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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Highlight Terri at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Highlight Tanka Michinoku at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Fabulous Moolah
Highlight Mae Young at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Gerald Brisco
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x2 or [C-Right]x2.

Highlight Godfather at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Howard Finkel
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Highlight Ivory at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Jim Ross
Highlight Jerry Lawler (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Ken Shamrock
Defeat 61 opponents in survival mode.

The King
Highlight JR at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Linda McMahon
Play through World Championship mode, win every match, but lose at Wrestlemania 2000. Then win the remaining matches.

Play in a championship match for the WWF champion belt. Win every match to unlock Linda McMahon.

Michael Cole
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x3 or [C-Right]x3.

Mick Foley
Play Championship mode under the World Heavyweight Division. Win every match until you have completed the season, including the Royal Rumble to unlock Mick Foley.

Alternately, in championship mode, lose the first match and win the rest.

Pat Patterson
Highlight Jerry Lawler (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x3 or [C-Right]x3.

Paul Bearer
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x2 or [C-Right]x2.

Hidden wrestlers
The following characters can be unlocked by playing through championship mode:
Vince McMahon: WWF course, chapter 10-3
Shane McMahon: Intercontinental course, chapter 9-4
Linda McMahon: WWF course, chapter 10-2
Earl Hebner: WWF course, chapter 10-4
Shawn Micheals: WWF course, chapter 10-9
Cactus Jack: Hardcore course, chapter 9-7
Mick Foley: WWF course, chapter 10-1

Andre the Giant: WWF course, chapter 10-8
After becoming the WWF Champion, do the course again with the same wrestler. Win every match. In the last match, Vince will come out and make you face the "Lethal Weapon." This is not Blackman, but Andre the Giant. Win to unlock him as a playable character.
Al Snow (Steve Blackman style)
Higlight Al Snow at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] to select his second costume. He will be wearing what Steve Blackman is wearing in his first costume.

Bull Buchanon (Bossman style)
Highlight Bull Buchanon at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right] to change his costume.

The Hos an be bought from SmackDown Mall for a $500,000.

RTC Ivory
This requires minor editing of Jacqueline's costume #4 (which is Ivory #2). You can give her the RTC music and give her the RTC shirt or a long skirt, all of which are available by default in the appearance edit area.

Shawn Michaels
There are three ways to unlock Shawn Michaels: Buy him in the SmackDown Mall for $50,000; eliminate him in Survival mode; or as the WWF Champion in championship mode, win all your matches up to the ninth chapter. Lose this match. In the final chapter, you will face Shawn Michaels for the championship. After this match, he will be unlocked.

The Old Undertaker
Go to the SmackDown Mall and buy Undertaker (Old). If you want Undertaker's old finisher, The Tombstone Piledriver, make a clone out of any of the Undertaker outfits and switch The Last Ride to The Tombstone.

Unlocking all wrestlers
Enter survival mode and keep playing after about fifty wrestlers are eliminated. The bonus wrestlers will start to appear. You must defeat them yourself in order to unlock them. Linda McMahon and the Ho are the only characters that cannot be unlocked this way.

Reset the roster
Hold [Start] and turn on the Nintendo 64. The game will start over and with no extra wrestlers unlocked. Note: This will also erase your created wrestlers from the internal save on the game pak.

Alternate costumes
Press [C-Left] or [C-Right] at the character selection screen. Successfully complete the game with all wrestlers, including all hidden characters, to unlock a fifth costume for all the wrestlers, including those created.

Alternate opening sequence
Change the outfit of any wrestler that appears in the opening sequence. Turn the Nintendo 64 off and back on. That wrestler will look different in the opening sequence.

Random wrestler
Press [C-Up] at the character selection screen.

Use partner's special
Get your special in a Tag Team match. Do a strong grapple on one of your opponents. After grappling, press [A] + [B] + [L] + [R].

Steal opponent's ground moves
Get a special, then press [A] + [B] when your opponent is on the ground.

Steal opponent's special (standing front)
Get a special, then Strong Grapple and press [Punch] + "Grapple" when in front of your opponent.

Steal opponent's special (standing rear)
Get a special, then Strong Grapple and press [Punch] + "Grapple" when behind your opponent.

Steal opponent's special (turnbuckle front)
Get a special, then Strong Grapple and press [Punch] + "Grapple" when your opponent is in the turnbuckle facing the ring.

Steal opponent's special (turnbuckle rear)
Get a special, then Strong Grapple and press [Punch] + "Grapple" when your opponent is in the turnbuckle facing the crowd.

Counter your opponent's special
Press [L] + [R].

Steal opponent's taunt
Focus your wrestler at the wrestler you want to taunt. Then, rotate the Analog-stick in full circle. Your wrestler will do the opposing wrestler's pose. Note: This only works when you are not being attacked.

More attitude in two player matches
When in a two player match, press [Analog-stick Up] on both controllers simultaneously to taunt and get more attitude.

Play dead
Hold the Analog-stick in any direction after getting knocked down. You will remain in that position until you release or your opponent picks you up.

Manager assistance
Start a single match, then hold [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [Z] on controller three if your wrestler is player one to have a third player control your manager. Hold [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [Z] on controller four if your wrestler is player two to have a fourth player control your manager.

Press [Z] + [C-Up] during game play to have the CPU take control of your wrestler. Press [Z] + [C-Up] again to return to regain control.

View incomplete blocks/chapters
Press [C-Up], [C-Down], [C-Right], or [C-Left] to move the chapter screen to see what blocks/chapters you have not completed yet.

Free Backlash or Armageddon arena
Go into PPV mode and then the event name should be Backlash, then the arena should be Backlash. However, when you go back to the PPV setup screen, it will say you chose the Armageddon arena. For the place, it will be 123456789. The code will work with any thing else. When you start your PPV you will have the Armageddon arena.

Go into PPV mode and then the event name should be Armageddon, then the arena should be Armageddon. However, when you go back to the PPV setup screen, it will say you chose the Backlash arena. For the place it will be 123456789. The code wont work with any thing else. When you start your PPV you will have the Backlash arena. Note: You must have either the Backlash or Armagedon arena. This will not work if you have both or neither of them.

For a free Backlash arena, play the championship mode as the champion, and always win. Vince McMahon will come out with Andre the Giant at Backlash. Defeat Andre to unlock him and the Backlash arena.

Free SmackDown Mall items
Some Items for purchase in the SmackDown Mall can be received by cloning a wrestler who has them. For example, if you wanted a wrestler to have the Jacknife Powerbomb as a finisher, simply clone Chyna and change everything but the finisher, and you will not have to buy it. This will also work with props such as Al Snow's Head and The Godfather's Cane. Another expensive move is Essa Rios's turnbuckle special.

Swimsuit contest
Go into the Women's Championship as a man and eventually there will be a swimsuit contest, Mae Young will always win, but funny seeing Kane, Andre or wrestlers in swimsuits.

The swimsuit contest can be done when you lose your first two sets of matches, not just when you win every match. If your woman is wearing knee pads, head gear, elbow pads, or boots, she will wear those things to the ring.
Backstage areas
Get your opponent out of the ring, then throw him/her to Titantron entrance runway. Next, throw your opponent into middle of Titantron. The screen will blackout for a moment. You will then be in a hallway with several doors on each side. Grab your opponent and throw him/her into one of the doors to access a backstage.

Unlimited continues
Save the game before the match. Exit the match when you only have one continue remaining in championship mode. Turn off the game and reload your saved game to start again with the maximum number of continues.

Easy money
In a survival match, Irish Whip your opponent to the ropes. Then, get to the opposite side of the ropes and press [L]. Your opponent will fall out of the ropes on to the apron. Hold [B] to knock him off. Keep repeating this to gain money.

The Real People's Elbow
Obtain a special when playing as the Rock. Strong Grapple your opponent and Irish Whip him into the ropes. When your opponent is near you, tap the Analog-stick. The Rock should do a spine breaker and look out towards the crowd. Immediately press [A] when you still have your special.

The 3D
Irish whip your opponent to the ropes, When he returns, have both Dudleys press [A] simultaneously while in front of your opponent. You do not need to have a special.

Mr. Socko
Select Mankind and start a match. Tap the Analog-stick until Mankind's attitude is flashing in the red to pull Sockko from his pants. Socko will remain on Mankind's hand for the rest of the match. Note: This can only be done with Mankind and you cannot assign the taunt to other wrestlers in edit a wrestler mode.

Doomsday Device (Bulldog)
Two wrestlers have to cooperate together to do this move, however they do not have to be on teams. Have one player go to the top ropes. Have the other player place an opponent on their shoulders (go behind the opponent, do a grapple, then press "C-Up)". Then have the player on the top ropes release with the move.

Super double team clothesline
Start a tag team or a handicap ladder match. Get the ladder and put it in the ring or anywhere outside the ring. Then have you or your partner put your opponent on your shoulders. Have the other partner go on top of the ladder, then press [A] button to jump off.

No double teams
Create a wrestler and make his/her flying move the "Phoenix Flip". Fight in championship mode or any match and put it on interference. When the person comes to help your enemy, go to the ropes and hit him. After he gets up, he will walk away.

Easy double teaming in tag matches
In a tag team match, lift your opponent onto your shoulders. If done correctly, your partner will climb the turnbuckle and hit your opponent off your shoulders. He will then stay in the ring while your opponent stays on the ring apron.

Slap across the chest
Create a wrestler that has the "Stephanie Slap" (or use Stephanie), and make the person as small as possible. Then, create a wrestler that is as tall as possible (7'11"). Set them in a match, do the slap, and it looks like a slap across the chest.

Fight with open ladder
Set up the ladder on the left side of the table. Go to the front of the table and press the button to grab a weapon. The ladder will be open.

Put opponent through tables
Even though there is not an official table match, you can plow your opponent's head through one. At most of the ring sides, you will find Jr and the Kings' announcement table. Go to it and climb it as if it were the ring. Get your opponent to go up (he will follow you) and make any move that either he alone or both of you fall and the table is history.

In the Locker Room backstage area, there is a table you can slam opponents through just like the announce table.

In the Bar backstage area, there is a billiards table you can slam opponents through.

Leave the screen (into a different "stage") and return -- the tables are back and can be broken again.

You can jump on a opponent and break a table. For example, if Jeff is laying on a table, jump and do the 450 Splash and break them through the table. Put a Handicap or Triple Threat match with two human players. In a ladder match put the CPU down on the table with back scratches and other weak moves. After he is down, jump off and do a heavy move such as the 450 Splash. If done correctly you will break them right through the table.

Get opponent out of ring quickly
During any match, hold [B].

Grapple differences
To do a weak grapple, tap [A]. To do a strong grapple, hold [A].

Hit opponent's head
You can hit your opponent's head (press [C-Down] for all except the cage) on the following locations:
The barricades
The apron
The wall
The turnbuckle
The table
The juke box
The truck
The cage in backstage areas
The Titantron
Gauges on the walls
The door in the garage
The cage (Press [C-Right] in a grapple and you will grab his head and drag him into the cage. Another good way to do that is in an Irish whip; wait for your opponent to bounce back at you, then quickly press [L] to jump out of the way. He will go directly into the cage.
Recommended creation moves
All of the good moves are powerbombs, or moves that have people land on their back. When you create a character, try to have a lot of slam moves. The Last Ride, Jackhammer, or Superpowerbomb are very good moves. The Superpowerbomb and the Swanton Bomb are a good combination.

400lb. super light heavyweight created wrestler
When you are setting a created wrestler's weight, hold [C-Up]. Release the button when you reach 599 lb., then press [Up] until you get to 400lb. You now have a super heavyweight.

Unfair weight advantage
Select a wrestler to to use for a championship mode (created or default characters both work). Go to the SmackDown Mall to edit your chosen wrestler. Set his or her weight at 599 lbs. and all the rest of the default wrestlers at 100 lbs. When they try to set you up for a Powerbomb, Suplex, or counter into one of those moves, they will have a very difficult time picking you up. When they fail at lifting you, it adds more to your attitude meter.

Championship mode: Full win
In order to win a championship, you must complete it once perfectly. After that, use a combination of wins and losses to change the story. You must do each possible combination.

Championship mode: Easy win
To win easily in championship mode, save the game and go to edit a character. Put who you are fighting next in your career as a super heavyweight and return to championship mode. Continue your career. When you are fighting your opponent, keep body slamming him. It will be difficult because he or she is a super heavyweight, but for each body slam you will get a lot of attitude, which results in quicker specials.

Championship mode: Avoiding losses
If you are about to lose in a championship, simple press [Start] and select "Quit" to start again.

Championship mode: No count out
Select any title then start a match. Throw your opponent outside the ring, then beat them until the count is on 16. Throw them backstage, then throw them back. The count will restart.

Championship mode: More RTC members
Change any wrestler's music and video to Steven Richards. Also, it helps to change their shirt to the RTC shirt. Then, while wrestling in championship, that new RTC member may appear and challenge you, and talk just like a RTC member.

Survival mode: Limits
Although the instruction manual states that the game goes on until you are defeated in survival mode, there are only a total of 99 wrestlers plus yourself in this mode. For example, you can win survival mode by defeating 88 opponents and the CPU defeating 11 opponents. Note: Andre the Giant is the last wrestler to appear in survival mode.

Survival mode: Easy win
Select someone with The Spear. Enter Survival Mode with them and throw your opponent into the ropes. Run to them and Spear them. Then, use Strong Attack and keep repeating.

Easy win in any match
When playing in any match, throw your opponent outside the ring and slap on a submission. Do this repeatedly, and make sure it is the same submission. Eventually your opponent will tap out, but since you are not in the ring, it will not end. Simply throw your opponent in the ring and slap on the same submission. They will tap out after about two seconds. This is especially useful for matches with Rope Breaks (you will notice the CPU slides rather unfairly and quickly towards the ropes. This is also useful in a Cage Match. Do this same process and when they tap out, leave them and climb the cage. By the time you are out of the cage and have won the match your opponent should still be unconscious on the ground.

Make a created superstar and have him learn the Twisting Body Attack and Shooting Star Press. Do three Twisting Body Attacks and one Shooting Star Press when your opponent is facing up and lying down.

If you are facing a CPU wrestler that is being very cheap, it sometimes helps to do a weak grapple (press [A]) and throw them out of the ring by pressing the D-pad towards the direction of the ropes and pressing and [C-Up]. Then, quickly start taunting. You can do this repeatedly until you get your special. This trick is very useful in handicap matches.

Easy win for the WWF title
Lose the Royal Rumble qualifying match vs Taka. The game will send you through a series of Tag-Team matches. The only difficult part of the chapter is a Handicap Match and a Submission Match.

Move towards the ropes
This trick is useful if you are doing a submission in the ring and your opponent gets the rope break by unfairly moving towards the ropes quickly. In any match where rope breaks are allowed, when your opponent starts a submission on you, tap the "C-buttons" as fast as possible. Then if you are in a position where you still cannot reach the ropes (for example, if you are approaching the ropes but are in a position where your opponent is by the ropes, not letting you get the break, such as in a Sharp Shooter), rapidly press the D-pad in the direction you want to turn.

No title holder for all single championships
Enter a Royal Rumble with 40 wrestlers and choose the "Select" option. Only choose pin fall, submission, and the ring out "No". This match can be for any single title, mainly the WWF Championship. Your player must be the current champion in your game. Go through the match, but have the wrestler lose, but not with the final four wrestlers. With the final four wrestlers, lose again, but not with the last two wrestlers. When the match is over, check the champion. Only The Rock's picture will be there, and no name. This means that there is no champion, and you will have to do a match to decide the next champion.

Different default champions
The game's default champions are :WWF: Triple H, IC: Chris Benoit, European: Eddie Guerrero, Hardcore: Crash, Tag Team: Edge and Christian, Lightheavyweight: Dean Malenko, and Womens: Stephanie McMahon. If you have not unlocked the titles for the exhibition mode yet, you can change the default champions by selecting one in championship mode.

2 on 1 or ladder mach: Easy win
Throw your opponent into the turnbuckle, do a strong grab, and press [L]. You should then turn your opponent upside down, then pin the other person, or climb the ladder.

2 on 1 match: Easy win
When you are fighting in a 2 on 1 match, it is easy to win by throwing one of your opponents outside the ring and doing all the moves to the other opponent. Then, when you get your special, do it twice to the person who you were beating up the most, and once to the other person. This will allow you to pin the other person, who should be in danger or losing it.

Go to the parking lot and jump into the back of the WWF truck. Taunt until you have a special -- your opponents will not go into the back of the truck. Then, jump out and give both players your finishers. Note: This only works in a "No Count Out" match.

If you are in a 2 on 1 match against two CPU players, go to the turnbuckle and press [C-Down] to get on it. Taunt twice with the Analog-stick, then press [R]. Go to another turnbuckle and repeat. Note: If the CPU players constantly throw you off, or rack 'em up on you, try a different strategy

Cage or ladder match: Easy win
Keep choking your opponent until his attitude meter is losing it, then climb the ladder or cage.

When you are on top of the cage or ladder and the game displays (TAB), press [L] + [R] + [B]. Keep pressing those buttons to climb the cage or ladder faster.

Cage match: Easy win
At the beginning of the match, climb in the corner of the cage. When your opponent runs to the side of the cage to shake it, just switch sides and taunt him until you get your special. Then, go up until you are over. Your opponent will continue to shake the cage until you have won.

Beat your opponent down, and when he is at danger, perform the "Tree of Woe". Let him sit there and climb the cage.

Get your finisher but do not execute it. Climb the cage and keep pressing [R], [L] when someone tries to knock you off to avoid falling. Note: If you do not make it to the top, you will lose a lot of power.

Select the expert difficulty setting and choose any wrestler. As soon as the match starts, move towards the turnbuckle closest to you and press [C-Up] to climb the ladder. If done correctly, your opponent should run towards you, but shake the other part of the cage allowing you to go up the ladder. Also, you can stay on the cage as long as needed, until your spirit goes to dark blue or danger.

Cage match: Hit opponent's head
Throw your opponent to the ropes, then Leap Frog and he will hit his head.

Cage match: Hit head on cage
Do a grapple, then press [C-Up].

Cage match: Quicker special
Hit your opponent down, then pick them up, do a strong grapple, and press [C-Right] to bang their head against the cage. After they are down, start to taunt them.

Announcer table match: East win
Go outside of the ring then get close to the announcer table. Grapple your opponent, then press [C-Up]. Make sure the back is facing toward the table. When you do that, you will swing your opponent to the announcer table. Now just do a move that makes the person fall down.

First Blood match: Woman wrestlers
If you have a First Blood match in multi-player mode, never choose a woman as your opponent because they never bleed, even Chyna.

First Blood match: Easy win
Start a First-Blood match. When you begin, beat your opponent into bad shape but do not make him bleed. Throw him outside of the ring. Hurt him some more. Then, throw him backstage. There will be four doors. Throw him into the first door on the right. You will now be in the billiard room. When you enter the room, there will be a dart board. Slam your opponent's head into the dart board by pressing [A] + [C-Down]. The moment he hits the board, he will fall and start bleeding. Note: This does not work with women wrestlers.

First, beat your opponent badly in the ring, but do not make him bleed. Next, throw him in the billiard room. When you do this, you will find a dart board on the the wall. Give your opponent three good face smashes on it by grabbing him with [A] + [C-Right] and he will start bleeding instantly! Note: This does not work with woman wrestlers.

30 minute Ultimate Submission match
Go into an Iron Man match and set the time limit to 30 minutes and have the only way to win is by submission and no count out, not hardcore and no DQ.

Hardcore match: Easy hits
To get easy hits in a hardcore match, go to the stage. When you are there, whip you opponent towards the edge of the stage, so that they wobble. While they wobble, hit them with a strong punch or kick and they will take the damage, but keep wobbling until you stop.

Ladder match: Easy win
During a ladder match, knock your opponent down then do a submission hold on them. After doing the submission hold, they will tap out. Set up the ladder and climb it. When the game indicates you to tap, start tapping "Hit".

When "Tap" appears on the screen, keep pressing [R] + [B] until you get the belt.

Beat up your opponent until they reach danger once or twice. Get the ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring. Throw your opponent into the turnbuckle and grapple him (strong or weak). After that, press [L] to have your character put your opponent upside down on the turnbuckle. Then, climb the ladder, press [L] a few times, and repeatedly press [A].

Ladder match: Crash through table
Start a ladder match, climb out of the ring, get the ladder as normal, but go around the ring and set it up right in front of the announcer's table. Place you opponent on top of the table and quickly climb the ladder. Keep pressing [A] until your wrestler climbs to the top of the ladder and jumps off. If done correctly, he should slam into your opponent and the table should crash into the ground. You can also jump off the ladder from inside the ring to the outside and hit you opponent.

Get your special and have the ladder next to the table. Do your special twice, then your opponent on the table. Quickly press "C-UP" to put him through the table.

Set the ladder in the ring. Then, get a wrestler with Taunt 196 onto the table. Do that taunt, but in mid-flip, press [Punch]. You will be floating in the air. Run into the ring and grab the ladder. Then, go to the edge of the table and set the ladder on the corner of the table so that one side of the it is on the table and the other is not. Then, get your opponent on the table. Climb the ladder and do your move. If done correctly, the table will break.

Handicap match: Easy win
To win handicap matches, keep throwing your opponents out of the ring, leaving you with one to fight. Make sure to taunt as much as possible.

To win a hard core handicap match, which may come up in the championship mode, immediately go to the outside and stay there. Get weapons and throw them at your opponents in the ring. If one opponent comes out, just put him through the table. Keep throwing weapons and run from double teams until you have weakened one opponent to a point where you can throw the other opponent out of the ring and pin the weaker wrestler.

Royal Rumble or Survival mode: Easy win
Select Perry Saturn to be your wrestler. When fighting, press [A] + [B] together to do a leg sweep. If the opponent counters it, you will not be harmed. Keep doing this until you win the match.

Survival mode: Easy win
Give a created wrestler Uppercut 4 as their [A] + [B] attack. Perform this on your opponent when they are near the ropes.

Create a wrestler and make his running attack the Spear. In survival mode, Irish Whip an opponent and when he is near the rope do the Spear. They will end up on the outside apron, and you can knock them out.

Get a wrestler that knows the Clothesline From Hell move. In survival mode, Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes and run after him/her. When they hit the ropes, use Clothesline From Hell. If they do not fly over the top, run into them or hit them off.

Triple Threat match: Easy win
Make sure the other wrestlers are fighting each other. Then, get your special an do it on both of them. Do this repeatedly until both of them are on the floor. Pin one opponent while the other one is still knocked out on the floor.

Easy title win
Win any single title in championship mode and save the game. Go to the SmackDown Mall and create a very weak wrestler. Leave the mall and go to an exhibition special referee match with yourself as the ref, and the title that you want. This will put the champion against a player that you choose. Choose the weak created wrestler and start the match. When the created wrestler pins the champion, do a fast count to give him the win and the title. Then, fight the created wrestler in an exhibition match with the wrestler you want to be the champion, and defeat the weak created wrestler.

For an easy way to get a certain wrestler to win a championship belt that is not being used in Championship mode, enter King Of The Ring mode. Set the number of Superstars to five. Select the belt, and the CPU will automatically register the champion into the King of the Ring. Next, select the wrestler to whom you want to give the belt for the other four slots. Leave the controls on "All CPU" and "Skip" all of the simulated matches. Most likely, the wrestler that you selected will get the belt.

Easy way to keep title
When in a Title match, just get counted out and you will keep your title.

Easy special
Keep rotating the Analog-stick to taunt and raise your energy. . Keep taunting until you will get a special.

Get a full special, grapple with your opponent, throw him to the turnbuckle, and immediately before he hits you coming back, press the Analog-stick. This makes it easier than just grappling and pressing the Analog-stick.

Get a full special and hold [A] until you grapple your opponent. While still holding [A], tap the Analog-stick in any direction.

Fast recovery
When fighting in long matches, you will lose a lot of power and strength. When you are knocked down, wait a second, then hold [Analog-stick Up] for just a second. Then, wait and hold it again. When you release, you will begin to get up. Note: This is faster than waiting for your wrestler to get up by himself or herself. This works best when severely damaged and tired.

Quick loss
If you want to lose a match quickly, just get a weapon and hit your opponent with it. Note: This must be done inside the ring while in a DQ match.

Get weapons
Go up to the barricades, the bar, or the locker and press [C-Down]. You will pull out a weapon and can press [B] to use it or [C-Left] to throw it.

Catch weapon
You can catch a weapon by pressing [R] immediately before it hits you.

Pool cue weapon
Press [C-Left] when near the pool table in the backstage bar.

Hidden weapons: Titantron
Another place where you can get weapons is where the Titantron is located. Go to the black space (on whichever a stadium has it ) and press [C-Left].

Hidden weapons
In the backstage area, you can access weapons from certain hidden locations by pressing [C-Left]:
The Billiards Room: Behind the bar.
The Locker Room: In the closet and lockers.
Sports Bar: Face the bar and press [C-Left].
Exchange for better weapons
To exchange a weapon you do not want, pick it up and put it back in the crowd. Another weapon will appear in your hands.

After you have four weapons out of the crowd (chairs, Steve's can, etc.), go over and pick up one of the sets of ring steps. Then, go over to the crowd and press the D-pad in the direction of the crowd + [C-Right] to grab a weapon out of the crowd while holding the ring steps. This will trade in the steps for another crowd weapon. This will give you six copies of crowd weapons. If using Steve's can as the weapon of choice, this gives you an Austin 6-Pack (six beer cans).

Easy win with weapons
Start a multi-player match. Make sure "Count Out" is set to "Off". Go to the stands and pull out a weapon. Focus on your opponent, and have everyone get out of the way. Walk toward the ring and then throw the weapon as hard as possible. If done correctly, your opponent will be knocked to the ground. When he gets up, throw another weapon at him. Repeat as necessary. Reenter the ring, get a special, then execute the "Big Swing" (or just use the "cheap shot"). Flip him over and pin him. That should end the match.

Large weapons
Press [C-Left] to pull out a weapon from the audience. Then, press [C-Left] again.

Lose intentionally
This trick works with any match that involves pins and submissions. Its very useful in championship mode when you have to lose matches in order to progress the different story lines. Hold the Analog-stick in any direction when your opponent has you in a submission hold or pin. You will submit or get pinned on the first try. The submission takes a little longer, but will work on the first try nonetheless.

When a person interferes in your match, throw that person out of the ring about twenty seconds later and they will not get back in.

When interference comes to the ring, do a strong grapple on the end they will leave.

To get rid of the interference quickly in a match, just do a flying move off of the turnbuckle on the interference. The interference will walk right out.

Reverse a wrestler's move
Press [R] immediately before someone hits you, or [L] immediately before someone grabs you. If done correctly, you will reverse it into your own move.

Kane: In Ring Fire Taunt
Win a match as Kane, and the game will show Kane do his trademark fire from the turnbuckle.

Kane: See face
Select the "Edit Superstar" option in the Smackdown Mall and choose Kane. Go to "Appearance" and then "Masks/Etc.". Select "None" and Kane's face will be revealed as a blur.

Chyna: Alternate entrance
Go to the SmackDown Mall and purchase the bazooka. Change Chyna's entrance attire and give her the bazooka. She will shoot the bazooka during her entrance.

Edge and Christian: Double Chair Shot (El' Con Chair-O)
Note: This will only work with two players. Have Edge and Christian get a chair and near an opponent that is just getting up. Do your taunt at the same time and simultaneously press [A]. The resulting move will resemble the El' Con Chair-O.

Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb off ladder onto table
This is done easiest with two players, as opposed to one and the CPU. Have player one be Jeff Hardy, and player two as any wrestler. Set the ladder up outside of the ring, near the announce table. Grab your opponent and lay him on top of the table. After rolling him, hold [Analog-stick Down] on controller two. Next, climb the ladder and press [A] button. Jeff will climb to the top and perform his finishing move, thus sending his opponent through the table at the same time.

Mick Foley: Ending sequence
Complete the game with any wrestler but do not skip the credits. When the credits complete, it will show Mick Foley walking down the hall. He will look at you and say "thanks for playing" in his own voice.

Scotty Too Hotty: The Worm
Play as Scotty Too Hotty and get a special. When he does his taunt, he will start to do The Worm. After he finishes press [B] and he will do a Scotty Worm Chop and it will look like The Worm.

Spike Dudley: Dudley Dog
Create Spike Dudley and give him the Turnbuckle Special off the 3/4 Neckbreaker. It looks just like the Dudley Dog, with the exception that he does not run up the turnbuckle.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Celebration taunt
Win a match with Stone Cold, then press [A] after the first replay. Wait after the screen will turns white. Stone Cold will do his ring taunt like in WWF Wrestlemania 2000.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Skull belt
After successfully completing the first chapter for the WWF championship, go to a title match. Have Stone Cold Steve Austin win by submission, pin fall, or TKO and the game will show him with the skull belt.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Smoking Skull belt
Defeat the WWF World Heavyweight champion in championship mode with Stone Cold, and it will be the Smoking Skull belt.

The Rock: Celebration taunt
Win a match with The Rock. Press [A] after the first replay and he will do his celebration taunt .

The Rock: Full song
You can hear the Rock's full song in edit a wrestler mode.

Too Cool: Alternate appearance during dance
Change to the fourth costume (with the shades) of Rikishi and Too Cool. Start a match that can result with Too Cool dancing after they win using any member of Too Cool or Rikishi versus any opponent. If you win, the appearance of the person that you set in their fourth slot should appear during the dance instead of Grandmaster Sexay, Scotty Too Hotty, or Rikishi (depending on who you change).

Too Cool: Dance
Win a match as either Rakishi Phatu, Scotty 2 Hotty, or Grand Master Sexay and you will dance after the match as they do on television.

Bazooka for other wrestlers
Give the bazooka to anyone who has an entrance taunt or a created wrestler. For example, Scotty Too Hotty will shoot the bazooka instead of dancing.

Dance for other wrestlers
Go to SmackDown Mall. Choose the "Superstars" option, then clone a superstar. Choose the superstar that you want to dance to either Grandmaster, Scotty, or Rikishi with their fourth costume. Win a match with one of the members of Too Cool. When they dance, your superstar will be dancing with Too Cool.

See arena banners
Stand in the middle of the ring and do a Delayed Suplex. As the camera turns around, you can see the track lights and the arena banner.

Faster specials
To get a quick special (very useful in survivor mode), attack either Viscera, Rakishi, Mark Henry or Andre the Giant. You will not be able to do any moves except for a Body Slam or a Back Drop. However, if you manage to lift the wrestler up, you will increase your spirit by double Do this a few times consecutively and your special will appear. Note: If you do not succeed the first time, throw him in the ropes and Hard Strike him -- you will be able to lift him after that.

Throw a person out of the ring. When the person is out of the ring, start to taunt him. He will loose more attitude and you will gain more attitude. Stay away from the ropes because he may grab you. When he gets back in the ring, throw him out again. Keep repeating this until you have your special.

Multiple ringside tables
Start a Hardcore or No Count match. When you break the table at ringside, throw your opponent backstage where the Titantron is located. Then, throw them back to the ring. When you get back the ringside table will be there.

Reappearing tables
Go to any backstage arena with a table. Put someone in it, then leave the room. Return into the room and the table should reappear. Note: This only works in backstage arenas.

Hidden wrestlers for free
Begin game play in survival mode. If you do not get eliminated, secret characters will appear. If you hit them out of the ring, they will be unlocked without needing to spend money or going through championship modes. Note: This does not work if a CPU wrestler hits out the secret character.

Replacement moves
The TKO can be used as the Messiah's Godsmack.
The Double Arm DDT can be used as Buff Bagwell's Butterfly DDT.
The Huge Chokeslam can be used as The Big Show's Showstopper.
The Scissor sweep can be used as the Drop Toe Hold.
The DDT 2 can be used as Raven's Evenflow DDT.
The Tiger Driver can be used as Ahmed Johnson's Pearl River Plunge.
The Phoenix Splash can be used as Jeff Hardy's Tumbling Body Attack.
The Backflip can be used as Lita's moonsault.
The Dudleyz Atomic Drop can be used as Buh Buh Ray Dudley's Buh Buh Bomb.
The Senton Bomb can be used as Grandmasta Sexay's Guillotine Leg Drop.
The Electric Chair Drop can be used as Edge's Edge-o-matic.
The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner.
The Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpian Death Lock.
The Elbow drop off the Turnbuckle can be used as Test's Diving Elbow.
The Camel Clutch can be used as Scott Steiner's Steiner Recliner.
The Fishermans Suplex can be used as "Mr. Perfect" Kurt Hennig's Perfectplex.
The Morality Check for Chuck Palumbo's Jungle Kick.
The Hangman's DDT can be used as Justin Credible's "That's Incredible".
The Cobra Clutch Suplex can be used as The Demon's "Love Gun".
The Mountain Bomb or the Super Back Body Drop can be use as Nova's Kryptinite Krunch.
The Screwdriver can be used as Scott Steiner's "Big Poppa Pump" ( the move's original name).
The Scoop Reverse DDT and DD DDT can be used as the Final Cut.
The 3/4 Turn On The Ground can be used as DDP's Diamond Cutter.
Glitch: Data loss
The game may delete all your saved data under the following conditions:

Pressing more than any three buttons and [Start] simultaneously. This also may cause potential memory card damage.

Editing Superstar uniforms and using them in Championship mode. The game will work as normal until before a championship match. Wrestlers will be reset to default uniforms and all data will be lost.

Holding [Z] and tapping any other button has also caused memory loss in certain situations.

Playing as a created wrestler in Championship mode can cause the game to lock-up and the potential loss of the wrestler.

Memory card usage may not go through. The game will tell you it saved, but when game is turned off, data will not be saved or it will be lost on the cartridge.

Pressing [L] + [R] + [Z] + [Start] results in instant data loss without warning.

Unplugging a controller during game play (whether using a memory pak or not) results in data loss.

To help prevent data from being randomly deleted, whenever you save something (a custom wrestler, championship progress, options, etc.) turn off the Nintendo 64, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. This seems to severely limit the chances of your data being automatically erased.
Glitch: HHH Wrestlemania announcement
While doing a championship for the lightweight belt , HHH will come out at Wrestlemania and say "We are a few weeks away from Wrestlemania" -- even though he is at Wrestlemania.

Glitch: Kane fire taunt
In the opening sequence, Kane does his in-ring fire taunt by quickly raising his arms instead of lowering them.

Glitch: Choke Hold
The upper body ground move "Choke hold" is not a submission despite, how it appears on the move list. Your opponent will not tap out due to it.

Glitch: Jumping Axe Kick
When using the Jumping Axe Kick against an opponent in the turnbuckle, the game generally will experience a fatal error after two or three kicks.

Glitch: Flying wrestler
You can make your wrestler fly around the stadium. First, make him or her the special guest referee. Hold "Analog-stick Up", [Left], or "Right. "While holding the Analog-stick, press [C-Left]. If done correctly, he or she will begin to shake then move off the ring into the air. Keep Analog-stick + [C-Left] held and he or she will go into the crowd. However, sometimes if you go very far the game will freeze. Note: This can also work when you are a guest referee in backstage areas.

Grab your opponent's back with a while he is turned. Then, press [C-Up] and have your tag team partner to grab the ladder. While he is picking the opponent up on his shoulders, immediately hit your partner with the ladder. If done correctly, your opponent will fly.

Have a created wrestler with the taunt set to 196. Knock your opponent out of the ring, then taunt while against the ropes. Do a strong move and you should be flying.

This is a lot easier to do with two players. This trick can be done in any ring. Climb the right front turnbuckle. Have the other person throw him off by pressing [A]. When the person falls, he slides under the ropes and walks on air.

Choose a ladder match, select Jeff Hardy, then start the match. Get the ladder, then go near the announcer table and lead your opponent on to it. Next, jump off and set the ladder up. Climb it and then make sure your opponent is still up on the table. Give him a Swanton and he will fly off, but still be in mid-air.

Glitch: Move anywhere
Start a guest referee match as the referee. Get the announcer table and press [C-Left] + Analog-stick in any direction. Your wrestler will start to shake. Let him keep shaking until he gets off the table, then make him run. He will go any where in the arena, on the crowd, and through the other players. The other players cannot hurt you most of the time, but you can hurt them. Note: The game may freeze if you go too far.

After you can move anywhere, go to the center of the ring and allow another wrestler to do a big move, such as a power bomb, on you. You will fall through the ring and stay under it until you move near the edge. This can only be done once because when the big move is done on you, the table will break as you go under the ring.

To move through the mat, go on the announcer table and enable the cheat. Go into the ring and let someone do a strong grapple to you. If done correctly, you will fall through the mat like you would through the announcer table. The announcer table will disappear and you will become smaller. Note: You will have to stay in the ring after doing the cheat. When you are in the ring they would have to do a move as if they were putting you through the table.

As a special referee, is get on the table and press "Taunt" and the button counts 1-2-3 simultaneously. You will start to flinch. Wait until you go off the table while flinching. You can now "fly". Go back to the table to stop "flying". When "flying", they can still pull you off as if you where on the table. If the opponent throws you, you cannot stop. You will go off up towards the cheap seats before the game freezes.

Glitch: Running in the crowd
When you are in a ladder match TKO your opponent on the table until he or she is at "Losing It". Then, set up the ladder in front of the table and do a high flying move, such as body splash, from the ladder. Once you do the move you should be standing in the middle of the table. Just run into the black guard rail and you should be able to run around the crowd.

Glitch: No countdown with Chris Jericho
When Chris Jericho is challenging or defending a title, and he comes to the ring first, there is no countdown.

Glitch: Missing defeated wrestler
Win a match with somebody that has a sequence afterwards, such as Kane in the ring fire taunt. During the sequence the wrestler that was defeated is not in the ring.

Glitch: Mini wrestlers
Go to a Guest Referee match and go out of the ring. Press "Analog-Stick Up", "Analog-Stick Left", or "Analog-Stick Right" + [C-Left]. Your wrestler should be shaking towards the ring. Once your wrestler is in the ring, release. Your wrestler will now be small. You can move in the ring, but cannot attack. To get out, just leave the ring.

Glitch: Have Manager grab briefcase or belt
Fight on the outside, then grab the controller three and hold [C-Up] + [C-Down] + [Z] to fight with your manager. Once you are the manager, slide into the ring and climb the ladder. Press [B] (even though the game does not prompt for it) and "You've got it!" will appear. Your manager's music will play with a replay on him. However, it will not count as a win.

Glitch: Early replay bleeding
Make someone bleed just before you win the match. The replay at the end will show him or her bleeding before he actually started bleeding during the game.

It is easiest to see early replay bleeding in a First Blood match because the match ends as soon as you opponent bleeds.

Glitch: Rikishi replays
Select Rikishi, get your special, and do the Banzi Drop. It will be shown five times instead of three.

Set the replay option on. Select Rikishi and beat him until he stays down for a long time. Then, do the Banzai Drop. If he is in the right position, you will see three replays, then you will seem to hit him again and it will replay again. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Disappearing blood
Make your opponent bleed, then use the Fireball attack (bought from SmackDown! Mall) on them. The blood will be replaced with a burn mark.

Glitch: Bleed more than once
Start a First Blood match as the guest referee. Hit one of the contenders with the stairs or another weapon until they bleed. They will react to the blood as normal but will not get a TKO. Hit them some more with the weapon and they will react again (put their hand on their face, see blood, and fall down). However, the amount of blood on their face does not change.

Glitch: First blood match
Do a First Blood match. Make it a Hardcore match and set all the options to "No" and make it "First Blood". Make your opponent bleed. When you do, the game will display "TKO" even though that option was set to "No" in the rules.

Glitch: Parking lot area
When you do a royal rumble with Hard Core rules and pin, submission, TKO or First Blood on, go into the parking lot. Throw your opponent into the truck. You should now be in the truck/semi. Pin your opponent, knock them out, or whatever. Afterwards the clock will not count down and your defeated opponent will just stand there, but you cannot execute any moves on them.

This trick will only work on Guest Referee matches. Go in the parking lot and get in the back of the big truck. Hold [Analog-stick Left] + [C-Left]. The referee will start shaking, then you will be floating above the parking lot and can run around on cars.

Glitch: Levitate in tag team ladder match
Start a tag team ladder match and begin climbing the ladder with one character. As the first character is climbing, have another character approach and try to move the ladder. Have the second character put the ladder somewhere else. At first, the first character will be climbing in mid-air. Once the ladder is moved, they will jump to the ladder while still levitating and land on the ladder backwards.

Glitch Immovable ladder
Give a created wrestler The Worm as his celebration taunt. After they fall off the ladder when they win, they will do The Worm straight into the ladder, and neither the wrestler or the ladder will move.

Glitch: Championship mode
In WWF Championship Mode, when you start as the champion and win all of your matches through chapter nine, you will fight in a Fatal Four match between you, Richards, The Rock, and Mick. On the vs. screen, the message will read that you have to win, However, if you lose, you will go on to face and unlock Shawn Michaels.

Glitch: IC championship mode
Start as a new wrestler. Lose your first match. Go out with the Ho and defeat Val. The ladder mach vs. Edge must be won, even though the game states that you may win or lose.

Play in the Intercontinental championship and on the last match you will fight Shane and Vince McMahon for the title. Get a special and do Shane McMahon's special on Shane. The game will freeze and you will have to start the match again.

Glitch: WWF Women's title
Play for the WWF Women's title and get 100% without being Val Venis. When you get your 100%, go back to the Women's Championship and look at the person who you won it with. He or she will have the belt. Then, look at Val Venis. He also has a women's belt.

Glitch: Women referred to as men
In championship mode play as a women wrestler in any title except Women's. During intermission scenes, other wrestlers will refer to you as a man. For example, saying "I want you to beat him good".

Start a championship for the heavyweight title and lose your first match to Taka, then win all the other matches. After awhile you will see women talking as if they were married to each other. Note: For this to work correctly, the champion must be a woman when you start.

Glitch: Men referred to as women
Select a man to be your wrestler when going for the Women's Title. Occasionally, your opponent will refer to you as a woman. For example, Ivory says," I will expose your puppies in this ring".

Glitch: Tazz's shirt
Look at Tazz's fourth costume. The color is yellow, not orange.

Glitch: Triple H referred to as Chris Jericho
Let the starting credits play through at the opening sequence. When it highlights Triple H, his picture will be that of Chris Jericho.

Glitch: Misspelling
When playing a hardcore championship, defend the title then lose the next match. That person (Kurt Angle) will have an interview with Michael Cole later and he will say "I'm never gonna loose this title" instead of "I'm never gonna lose this title".

Glitch: Switched championship dialogue
When two wrestlers come out to the ring together in championship mode, the one who talks enters on the right. When he starts talking, he now talks from the left.

Glitch: No opponent
Start the game in championship mode and defend the WWF championship as Cactus Jack (start game as champ). When Mankind turns into Cactus (in the Transformation chapter), instead of turning into Cactus he disappears. When you start the match there is no opponent, just you and your partner.

Glitch: Invisible ropes
When you are in any match and you and your opponent are on the table, throw your opponent off the table by grappling and pressing [C-Up]. Tt would seem that there are invisible ropes.

Glitch: Instruction manual errors
Page 7: Mentions that you can pull a weapon out of the crowd by using [C-Up].

Page 12: On the sprit meter there are no wrestler names.

Page 13: At the bottom, by "Commissioner", it mentions that there are player records even though there are none.

Page 16: The second picture of the PPV setup screen states "Number of Program" even though is "Number of Matches".

Page 20: It states in survival mode that victory by TKO is not allowed , but it really is. You can eliminate someone by TKO in a Survival mode.

Page 22: The top picture shows a debug choice to pick from in commissioner. The bottom picture shows Music"37 Rock" and "29 Rock" (Titantron)

Page 23: At the top of the page, it says you can edit Ally/Enemy of a superstar in the game. But, you cannot do that. You have to clone the person to change their Ally/Enemy in the game.

Page 25: It has a created wrestler fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin instead of fighting AKI Man. In the game, you test moves on AKI man in the "Moves" section when creating or editing your wrestler.

Page 28: The Shop: In the shop, it states that all items are at 0% discount. Also, in the money in the game does not look as pictured. It does not show coins.

Page 29: It shows a records list for every person in the game.

Page 29: The picture shows that you can pick which music you want to play during matches, but the text says it will turn the music on or off.

Page 31: The first picture has a slightly more space between the player option than in the actual game. In the second picture, by Raw Is War it shows a picture of what looks like the Rock on the Titantron even though in the game it says, RAW IS WAR.

Page 32: The top picture shows a choice for ring out "anywhere" but it says hardcore in the game.

Page 33: In the picture of the champs it says "WWF" instead of heavyweight; "light heavy" instead of light heavyweight; and "WWF womend" instead of womens.

Page 33: The picture of Chris Benoit does not have a black border around his picture.

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