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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Programmers team
Select any team, then enter "BuryFC" as a player name on the team customization screen. The Creations team will replace the players on the England team.

Scoring sounds
Press [A], [B], [C-Left], or [C-Down] after a goal is scored for different sounds.

Classic games
Win the World Cup using any team, then select the "World Cup Classics" option from the main menu. Win the World Cup again using either classic team to unlock the next classic match. The classic games are unlocked in the following order:
Uruguay vs. Argentina (1930)
Italy vs. Hungary (1938)
Uruguay vs. Brazil (1950)
West Germany vs. Hungary (1954)
England vs. West Germany (1966)
Brazil vs. Italy (1970)
West Germany vs. Holland (1974)
Italy vs. West Germany (1982)
Easy goals
Go to the options and set the time for the game on a long length. Then, turn "Referee Strictness" all the way down. Turn "Bookings" off. You may also want to turn "Fatigue" off. Start the game, and when you slide tackle people press [L] to make your players put their cleats up in the air and injure the players. After you have all the players injured besides the goalie, you can literally walk past the players. This will make your goals easy.

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