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Faster ball
Hold [B] after hitting the ball to eventually speed it up during the shot.

Drive a golf cart
Press [Start] during game play. Select the "Cart Cam" option to drive a golf cart around the course. Press [C-Up] to move the view over the course. Note: The camera may not be moved over water, even while overhead.

Make CPU player disappear
Begin game play in tournament mode with a CPU player. Hold [B] on controller two immediately after your turn is finished.
Take a Mulligan
This game saves after every shot at the beginning of each player's turn. Because of this, if you are unhappy with your shot (duff, water hazard, etc.), you can take it again without losing a stroke. After you take your shot, but before the next person's turn, turn the power off the Nintendo 64, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. Choose "Continue" from the menu. If you turned it off in time, it will be as if you never took the offending shot. The wind will be different, but this is a small price to pay for a flawless scorecard. Note: If you plan on using this trick, do not use [B] to speed up your shot. This will drastically diminish the amount of time you have to get to the power switch and will bring up the next player's turn much more quickly.

Glitch: Water shot
Hit the ball into the water. Your golfer will be standing in the water as he swings the next shot.

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