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Nov. 29, 2006
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Buy anything
Press [Z] + [R] to display a menu with ground and air units, regular and advanced buildings, and upgrades and research.

Special Cheat
Play through the game until you get to the third episode (Protoss). Successfully complete the last round on that episode to unlock the Special Cheat (Invincibility).

Infinite Mana
Play through the game until you get to the sixth episode (Zerg/The Last Episode). Successfully complete the last round on that episode to unlock the "Inf. Mana" cheat.

Mega Build
You can get the Mega Build cheat disc in the first level of the Zerg mission (X-1: Vile Disruption) in Brood War. After you save the first two hives, go down into a corner, by following the path to the right, and you will see a data disc. Touch it to unlock the Mega Build cheat, which allows you to build faster.

Fog Of War Off
Play through the game until getting to the Protoss mission (Brood War) X-03: Legacy of the Xel 'naga. Go to the small island after Corsairs fly by at the beginning of the mission. Touch the white flag to unlock the cheat.

Give Me Cash/Gas
Play through the game until getting to the Terran mission (Brood War) X-07: Patriot's Blood. Locate the second Terran computer beacon in the room with four civilians. Use the bottom door to exit. Move to the right until the fire bats are encounter. Go through that area and locate the Ursadon being held in a cell. Use a marine open the cell door and approach the Ursadon. Move all your units into the cell when it asks to be hugged and press [B]. This cheat will give you 1000 minerals and gas.

Open Tech Tree
Play through the game until getting to the Original Episode 3 (Protoss) level 6: Into The Darkness. When the mission begins, go down the hall until you get to the stairs. Do not go down the stairs -- instead turn to your left and proceed down the hall. The adviser will tell you to turn back. Go back a short distance, then go back toward the dead end to get the cheat.

All upgrades
Play through the game until getting to Episode 1 (Terran) level 4: The Jacobs Installation. You will start in a room with a door. Go through it and up through the hallway. There is a missile shooter in the wall at the end, a door that goes up, and a hallway that goes left and right. Go through the right side hallway (with the missile shooter). Just take Jim Raynor and do not attack the orange civilian (move Raynor with the "Move" button instead of [B] so he does not shoot him.) Talk to him and he will tell you not to kill him and that he will give you the cheat. Continue through and he will disappear and he will give you the All Upgrades cheat. Note: You have a short period of time to reach the orange civilian, so be quick.

To enable the screen to center down on the orange civilian, you have to get a unit to his side of the hallway in a limited amount of time.

Once you unlock All Upgrades, select one of your units. Its stats will be at level 1. To make it a level 3, go to "Cheats" and turn on the All Upgrades code, then turn it off. Go back to one of your units and its stats will be at level 2. Do this one more time to get it to level 3.

All Research
Play through the game until getting to Zurg level 06: The Amerigo. Reach the part where the Marines shoot the Zerglings in the pen. You will also see a cage full of animals. Get Kerrigen to the bottom left of the pen to get the cheat.

Control other groups
Play as the Protoss against at least one Terran group and at least one Zerg group. Use your Dark Archon with the Possess ability and possess a Drone and a SCV. After doing this you can use the drone to build Zerg structures and the SCV to build Terran structures.

If you are the Protoss in allied melee, research Possess for your Dark Archons. Go to your ally's base and Possess one of their builders (Drone or SCV). Start a building, and it will be that army's building.

Bonus missions
Successfully complete level nine in the Zerg Brood War Episode with at least five minutes remaining to unlock the bonus "Dark Origin" mission for episode 6. Note: No cheat codes can be used in any mission, including the last mission.

Successfully complete all 58 missions to unlock the cooperative multi-player Resurrection mission.

Faster map movement
Hold [Z] while moving around the main map.

Hidden sounds
Repeatedly select a person until he says a phrase that is not normally heard during normal game play.
Easy cheats
You can earn the Special Cheat and Infinite Mana by using cheats previously earned to complete the required levels.

Finish levels with cheats
Go to any level that you are having problems with and enable as many cheats as desired before winning the campaign. Save the game then exit. Turn off the Nintendo 64 and turn it back on. When you load your campaign, you will have no cheats used when finishing the campaign.

Cheat notification
If you cheat during any level, the victory screen will not say "Victory", but instead will say "Cheated!". You will not be able to proceed to the next level. Cheating was made for skirmishes and missions that you have already completed.

Completing Terran Mission 1
On Terran Mission 1 (Brood War), build an Armory and upgrade your weapons. After you finish upgrading, build about 15 Siege Tanks and send them around the outside of the bad Terran base. You should be able to kill their Command Center without problem.

Completing Terran Mission 3
Build about five SCVs to mine for you. Use some to repair Bunkers and Vultures. Then, build about four bunkers at each entrance, but focus on the left entrance. Then, send a squad of 12-15 marines to attack the Zerg in the north. Remember, the more you attack the enemy base, the less they will have at the end.

Completing Terran Mission 6
In the mission where you have to save the Norad 2, build an Armory and upgrade your vehicles to the maximum. Send five or six Wraiths directly above your base on the edge. Kill the Mutiliskes and proceed down trough the small pathway to your right. You should exit to a open area. Proceed south until you are about even with the Norad 2. Quickly destroy the sunken colony and send back your Wraiths the same way. Then, bring two Dropships the same way with an escort of the Wraiths from before, and bring them to the Norad 2.

Completing Zerg Episode 2, Mission 8
The Protoss base to the right is filled with Reavers making it very difficult to rush, and the multitude of Cannons/Observers prevents Kerrigan from attacking. Use the following trick to minimize their forces easily. Above your bottom-right Hatchery is another base location that is guarded by a Cannon and two Scouts. Bring about five Hydralisks there to take over the base, then build a Hatchery there. You will notice that just above and below your new base is another mineral field which is owned by the Protoss. Build many Creep Colonies lining this mineral field. After you have at least six, turn them all into Sunken Colonies. Whenever they try to mine for minerals, they will be destroyed by your sunken colonies. After awhile, bring in a couple groups of Hydralisks, which should be able to roam through with relative ease.

Lurker defense
Play as the Zerg and go to a level with one entrance to your base. Build a Hydrasilk Den, then create a lot of Hydrasilks. Upgrade them to Lurkers. Then have them burrow at the entrance to your base. Note: Wraiths and Comsat can see Lurkers.

Interfering with CPU mineral production
Note: This trick works best when playing as the Protoss and SCVs and Drones are used. Build a Pylon with Cannons near an enemy base, but not in it or near its mineral production. Get a Probe and attack their base, unless it is a suicide mission. Immediately after that, run to your cannons and watch the enemy workers die. If you do this rapidly enough, eventually they will quit making workers and just sit there.

Multi-player Terran strategy
Have eight SCVs mining and three gathering gas. Build two Supply Depots and a Barracks, then build at least 20 Marines with more Depots. Have an SCV build an Engineering Bay. Build a Factory and an Academy. Now add on the Machine Shop and for the Base add a Comsat Station. Work on a Starport and keep making men at your Barracks and Factory. Upgrade your Tanks to siege mode and build an Armory. Build a Control Tower and Wraiths. Have them learn cloaking and build Dropships. You should be building Missile Turrets and Bunkers full of Marines. Build a huge force of assorted ground and air units. Attack with full force after using your Comsat Station to find the enemy.

Find the entrance(s) to your base and build two Bunkers side by side. Fill them both with two Fire Bats and two Marines. Then, build one Bunker behind and in-between the two other Bunkers and fill it with Marines. Build two to three Missile Turrets behind the Bunkers, then put four to six Siege Tanks in siege mode behind your Bunkers and Missile Turrets. When in battle, use an SCV to repair damage.

Multi-player Zerg strategy
Build the same number of workers as with Terran strategy and start a Spawning Pool. Build 6 Zerglings and start to attack with full force. Build a Hydralisk Den and keep attacking. If you have not won yet, upgrade to a Hive and get Mutalisks and a Spire. Build a Queensnest and upgrade to a Hive. Move in with Zerglings, Hydralisks, Ultralisks, and Guardians.

Protoss defense
When you start, build a Gateway and a Forge so that you can build Photon Cannons. Then, build a Cybernetics Core so that you can build the Citadel Of Adun, and in turn Temple Of Archives, and in turn Dark Templars. However, before that, put a Pylon in front of your entrance(s) to your base. Put as many as possible as far as you can build them. Then, build more behind them. Next, build Dark Templars in front of the Photon Cannons. You can also put Zealots in front, but Dark Templars and Archons are recommended. When upgrading, always upgrade Plasma Shields first to the maximum, as you can upgrade building's Plasma Shields but not attack and defense.

Zerg defense
First, get the minerals and Vespean Gas you need to build a Hydralisk. Then, upgrade Lurker and Burrow. Also build an Evolution Chamber to build Creep Colonies and turn them into Spore Colonies. Next, put as many Hydralisks as desired at the entrance(s) to your base. Then, build a few Sunken Colonies behind them, and behind them build Spore Colonies. When in battle, replace destroyed buildings and have a few back up Lurkers to replace dead ones.

Easy multi-player victory
Once you start the mission send one of your Probes, SCVs, or Drones to one of the CPU's bases and attack it. Keep attacking until all of their Probes, SCVs, or Drones attack you. When all of them approach, run away and they should continue to follow you. They will not be able to collect any minerals. Watch them so that they are not destroyed, but continue to make an attack force. Then, attack them and they will not be able to defend themselves.

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