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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Master code
Enter "BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND" as a code to activate invincibility, all weapons, unlimited ammunition, and the minor cheat codes. If a multi-player game is started after the code is activated, you may pause game play and select any single player level to allow both players to go through the game together.

The code also reveals the final Boss' name (Oblivion) in next game in the series, Turok 3: Shadow Of Oblivion.

Opponents have big heads
Enter "UBERNOODLE" as a code.

Stick man
Enter "HOLASTICKBOY" as a code.

Big hands and feet
Enter "STOMPEM" as a code.

Small opponents
Enter "PIPSQUEAK" as a code.

Pen and ink graphics
Enter "IGOTABFA" as a code.

Blackout mode
Enter "LIGHTSOUT" as a code.

Frootie stripes
Enter "FROOTSTRIPE" as a code.

Gouraud shading
Enter "WHATSATEXTUREMAP" as a code.

Juan's cheat
Enter "HEEERESJUAN" as a code to place a face on the gold diamonds.

Zach's cheat
Enter "AAHGOO" as a code to turn the diamonds blue with a baby's face.

View credits
Enter "ONLYTHEBEST" as a code.

Multi-player invincibility
Select a level with portals and Scorpion Launchers, such as Teleportastic. Have a second player meet your character at the portal. Stand directly in front of the portal and have the second player take your character's energy out to about ten of fifteen. Remain directly in front of the portal and have the second player shoot your character into the portal with a Scorpion Launcher. The second player will be awarded a kill each time your character passes through the portal. Do not collect any health to keep your character at zero.

Multi-player rankings
The following is a summary of each character in multi-player mode. Good all around characters are Turok, Campaigner, Tal'set or Fireborn. On levels with lava, the Fireborn does not take damage on lava. The Velociraptor should really be selected by an expert player.
Health: 100
Armor: Good
Speed: Average
Health regenerates?: No

Health: 80
Armor: Good
Speed: fast
Health regenerates?: Yes, once every 5 seconds

Health: 60
Armor: Heavy
Speed: Fast
Health regenerates?: Yes, once every 3 seconds

Death Guard
Health: 120
Armor: Heavy
Speed: Average
Health regenerates?: No

Health: 100
Armor: Average
Speed: fast
Health regenerates?: No

Health: 100
Armor: Average
Speed: fast
Health regenerates?: No

T2 Team Member
Health: 110
Armor: Good
Speed: Average
Health regenerates?: No

Health: 120
Armor: Heavy
Speed: Average
Health regenerates?: No

Health: 110
Armor: Good
Speed: Average
Health regenerates?: No

Health: 70
Armor: Light
Speed: very fast
Health regenerates?: No

Monkey (frag tag)
Health: 20
Armor: light
Speed: very fast
Health regenerates?: No
Two players in single player mode
Obtain the warp cheat for the desired level to be played. Enter the multi-player options and set the game to no time limit and no frag limit. Begin a regular multi-player match, then pause game play. Return to the cheat option to advance to the desired single player level. Resume the game to play with unlimited health, due to the no frag limit setting. Note: Try to enter warps at the same time or you will be stuck in a black room.

Play as the monkey in single player mode
Start frag-tag multi-player game select a character and play as the monkey. Enable the "View credits" code and press [Start] while they are displayed. Once you return to the main menu, start a new single player game. You will still be controlling the monkey from multi-player mode when game play begins.

Extra multi-player levels
Enable the "Master code" then start a Blood Lust or Team Blood game with two or more players. Use the "Warp" cheat to go to any of the six levels in one player mode. These levels are limited -- if a player enters a warp portal the screen will freeze and all players will be warped to the beginning of the level. It is also recommended that the "All Weapons" and "Unlimited Ammo" cheats are used, because no weapons or ammo will be available while playing in this mode.

Razorwind stays bloody
Disable blood in the game options. Begin game play and use the Razorwind. It will return with blood on it.

Gun scope
Press [Right]. Note: This does not work on every gun.

Protection from undead
Disable blood in the game options. The undead hurt you by throwing "gore" - if blood is disabled, they have no weapon.

Opening doors
Killing all the birds in the area may open some doors that have no other way of entry.

See better in dark places
To be able to see everything in dark places, enabled the "Frootie Stripes" code.

Zoom with scope
Hold [R] and press [C-Up].

Turn birds into items
Look up in the first level, use a sniper weapon, such as the plasma rifle or bow, and shoot the birds flying in circles a few times. They will turn into items that fall from the sky.

Topless Adon
Enable the "Gouraud shading" code, then walk into a save point. Adon's skin color will be the same as her top, so she will appear to be topless.

Radioactive enemies
Get the Nuke gun and the Cerebral Bore gun. Spot an enemy at a far distance that can be affected by the Cerebral gun. Get out the Nuke, and as soon as you shoot it quickly change back to the Cerebral Bore gun and fire it. If done correctly, the nuke blows up, the enemy is frozen, then the cerebral bore hits. If the distance was great enough, the bore will not have caused enough damage to kill the enemy, but just enough to awaken it. The end result is an enemy that will spontaneously glow yellow. When you kill it, it will go almost pure black before fading away.

Enemies fighting each other
Use the following trick to redirect an enemy's attack to another enemy. The area must be full of enemies or two enemies must be very close to each other. Run away very quickly and they will start fighting each other.

Stop mite respawning
In the mite infested areas of level 5 (The Bugs), just before the queen bugs, you can halt the mites' respawning by lobbing a grenade or a couple of PFMs into their respawning tunnels. You also will get some extra health each time.

Glitch: Keep enemy alive
When you kill an enemy, shoot it twice before it disappears. It will make a noise, then bleed. When the blood disappears, shoot it twice again. Continue this procedure and it should not die immediately.

Glitch: Invincibility
Stand in front of a save portal with very little health. Allow your character to be killed and pushed backwards into the portal in the same attack. Save the game, then return. If done correctly, your character should be at zero health but still be able to play without getting any further damage. Collecting health will negate this effect. Note: Pressing [Start] has no effect while this glitch is active.

Glitch: Delayed jump
With the correct timing, you can sometimes run off the end of the cliff and jump immediately afterwards.

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