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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Alternate costumes
Press [C-Left], [C-Right], [C-Up], or [C-Down] at the character selection screen.

Highlight Mario and press [C-Right] and Mario will wear Wario's costume.

Highlight Luigi and press [C-Right] and Luigi will wear his costume from the original Super Mario Bros.

Highlight Mario and press [C-Left] and Mario will be wearing his costume from the original Mario Bros.

Highlight Mario and press [C-Right] and Mario will resemble Wario.

Highlight Link and press [C-Left] and Link will wear his original blue tunic from the first Zelda game.

Highlight Jigglypuff or Pikachu and press [C-Left], [C-Right], [C-Up], or [C-Down] to add a hat.

Highlight Captain Falcon and press [C-Right] to play as his enemy, Blood Falcon.

In free for all mode, you can change the colors of a character at the selection screen by pressing [C-Left], [C-Right], or [C-Down].
Fight as Captain Falcon
Complete the game in under twenty minutes under any difficulty setting. Then, defeat Captain Falcon.

Note: For the Japanese version, successfully complete the game as any character under any difficulty level and number of lives. Then, defeat Captain Falcon.

To unlock Captain Falcon easily, set the time to "Unlimited". You can then take as long as needed.

(Mother 2)
"Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty level and three lives without continuing. Then, defeat Ness when he appears.

Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage
Successfully complete the game with all eight original characters under the normal difficulty setting and three lives. Continues may be used. The Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage will be available under versus mode.

To easily unlock the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage, first earn Luigi, then select him and Mario. Make them fight in every level, except random.

To easily unlock the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage and Item Switch option is to battle a lot in versus mode (preferably Kirby). Note: You can play in two-player mode to achieve this. Once you have enough character points (found under data), you will unlock them.

Alternate congratulations screen
Begin game play in one player mode using any character, difficulty setting, and number of lives. If you reach a total score of 1,000,000 points or more, an "Incredible" message will appear on the congratulations screen.

Music test
Successfully complete Bonus Games 1 and 2 with all characters, including the secret ones. This can be done during Bonus 1 and 2 practice. A music test option will appear on the data screen.

Borrow a life
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press [Start] if you lose a life to take a life from your partner, if he or she has more than one remaining. Alternatively, press [A]+ [B] + [Z] + [Start].

Quick healing
Go to the Silph Co. stage as any character. When Chansey pops out of the building, run into it as fast as you can. If done correctly, you will get 5 hit points taken away.

Losing points
You will lose points after losing all lives and continues.

Hold [Z] or [R] (block) until your character explodes.

Sudden Death
Play a time limit battle. Make sure both of the characters have the same amount of lives when the timer runs out.
Easy win
To win almost any battle easily, just make any character go into the air, then jump up and press [Up] + [L] to do a powerful kick. This should make your opponent fly up. Repeat until your opponent flies into the horizon.

Choose any character. Knock your enemy down and run to them. Get next to them and press [A]. This should knock most of your opponents off the platform.

Alternate hits
If you are hanging, press [A], [B], [R] or [Z] for a normal hit. However, if you have 100 or more damage points your hits will be different. Yoshi and Kirby will do something funny.

Throwing items
Often when throwing an item ([R] +D-pad) at an enemy that has at least 60 to 80 damage, it will cause them to go flying and do more damage than normal. Dashing and then throwing the item will be more effective. This is a good way to effectively hurt a person with a fan.

Spike attack
Many characters have a spiking move that guarantees a KO 100% of the time if done correctly. You need to be by the edge of a level and there has to be a player trying to get back on. Many of the players have a "spike" move that sends opponents straight down and gets them a KO. For most players the spike move is [Down] + [A], but some players such as Donkey Kong have another one by pressing [Forward] + [A]. Timing is important here. When you see the player trying to get back, jump out as they near the stage. Donkey Kong's [Forward] + [A] move works much easier than the other [Down] + [A] moves. Get above them but before they make it over the stage, and do the spike move. If done correctly, the opponent will go straight down and have almost no chance to get back. Make sure you can make it back to a safe location.

Extra boost
When you use the powerful [Up] + [B] attack most characters will do an attack that will give them another extra boost. This is most effective after a jump and a double jump. Here is what happens.
Ness: Press [Up] + [B] to make him do PK Thunder. However, if you make it turn and hit him, he will get a very powerful boost in any direction. You will not get hurt.

Fox: Press [Up] + [B] and he will do a charge for Fire Fox. He can do it in any direction by pressing the "Analog-stick "when he charges.

Samus: Press [Up] + [B] to do a mid-air roll that does damage similar to Mario's Super Jump.

Pikachu: Press [Up]+[B] to do Agility. If you press [Left] or [Right] immediately after that, you will move twice.

Jigglypuff: Pressing [Up] + [B] does not do anything. However, if you jump, punch, float, punch, and continue in that pattern you can go very far distances (but not much in height).

Kirby: Press [Up] + [B] to make Kirby do his Final Cutter, making it go slightly higher for a split second. Do this only if you know that a quick, short boost will get you to where you want to go.

Mario: Press [Up] + [B] to have Mario do his Super Jump, giving him about as much boost as a regular jump would.

Luigi: Same as Mario.

Yoshi: None.

Captain Falcon: Press [Up] + [B] to have him do a spin in mid-air that can easily be controlled.

Donkey Kong: Press [Up] + [B] to have him do a helicopter attack that will boost him. This will not boost him if he is on the ground.

Link: Press [Up] + B and he will do a sword spin attack that boosts him. This will not boost him if he is touching the ground.
Quick stats
Unlock Item Switch mode and only enable the Homerun Bat. Set the character difficulty to "1" on all four of the enemies (or just make them Human players). Also, use either Stock>99 or Time>99. Then, hit them with the bat using the Smash attack ([A] + [Analog-stick Left] or [Analog-stick Right]). Note: This works best in an open area with no walls or bumpers.

Pokemon message
Start a match in the Silph Co. stage. Allow your character to get hit by the Pokeball billboard. Quickly pause game play and move the screen so you can read the pole that holds up the billboard. The message "gotta catch 'em all" written sideways can be seen.

Captain Falcon: Extra damage
Select training mode and put four red shells behind an opponent. Do the Falcon Punch move and it will do 999% damage.

Captain Falcon: Hit opponent as they Captain Falcon: Skeleton
Select Captain Falcon and Fox. Go to the ship and have Captain Falcon get close to Fox. Use Fox's blue shield. When Captain Falcon is flashing, press [Start]. If done correctly, he will appear as a skeleton.


Jump in the air when the Master Hand is not attacking and use the Falcon Punch move. Repeat the process until he is defeated. Note: The Master Hand's attacks are very strong; they can reach up to 300% damage. The shield is a very important move at this stage.

Captain Falcon: Extra damage with red shells
Select the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage in training mode as Captain Falcon with Jigglypuff as your opponent. Het your opponent under the lowest platform on the right side of the stage. Go on that platform and pause game play with three red shells just right of where your opponent is. Put out the last one a bit to the left of the other three. Get to the left of your opponent, almost "inside" him, and perform Captain Falcon's Uppercut Punch ([Analog-stick Up], [A]). This will send Jigglypuff into the shells while at the same time you will hit the shells with the Uppercut Punch, causing them to move. There will be many of the sounds when a shell hits an opponent, and Jigglypuff's and your damage will go up rapidly to over 200%.

Captain Falcon: Flip
Press [C-Up]x2.

Captain Falcon: Green team costumes
Use the following trick to get a yellowish-green costume with a yellow helmet and yellow boots. Select team battle and put Caption Falcon on the green team. Note: This is the only way to get this costume. For other players such as Donkey Kong or Samus, you have no green costume; putting them on the green team will give them a green costume.

Captain Falcon: Electrode on top Donkey Kong: Pokemon punch
When playing as Donkey Kong, choose the Pokemon Silph Co. stage, then press [B] button to make him wind up for a punch. When the door opens, while the Pokemon is still inside, approach the door, but do not get close enough to force it out. Press [B] again to throw the punch and the Pokemon will go flying.

This can also be done with the hammer weapon. Approach the door when it opens, but do not let the Pokemon out. Simply walk into the door and the Pokemon should go flying. Note: This trick only works on some Pokemon.

Donkey Kong: Combos
Press [Down] + [B] to hit your opponent. Then jump after him and press [Up] + [B] to hit him again.

Donkey Kong: Get in the barrel
You can get in the barrel on Donkey Kong's stage by simply jumping towards it. Press [A] to get out. Note: The barrel sometimes moves around -- be careful when you aim.

Donkey Kong: Move or jump with a Donkey Kong: Quick KO
Play as Donkey Kong. As soon as you see the player you want to defeat, walk up to them and press [R]. Walk off the edge while still carrying your opponent, and let go when you know he or she will not make it back. You will get a point for knocking off your opponent, and lose a point for falling. Your opponent will just lose a point. Although you will not gain anything, your friend will lose something, thus giving you the advantage. Note: This works best when playing one-on-one.

Select Donkey Kong in versus mode and character as the CPU opponent. Go to the Mushroom Kingdom or Castle stage. At the Mushroom Kingdom stage, knock your opponent left until you are under the large brick that has a green tube on the top of it. Press [B] + [Down] to do the Ground Pound. Since there is a brick in the way to stop your opponent from flying up, he will bounce back and lay there. Repeatedly press [B] + [Down] to get his/her percentage to 999%. At the Castle stage, throw your opponent to the left until he/she is under the small green tower. Keep pressing [B] + [Down] to get their percentage to 999%. Note: This can be done easily when in training mode and having the CPU just stand there.

Get to large platform on Donkey Kong's

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