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Level select
Enter "[Saturn][Spaceship][Rocket][Heart][Skull]" as a name. Note: press [L] + [C-Right] + [C-Down] to enter the special characters in the name. Any level in any game mode may be accessed.

Lines mini-game
Enter "LINES" as a name. The object of the game is to remove an area large enough to released the trapped character. Line up three pieces in a horizontal or vertical line to remove them.

Bonus music
Enter "G[Alien head]MEBOY" as a name. Note: press [L] + [C-Right] + [C-Down] to enter the special character in the name. Enter the audio screen to access nine additional songs.

View vortex sequence
Enter "VORTEX" as a name. Hold the reset button. A sequence showing all robots being sucked into a vortex will be displayed after several seconds. Release the reset button to end the display.

View credits
Enter "CREDITS" as a name.
Unlock various levels
Enter any of the names at the high score screen as your name to unlock all levels that player previously completed.

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