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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Control title screen
Complete the game on any path. Return to the title screen and use the Analog-stick to move the "64" logo.

Remove targeting
Pause game play and press [R].

Flying Land Master
Select the Land Master In versus mode, Hold [L] + [R] and the tank should fly.

Alternate ending credits
If you encounter either Bill or Katt during the game, they will appear flying with your team's Arwings at the opening of the ending credits (as you leave Venom). Katt will be behind Falco and Bill will be near Fox.

Hidden art work
Complete the game in expert mode using either route to Venom. Wait until the credits end. Depending on which Venom route was taken, two different screens will appear.

Expert mode
Obtain medals on all fifteen levels by completing each level by exceeding the minimum number of hits and keeping all your wingmen alive. This will also unlock a sound test option.

Level Minimum hits
Area 6300
Sector X150
Sector Y150
Sector Z100

To play in expert mode, point the cursor at "Main Game" at the main menu and press [Analog-stick Left] or [Analog-stick Right] to change the menu item to "Expert". Here are some hints for playing in expert mode:
The enemies will be in greater numbers, and their weapons will be extremely accurate and will fire rapidly.

Be prepared to lose a wing every three or four seconds.

Because you will lose your wings often, your laser will not be easily powered up. Watch carefully for laser items.

Fox will wear sunglasses just like James McCloud.
Moving faster left or right
You can move faster left or right by performing a barrel roll while turning, except in all-range mode. It does not matter which way the barrel roll is oriented, it will work for both sides. Try using the index on the hand that is less busy. For example, if you are shooting enemies, slowing down and turning right will executing this move. It is best to use the left index, even if you need to turn right. A left barrel roll will be easier and more practical in this situation. Note: Do not use this trick if your camera angle is inside the Arwing; it will only make you hit the ground faster.

Blocking enemy fire while executing a somersault
Nothing stops you from executing a barrel roll while executing a somersault. This will never be useful in the main game, but also can be extremely useful in versus mode.

Smart bomb
Get a bomb then charge up your laser. Do not release [A]. Lock on a target and press [B]. If done correctly, the bomb will follow the target.

Easy bonus hits
When confronting tight groups of enemies, power up your laser, lock onto the group, blast it, and then continue rapidly shooting to deal more damage.

Play unlimited point match
To extend a point match game as long as desired, begin a 3-player, 5 kill point match game. Have one player rank up to 4 points, then defeat the other two players simultaneously. If the two players are defeated at the exact same moment, the win counter will jump to 6 points, and go past the usual limit of 5 points. The match will continue until you reset the game. This trick works best if the two players to be defeated are on foot, and not in tanks or Arwings.

Rocket launcher mode controls
Also, in multi-player mode, the rocket launcher mode has the following control scheme. Press [R] to run forward, [Z] to jump, [A] to fire continuously (no charge) when held, and [B] to fire a bomb (no locking). This mode is very small, and often not visible on a mottled surface such as grass. However, you can damage very easily and can be hurt by a Land Master running you over. The "C buttons" have no use, and the Analog-stick only turns you around -- you cannot do an abrupt turn.

Land Master turn-around
The Land Master can completely turn around in multi-player mode. Hold the direction you are turning and do two barrel-rolls.

"64" reference
For every Venomian ship you destroy, you charge General Pepper $64.

Route with most kills
The route that gives you the most kills is, Coneria, Sector Y, Aquas, Zones, Macbeth, Area 6, And Venom.

Routes for Katt and Bill
After you defeat Andross (droid), your wing mates talk, and everyone is next to a wing you will also see one more ship. It will ether be Katt (next to Falco) or Bill (next to Fox). To see Katt, you must go in this order: Corneria, Secter Y, Aquas, Zones, Sector Z, Bolse. To see Bill, you have to be in expert mode. Go in this order: Corneria, Meato, Katina (warp from Meteo), Solar, Macbeth, Bolse.

Defeating Andross
Shoot at Andross' eyes until he has to rub them. Then shoot at his hands. If he tries to inhale you, move to the side of the screen. When he spits rocks, keep shooting them. Continue shooting his eyes and then hands and repeat this until his head explodes. If you are fighting the fake Andross, you will find a robot. Just fire a bomb to destroy it. If you are fighting the real Andross, he will turn into a brain. Chase his eyes and destroy them. After destroying both of them, the brain will chase you. When it gets close enough, somersault. If he grabbed you, keep pressing buttons to escape. If done correctly, you will now be behind him. Shoot the gray matter and repeat until he is defeated. After that, follow your father out or you will die.

Alternatively, the following tough and dangerous tactic can be used. First, start shooting the hands. They have a significant level of health -- be persistent and very fast, since they hit hard. When Andross starts the vacuum attack, get to a lower corner, hold [Z]/[R] to stay on the side, and hold the brake. If done correctly, you should barely avoid the attack. If you get sucked in, both wings and the laser power-ups will be lost, and you will also descend at a slow rate of speed. Once his hands are gone, he can only execute the suck and spit attacks. Shoot the rocks, avoid the mouth, and shoot his eyes. When he turns into the mechanical form, stay to either side of the screen. Dodge him when he charges, and shoot him when he retreats to finally defeat Andross.

When you get to Andross, destroy his hands. When he tries to vacuum you in, just fire a bomb into his mouth. He will stop and the bomb will cause smoke to shoot out his ears and nose. This does a great deal of damage.

Take this route: Corneria, Meteo Asteroid Field, Fortuna (defeat Star Wolf completely), Sector X, Titania, the Satellite section, and Venom. Get into the temple at the end of the level. Then, when the rock giant appears, rapidly fire at any part of him until parts of him start falling off. Shoot the arms first, then legs, rear, and chest. His head will start turning red. Start shooting his head until it is destroyed. Then, start shooting his chest again until he dies. When you get into the tunnel afterwards, ignore Andross' comments and get all the items while shooting anything that gets target locked. At the end of the tunnel, Andross will appear. Dodge his attacks by his hand and try to shoot them. When he starts to suck you in, shoot a bomb at him. He will stop sucking and stall. Then, start shooting his hands. The bomb will soon explode and smoke will appear from Andross' ears. While all this is happening, keep shooting his hands. Repeat this until you destroy both his hands. He will now only do suck attacks. When he is not sucking, shoot his eyes until his skin falls off. You see his mechanical skull. Do not get startled by this and continue shooting his eyes. When he charges at you, barrel roll to the opposite direction. If he charges when you are at the left, barrel roll to the right and vice versa. After some time he will be defeated and explode extremely violently. Note: If he sucks you in, you will lose both your wings and your hyper lasers, but all is not lost. If he chews you up, rapidly press [A] and you will not lose too much damage.

To fight Andross' brain form, go to all the levels at the top of the screen. You will know if it is the correct path because there will be a red line when you move to the next level. When you get to Venom, defeat Star Wolf and go to Andross. Defeat his first form, then he will turn into his brain form. You will go into all range mode. His eyes will come out and shoot at you. Destroy them. Then, get behind him and shoot him in the brownish spot in his brain. Andross will explode and try to kill you. Follow your father and get out of there.

Shoot his eye until he rubs it. This is your chance to destroy his unguarded hand.

Stopping Andross' vacuum attack
Shoot a bomb into Andross' mouth when he does his vacuum attack. If done correctly, he will stop and steam will appear from his ears.

Shoot a bomb at his mouth (not inside), then fire a few hyper lasers.

To keep Andross from sucking you in, move to one of the upper corners of the screen and repeatedly do barrel rolls (press [R] if at the upper right, or [Z] if at the upper left). This even works without breaking.

To avoid Adross' vacuum attack, do a somersault.

On Venom when you are fighting Andross, when he sucks you into his mouth keep pressing [A]. When he spits you out, your health will be the same as when he ate you.

Corneria: Extra life
Do a loop between the legs of the first boss in Corneria (the one you fight in all-range mode) to find an extra life.

Corneria: Stuck Land Master
When playing in versus mode as the Land Master on Corneria, hover above a building. If you release and fall at the correct moment, you may get stuck in the building. This may require a few attempts. If done correctly, you will be able to shoot your enemies without them hitting you. This works well because it eliminates the weaknesses of the Land Master being on the ground.

Macbeth: Do more damage
As the Boss in the train says "Dang, Detach the rear vehicles?", wait until you see the two cannons (one should be shooting at the wall and the other shoot be shooting at you). In between the two cannons is a fuel tanker. Shoot a bomb at it. It should destroy both cannons and a few other cars as well.

Meteo: Warp to Katina
Near the end of Meteo, before the Boss, there are seven blue rings. When you fly through them you will start doing barrel rolls. If you can fly through all of seven of them you will warp to Katina. The rings are located in Meteo after about three minutes have passed.

Mystery Of The Secret Base: Avoiding Sector X: Revealing Syborg
On Sector X, if take off Syborg's head you will see a red dot that is Syborg.

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