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Achievements (Steam)
Adamant - You've taken 500,000,000 damage and are an adamant example of heroism.
Aegir Master Diver - Complete all of the Aegir Diver Perks as well as all Lemuria exploration perks.
Angel - Heal 500,000,000 damage in PvP.
Apocalypse Championship - Win 250 Apocalypse - Stronghold matches.
Apocalypse Silver Belt - Win 50 Apocalypse - Stronghold matches.
As Seen on T.V. - Play in 1000 Hero Games matches.
B.A.S.H. Championship - Win 75 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches.
B.A.S.H. Silver Belt - Win 20 Battle Arena Super Heroes matches.
Bleak Minion Triumph - Defeat 5000 Bleak Minions.
Buccaneer - Defeat 5000 Pirate Ghosts.
Bugzapper - Defeat 5000 Qularr.
Cabellero - Defeat 5000 Burnside Ghosts.
Canada - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns in Canada.
Canada - Cartographer - Explore all of the map and find all of the respawn points in Canada.
Canada - Explorer - Explore all Canadian neighborhoods.
Captain Ahab - Defeat 5000 Sea Creatures.
CEO - Defeat 5000 Argent.
Corsair - Defeat 1000 Pirate Nemesis Minions.
Cowpuncher - Defeat 5000 Cowboy Robots.
Crowns of Krim Loremaster - Become an expert on The Crowns of Krim.
Dai-Gensui - Defeat 1000 Ninja Nemesis Minions.
Danger Magnet - Receive 50,000,000 damage in PvP.
Dangerous - Deal 50,000,000 damage in PvP.
Deadly - Deal 1,000,000,000 damage in PvP.
Dean of Wormers - Defeat 5000 Elder Worms.
Deep Purple - Defeat 5000 New Purple Gang Members.
Demolition Man - Destroy 25000 Objects.
Demon Triumph - Defeat 5000 Demons.
Desert - Cartographer - Find all neighborhoods and respawn points in the desert.
Desert - Explorer - Explore all Desert neighborhoods.
Desert - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns in the Desert.
Destroyer Robot Triumph - Defeat 5000 Dr. Destroyer Robots.
Doppelganger - Defeat 5000 Teleioclones.
Dr. Destroyer Loremaster - Become an expert on Dr. Destroyer.
Droogie - Defeat 5000 Black Ace Gang Members.
Easy Rider - Defeat 5000 Cobra Lord Gang Members.
Empyrean Construct Triumph - Defeat 5000 Empyrean Constructs.
End of Line - Defeat 1000 Robot Nemesis Minions.
Executioner - Defeat 5000 Escaped Prisoners.
Exploding Cigar - Defeat 5000 FoxBattle Bots.
Exterminator - Defeat 1000 Insectoid Nemesis Minions.
Felon - Defeat 100 NPCs in Apocalypse - Stronghold.
Fireproof - Defeat 1000 Infernal Nemesis Minions.
General - Defeat 1000 Soldier Nemesis Minions.
Ghost Buster - Defeat 5000 Evil Spirits.
Gladiator - Defeat 10000 Players in PvP.
Great Demon Triumph - Defeat 5000 Great Demon Minions.
Hatchling Triumph - Defeat 5000 Teleiosaurus Hatchlings.
Heavyweight - Defeat 1000 Players in PvP.
Hellraiser - Defeat 5000 DEMON.
Herpetologist - Defeat 1000 Lizardmen Nemesis Minions.
Historian: Canada - Find and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Canada.
Historian: Desert - Research the history of notable Desert sites.
Historian: Lemuria - Research the history of notable Lemurian sites.
Historian: Millennium City - Research the history of notable Millennium City sites.
Historian: Monster Island - Find and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Monster Island.
Hooligan - Defeat 1000 Thug Nemesis Minions.
Istvatha V'Han Loremaster - Become an expert on Istvatha V'Han.
Kings of Edom Loremaster - Become an expert on The Kings of Edom.
Komodo - Defeat 5000 Lemurians.
Lemuria: Cartographer - Enter all neighborhoods and find all respawn points in Lemuria.
Lemuria: Explorer - Explore all Lemuria neighborhoods.
Lemuria: Spawn Camper - Discover all Respawn Points in Lemuria.
Lemurian Sub Triumph - Defeat 5000 Lemurian Submarines.
Lightning Rod - Receive 1,000,000,000 damage in PvP.
Mako - Defeat 5000 Karkaradon.
Manimal Triumph - Defeat 5000 Man Animal Hybrids.
Mech Warrior - Defeat 5000 Bureau 17 Robots.
Mechanon Loremaster - Become an expert on Mechanon.
Migraine - Defeat 5000 PSI.
Monster Island - Cartographer - Clear all of the map and find all respawn points on Monster Island.
Monster Island - Explorer - Explore all Monster Island Neighborhoods.
Monster Island - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns in Monster Island.
Millennium CIty - Cartographer - Explore all neighborhoods and find all the respawn points in Millennium City.
Millennium City - Explorer - Explore all neighborhoods in Millennium City.
Millennium City - Spawn Camper - Find all Respawns Points in Millennium City.
Mountie - Defeat 5000 Hunter-Patriots.
Neptune - Defeat 5000 Aquatic Lemurians.
Netherdemon Triumph - Defeat 5000 Nether Demons.
Obliterator - You've dealt 500,000,000 damage.
Open Mission - Jailbreak! - You've stopped the Jailbreak in Millennium City.
Open Mission - Trumping the Shark - You've defeated the Flying Dutchman.
Open Mission - Bullet Bound for Biselle - You've thwarted VIPER's plans and Saved Mayor Biselle.
Open Mission - Cleaning up the 'Hood - You've cleaned up the garbage in Westside.
Open Mission - Destroids Rise Again - You've thwarted the Destroid uprising in Millennium City.
Park Ranger - Defeat 5000 Contaminated Wildlife.
Pay-per-view Star - Play in 250 Hero Games matches.
Pet Cemetary - Defeat 5000 Pets.
Prison Guard Triumph - Defeat 5000 Prison Guards.
Prosecutor - Defeat 5000 Prisoners.
Psych Ward - Defeat 5000 Maniac Gang Members.
Rift Runner - Swim the entire length of the lava rift in Rastrinfhar's Abyss.
Ripley - Defeat 1000 Alien Nemesis Minions.
Shaolin - Defeat 5000 Cult of the Red Banner.
Sheriff - Defeat 1000 Cowboy Nemesis Minions.
Smooth Criminal - Defeat 500 NPCs in Apocalypse - Stronghold.
Snake Charmer - Defeat 5000 Viper.
Special Circuit - Win 500 Hero Games matches.
Surgeon - Heal 25,000,000 damage in PvP.
Surgeon General - You've healed 50,000,000 damage.
Teleios Loremaster - Become an expert on Teleios.
The Exorcist - Defeat 1000 Demon Nemesis Minions.
Toad Warrior - Defeat 5000 Gadroons.
Towering Inferno - Defeat 5000 Fire Demons.
U.T.C. Championship - Win 250 Ultimate Tournament of Champions matches.
U.T.C. Silver Belt - Win 50 Ultimate Tournament of Champions matches.
Urban Legend - Defeat 5000 Corrupted Bigfoot.
Van Helsing - Defeat 1000 Undead Nemesis Minions.
Vanquish Bleak Elder - You have defeated Bleak Elder.
Vanquish Bloodstone - You have defeated Bloodstone.
Vanquish Bronze King - You have defeated the Bronze King.
Vanquish Buster - You have defeated Buster.
Vanquish Buzzard - You have defeated Buzzard.
Vanquish Clyde Von Schoultz - You have defeated Clyde Von Schoultz.
Vanquish Darkmoon - You have defeated Darkmoon.
Vanquish Diamondback - You have defeated Diamondback.
Vanquish Director - You have defeated Director.
Vanquish Dr. Destroyer - You have defeated Dr. Destroyer.
Vanquish Dr. Dino Demogaard - You have defeated Dr. Dino Demogaard.
Vanquish Slug - You have defeated Slug.
Vanquish Steel Commando - You have defeated Steel Commando.
Vanquish Stingray - You have defeated Stingray.
Vanquish Tachyon - You have defeated Tachyon.
Vanquish Talisman - You have defeated Talisman.
Vanquish Teleiosaurus Hatchling - You have defeated Teleiosaurus Hatchling.
Vanquish the Ghost Pirate Ship - You have defeated the Ghost Pirate Ship.
Vanquish The Maw - You have defeated The Maw.
Vanquish Tilingkoot - You have defeated Tilingkoot.
Vanquish Ultimate Mind - You have defeated Ultimate Mind.
Vanquish Vikorin the Blind - You have defeated Vikorin the Blind.
Vanquish Viper X - You have defeated Viper X.
Vanquish White Rhino - You have defeated White Rhino.
Vanquish Dr. Moreau - You have defeated Dr. Moreau.
Vanquish Escaped Qularr Swamlord - You have defeated Escaped Qularr Swamlord.
Vanquish Foxbat - You have defeated Foxbat.
Vanquish Giant Destroid - You have defeated Giant Destroid.
Vanquish Grond - You have defeated Grond.
Vanquish Hyena Swine - You have defeated Hyena Swine.
Vanquish Hyrg Coruscator - You have defeated Hyrg Coruscator.
Vanquish Kevin Poe - You have defeated Kevin Poe.
Vanquish Khusor the Crooked - You have defeated Khusor the Crooked.
Vanquish Kigatilik - You have defeated Kigatilik.
Vanquish Leech - You have defeated Leech.
Vanquish Leviathan - You have defeated Leviathan.
Vanquish Mechaniste - You have defeated Mechaniste.
Vanquish Mechassassin - You have defeated Mechassassin.
Vanquish Mega-Terak - You have defeated Mega-Terak.
Vanquish Megalodon - You have defeated Megalodon.
Vanquish Menton - You have defeated Menton.
Vanquish Mind Slayer - You have defeated Mind Slayer.
Vanquish Mind-controlled Brute - You have defeated Mind-controlled Brute.
Vanquish Neanderthal - You have defeated Neanderthal.
Vanquish Necrull - You have defeated Necrull.
Vanquish Nest Leader Tadataka - You have defeated Nest Leader Tadataka.
Vanquish Paul Johnston - You have defeated Paul Johnston.
Vanquish PSImon - You have defeated PSImon.
Vanquish Qwyjibo - You have defeated Qwyjibo.
Vanquish Rampaging Teleioraptor - You have defeated Rampaging Teleioraptor.
Vanquish Redstone - You have defeated Redstone.
Vanquish Ripper - You have defeated Ripper.
Vanquish Windfist - You have defeated Windfist.
Vanquish Zarn - You have defeated Zarn.
Vanquished Ferd - You have defeated Ferd.
Vanquished Galeforce - You have defeated Galeforce.
Vanquished Gigaton - You have defeated Gigaton.
Vanquished Hanging Judge Hensley - You have defeated Hanging Judge Hensley.
Vanquished Lionel Benjamin - You have defeated Lionel Benjamin.
Vanquished Armadillo - You have defeated Armadillo.
Vanquished Ascii Oakley - You have defeated Ascii Oakley.
Vanquished Black Talon - You have defeated Black Talon.
Vanquished Captain Claw - You have defeated Captain Claw.
Vanquished Dr. Timothy Blank - You have defeated Dr. Timothy Blank.
Vanquished Eclipse - You have defeated Eclipse.
Vanquished Major Gertz - You have defeated Major Gertz.
Vanquished Rakshasa - You have defeated Rakshasa.
Vanquished Roman Stepanov - You have defeated Roman Stepanov.
Vanquished The Bronze King - You have defeated The Bronze King.
VIPER Loremaster - Become an expert on VIPER's plans and operations.
Warden - Defeat 1000 Convicts Nemesis Minions.
WMD - Defeat 5000 Irradiates.
World Circuit - Win 125 Hero Games matches.

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