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Aug. 06, 2009
Aug. 23, 2006
Aug. 13, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat/console mode
Enter one of the following console commands on YOUR server to activate the corresponding function:

mapList.list - List map ID number, name, mode, and number of players
mapList.configFile - Set path to "_mapList.con" file
mapList.load - Reload "_mapList.con" file - Save current map list to "_mapList.con" file
mapList.mapCount - Show total number of maps in current map list
mapList.currentMap - Show the map list ID number of current map
mapList.clear - Clear current map list
mapList.remove [name] - Remove specified map from map list
admin.listPlayers - List players connected
admin.runNextLevel - End round and start next map on map list
admin.currentLevel - View map list ID number for current map
admin.nextLevel - View map list ID number for the next map to be played
admin.restartMap - Restart current map
admin.banPlayer [id number] [timeout] - Ban indicated player by ID; see below for timeout values
admin.banPlayerKey [key hash] [timeout] - Ban indicated player by CD key hash; see below for timeout values
admin.addAddressToBanList [ip address] [timeout] - Ban indicated player by IP address; see below for timeout values
admin.addKeyToBanList [key hash] [timeout] - Ban CD key hash; see below for timeout value
admin.removeAddressFromBanList [ip address] - Remove indicated IP address from ban list
admin.removeKeyFromBanList [key hash] - Remove indicated CD key hash from ban list
admin.clearBanList - Clear all ban lists
admin.listBannedAddresses - List banned IP addresses
admin.listBannedKeys - List banned CD keys
admin.kickPlayer [ID number] - Kick indicated player
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Unlock Special Weapons
Locate the file "" located in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\python\bf2\stats (or whereever you installed Battlefield 2, in the folders \python\bf2\stats), and open "" with Notepad. (Before you open, you should make a backup of the file "" (just copy and paste the file) and rename the file to

Now you should see a whole bunch of codes. Press [Ctrl]+[F] and find the word "defaultunlocks" (without the quotations). This should highlight the line of code:

defaultUnlocks = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]

Change all the "0"s to "1"s, so it looks like:

defaultUnlocks = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]

and now press [Ctrl]+[S] to save.

Note: This only works in single-player mode (the trick also works in multiplayer mode, however, EA Games will ban your CD-Key for a week if they discover you are using this in multiplayer. So just replace the unaltered backup file of "" for multiplayer and vice versa).
Ban values
Use one of the following entries with the banning commands:

perm - Permanent ban
round - Until next map
[whole number] - Number of seconds

Remote Console Access
To setup remote console access to the server:
Create a new plain text file "default.cfg" on the server (in the admin dir). Open it and enter the following text into it:


Save the file, start the server, and you'll be able to access the server remotely by using the following commands from a client:

rcon login - Login to the server.
rcon users - Lists all users connected to the server
rcon exec [command] - Execute a command on the server. For example: rcon exec admin.kickPlayer 3

Faster game loading
Note: This procedure involves changing game files; create backup copies before proceeding. Enter the "\ea games\battlefield 2 demo\mods\bf2\movies" folder and delete or move all of its files. There will now be no ads or movies at the start of the game. This can also speed up the menu because there will be no movie in background. Note: This also can be done in the demo version of the game.

Basic badge requirements
The following tasks must be done in one round and you must play the entire round until it is over:

All Basic Combat Badges: Kill 10 people with any weapon (not in any vehicle or anything of any kind).
Basic Knife Combat Badge: Kill 7 people with a knife.
Basic Pistol Combat Badge: Kill 9 people with a pistol.
Basic Explosive Ordinance Badge: Kill 10 people with C4.
Basic Command Badge: Win 50 points as a commander before the round ends.
Basic First Aid Badge: Get near 10 healing people with First Aid (Throw your kit in the floor as it gets points much quicker.)
Basic Resupply Badge: Get 5 resupply points (Throw your kit in the floor as it gets points much quicker.)
All Basic Vehicle Related Badges: You must be in one of these vehicles for 30 minutes, and you must be the driver.

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