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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Highlight Terri at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Highlight Tanka Michinoku at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Gerald Brisco
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x2 or [C-Right]x2.

Howard Finkel
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Jim Ross
Highlight Jerry Lawler (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Ken Shamrock
Defeat 61 opponents in survival mode.

The King
Highlight JR at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right].

Michael Cole
Highlight Earl Hebner (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x3 or [C-Right]x3.

Pat Patterson
Highlight Jerry Lawler (after he is unlocked) at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left]x3 or [C-Right]x3.

Hidden wrestlers
The following characters can be unlocked by playing through championship mode:
Vince McMahon: WWF course, chapter 10-3
Shane McMahon: Intercontinental course, chapter 9-4
Linda McMahon: WWF course, chapter 10-2
Earl Hebner: WWF course, chapter 10-4
Shawn Micheals: WWF course, chapter 10-9
Cactus Jack: Hardcore course, chapter 9-7
Mick Foley: WWF course, chapter 10-1

Andre the Giant: WWF course, chapter 10-8
After becoming the WWF Champion, do the course again with the same wrestler. Win every match. In the last match, Vince will come out and make you face the "Lethal Weapon." This is not Blackman, but Andre the Giant. Win to unlock him as a playable character.
Al Snow (Steve Blackman style)
Higlight Al Snow at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] to select his second costume. He will be wearing what Steve Blackman is wearing in his first costume.

Bull Buchanon (Bossman style)
Highlight Bull Buchanon at the character selection screen, then press [C-Left] or [C-Right] to change his costume.

RTC Ivory
This requires minor editing of Jacqueline's costume #4 (which is Ivory #2). You can give her the RTC music and give her the RTC shirt or a long skirt, all of which are available by default in the appearance edit area.

The Old Undertaker
Go to the SmackDown Mall and buy Undertaker (Old). If you want Undertaker's old finisher, The Tombstone Piledriver, make a clone out of any of the Undertaker outfits and switch The Last Ride to The Tombstone.

Reset the roster
Hold [Start] and turn on the Nintendo 64. The game will start over and with no extra wrestlers unlocked. Note: This will also erase your created wrestlers from the internal save on the game pak.

Alternate opening sequence
Change the outfit of any wrestler that appears in the opening sequence. Turn the Nintendo 64 off and back on. That wrestler will look different in the opening sequence.

Use partner's special
Get your special in a Tag Team match. Do a strong grapple on one of your opponents. After grappling, press [A] + [B] + [L] + [R].
Backstage areas
Get your opponent out of the ring, then throw him/her to Titantron entrance runway. Next, throw your opponent into middle of Titantron. The screen will blackout for a moment. You will then be in a hallway with several doors on each side. Grab your opponent and throw him/her into one of the doors to access a backstage.

Unlimited continues
Save the game before the match. Exit the match when you only have one continue remaining in championship mode. Turn off the game and reload your saved game to start again with the maximum number of continues.

The Real People's Elbow
Obtain a special when playing as the Rock. Strong Grapple your opponent and Irish Whip him into the ropes. When your opponent is near you, tap the Analog-stick. The Rock should do a spine breaker and look out towards the crowd. Immediately press [A] when you still have your special.

Mr. Socko
Select Mankind and start a match. Tap the Analog-stick until Mankind's attitude is flashing in the red to pull Sockko from his pants. Socko will remain on Mankind's hand for the rest of the match. Note: This can only be done with Mankind and you cannot assign the taunt to other wrestlers in edit a wrestler mode.

Super double team clothesline
Start a tag team or a handicap ladder match. Get the ladder and put it in the ring or anywhere outside the ring. Then have you or your partner put your opponent on your shoulders. Have the other partner go on top of the ladder, then press [A] button to jump off.

No double teams
Create a wrestler and make his/her flying move the "Phoenix Flip". Fight in championship mode or any match and put it on interference. When the person comes to help your enemy, go to the ropes and hit him. After he gets up, he will walk away.

Easy double teaming in tag matches
In a tag team match, lift your opponent onto your shoulders. If done correctly, your partner will climb the turnbuckle and hit your opponent off your shoulders. He will then stay in the ring while your opponent stays on the ring apron.

Fight with open ladder
Set up the ladder on the left side of the table. Go to the front of the table and press the button to grab a weapon. The ladder will be open.

Get opponent out of ring quickly
During any match, hold [B].

Hit opponent's head
You can hit your opponent's head (press [C-Down] for all except the cage) on the following locations:
The barricades
The apron
The wall
The turnbuckle
The table
The juke box
The truck
The cage in backstage areas
The Titantron
Gauges on the walls
The door in the garage
The cage (Press [C-Right] in a grapple and you will grab his head and drag him into the cage. Another good way to do that is in an Irish whip; wait for your opponent to bounce back at you, then quickly press [L] to jump out of the way. He will go directly into the cage.
Recommended creation moves
All of the good moves are powerbombs, or moves that have people land on their back. When you create a character, try to have a lot of slam moves. The Last Ride, Jackhammer, or Superpowerbomb are very good moves. The Superpowerbomb and the Swanton Bomb are a good combination.

400lb. super light heavyweight created wrestler
When you are setting a created wrestler's weight, hold [C-Up]. Release the button when you reach 599 lb., then press [Up] until you get to 400lb. You now have a super heavyweight.

Championship mode: Full win
In order to win a championship, you must complete it once perfectly. After that, use a combination of wins and losses to change the story. You must do each possible combination.

Championship mode: Avoiding losses
If you are about to lose in a championship, simple press [Start] and select "Quit" to start again.

Championship mode: More RTC members
Change any wrestler's music and video to Steven Richards. Also, it helps to change their shirt to the RTC shirt. Then, while wrestling in championship, that new RTC member may appear and challenge you, and talk just like a RTC member.

Survival mode: Easy win
Select someone with The Spear. Enter Survival Mode with them and throw your opponent into the ropes. Run to them and Spear them. Then, use Strong Attack and keep repeating.

Easy win for the WWF title
Lose the Royal Rumble qualifying match vs Taka. The game will send you through a series of Tag-Team matches. The only difficult part of the chapter is a Handicap Match and a Submission Match.

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