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Achievements (Steam)
Agricultural Aristocrat - Build 10 or more farms of any type on one map.
Booze Baron - Build at least six breweries, distilleries or wineries on one map.
Camp Captain - Build five or more hunting or logging camps on the same map.
City Chartered - Build a a city that attracts at least 200 residents.
Civic Leader - Construct a sheriff, fire brigade, saloon, school, church, jail and bank in the same town.
Governor - Build 20 California cities.
Homsteader - Build five California cities.
Land Baron - Build 10 California cities.
Master Mayor - Create a town that attracts at least 300 residents.
Miner 49er - Build eight or more mines of any type on the same map.
Money Man - Accumulate $10,000 in cold hard cash.
Newcomer - Build three California cities.
Prepared Prospector - Stockpile 1,000 units of gold in your depot. Just in case you need it.
Senator - Build 15 California cities.
Town Threshold - Build a town that attracts at least 100 residents.
Village Founder - Attract 50 residents to your town.

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