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Dec. 04, 2008
Nov. 28, 2008
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Unlock Special Teams
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding special teams:

Crono Commando - Infiltrate an Allied Battle Lab.
Psi Commando - Infiltrate a Soviet Battle Lab.
Crono Ivan - Capture a Soviet Base, and build a Soviet Barracks.
Yuri Prime - Capture a Soviet Base, and build a Soviet Barracks.

Spy: Structure Effects
Have a spy infiltrate one of the following structures for the corresponding effect:

Construction Yard - Reveal fog of war from the building radius of the enemy Construction Yard.
Power Plant - Shuts off enemy's power for thirty seconds.
Refinery - Steal $2,000 from your enemy.
Unit Production Structure - Shut down the production structure for thirty seconds, making unit production and repairs impossible. You will also see all units produced from that structure for a short period of time.
Technology Structure - Temporarily stop production of tier 3 units or structures. It also will reset the enemy's radar, leaving only portions of the map where their units and structures are visible.
Superweapons - Reset the cool down counter back to its original time.

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