this, if the large cabinet is shot, it will not fall into the small hallway, and the small cabinets will not fall over simply because the large one is on top of them. No one can jump over this. You can go inside the small hallway and crouch under behind the cabinets looking opposite. The only way the enemies can attack you is from the side you are looking at, and it is a very small opening, allowing you to easily kill them. Beware however; if an enemy throws a grenade at you, you are dead.

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