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Cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling cheat codes will not allow the game to be saved.

Full healthmpapple
Enable anti-death tilemparmor
Full dynamitempblaster
Toggle backgroundmpbotless
Stronger Clawmpbunz
Decrease screen resolutionmpdecvid
Default screen resolutionmpdefvid
Developers heads appear instead of treasurempdevheads
View frame ratempfps
Lightning swordmpfranklin
Full Magicmpgandalf
Goble informationmpgoble
Turn enemies into ghostsmphaunted
Fire swordmphotstuff
Increase screen resolutionmpincvid
Unlimited livesmpinfinity
320x200 resolutionmpjazzy
Super jump modempjordan or mpflubber
God modempkfa
Monolith logos and musicmplith, mplogo, or mpmonolith
Full ammunitionmploaded
Full magicmpmerlin
Toggle middle planempmidless
Bouncing treasurempmoongoodies
Level skipmpnext
Jump highermpnippy
Toggle onscreen informationmpnoinfo
Show objects in bottom left cornermpobjects
Ice swordmppenguin
Unlimited livesmpplayallday
Shows global positionmppos
Previous levelmpprev
Full dynamitemppyro
Full ammomprambo
Enable Roidsmproids
Scorpio informationmpscorpio
Claw is a shadowmpshadow
Claw is invisible to enemiesmpspooky
Time displayed in bottom left cornermpstopwatch
Super throw modempsuperthrow
View timing data in top left cornermptiming
Toggle foregroundmptopless
View update data in top left cornermpupdate
Level skipmpscully
Advance to the Bossmpskinner
Harder to kill enemies with the swordmpwimpy

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