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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
DK Mode
Successfully complete the Chicago: Stealth level under the Agent, Special Agent, or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Note: When this cheat is enabled in solo mode, the guards' weapons will be twice as big.

Small Jo
Successfully complete the G5 Building: Reconnaissance level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Small characters
Successfully complete the Area 51: Infiltration level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Team heads only
Successfully complete the Air Base: Espionage level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Big head mode
Successfully complete the Chicago Stealth level under the Agent difficulty setting.

Play as Elvis
Successfully complete the Area 51: Rescue level with a time less than 7:59 under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Slow motion single player
Successfully complete the dataDyne Research: Investigation level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Successfully complete the Area 51; Escape level with a time less than 3:50 under the Agent difficulty setting.

Successfully complete the G5 Building: Reconnaissance level with a time less than 1:40 under the Agent difficulty setting or load a Perfect Dark Game Boy Color version file. Enable the "Unlimited ammunition" code as well to have the cloak last indefinitely.

Deploy the camspy just outside where it has to go, but leave it there. Place the door decoder where it goes, then immediately switch to the Camspy and fly it in the room. Watch the entire cinema. By the time it is done, the safe door will be completely open, and the wait time will not be added to your mission time.

When you begin, you will be in a room with two cloaked guards. Finish them quickly and take the last guard's keycard. Go through the door and kill the guard that should be waiting for you outside. Go into the next garage bay and the lights will go out when you reach the glass dividers. The four guards in there need to be eliminated, and you will need the last guard's keycard. Eliminate the next four guards quickly so they cannot hit the alarm. Go to where you need to launch the Camspy for Objective 1. Go down as far as you can and get into the overhead duct work. Just before you jump down and surprise the guards that are waiting, launch the Camspy but do not send it in yet. Jump down and kill the guards before they hit the alarm and go to where the safe is located. When you put the door decoder on the machine, immediately switch to the Camspy and send it in. You will hear a voice saying "Intruder alert, all security to the vault" while the intermission sequence starts. Watch the entire sequence and when it is over the vault will be unlocked and open. Grab Dr. Caroll and leave the room, blasting through the guards. You will then hear Daniel Carrington tell you to stand back to blast open the door. Go through to end the level.

Marquis of Queensbury rules
Successfully complete the dataDyne Central: Defection level with a time less than 1:30 under the Special Agent difficulty setting.

Jo shield
Successfully complete the Deep Sea: Nullify Threat level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Super shield
Successfully complete the Carrington Institute: Defense level with a time less than 1:45 under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Enemy shields
Successfully complete the Carrington Institute: Defense level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Enemy rockets
Successfully complete the Pelagic LL: Exploration level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Perfect Darkness difficulty setting
Successfully complete the Crash Site: Confrontation level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings. Alternately, successfully complete all solo missions in under the Perfect Agent difficult setting.

Rocket launcher (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the dataDyne Central: Extraction level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Sniper rifle (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Carrington Villa: Hostage One level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Superdragon (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Area 51: Escape level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Laptop gun (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Air Force One: Anti-Terrorism level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Phoenix (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Attack Ship: Covert Assault level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Go to the level Pelagic ll level. As soon as you start, Elvis should be there. Turn around, shoot him, and kill him. Pick up his Phoenix. You will fail the mission, but the Phoenix will now be unlocked.

Psychosis gun (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Chicago: Stealth level with a time less than 2:00 under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

As soon as you start, punch out the guard and the CIA agent. Run through the door to the FBI agent and punch him out. Run to the alleyway on the right. Punch out the guard and the two CIA agents. Pause game play and take out your gun. Kill the FBI agent through the door. Push the dumpster on the wall to reveal the explosive canisters. Shoot the canisters and blow them up. When the dumpster is blown up, take the white briefcase. Shoot the guards. Run through the door. Run through the door on your immediate left. Throw a Tracer Bug on the Limo. Go to the storm drain. Get the Remote Mine. Run back to the room with the fire escape. Go to the fire escape and kill the two guards. Throw a Remote Mine on the door. Run to the bottom of the fire escape. Make sure there are no guards nearby, then take out your Bomb Spy. Move your Bomb Spy to the car port. Blow up the guards with the Bomb Spy. Run to the carport to complete the mission.

Trent's Magnum (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Crash Site: Confrontation level with a time less than 2:50 under the Agent difficulty setting.

To do this easily, strafe/run forwards towards the distress beacon. As you approach, shoot the left then the right trooper in the back with your Falcon 2. Pick up the K7 off the right trooper and turn on the beacon. About turn and pick up the other K7. Run straight ahead and turn right at the corner. Keep running as you shoot the three men coming towards you. At the junction, turn right and run down the ice slope. Pause, select the K7, and turn on your President scanner. Run into the dark and take the right hand turn. Run straight towards the light in the distance. The clone should be in the clearing. Keep running as you waste him and the blondes. Follow the tunnel and head for the far wall. Go into the small hole in the wall and follow the tunnel. As you emerge, there will be two robots in front of you and two more around the corner on the right. Waste them and shoot Trent in the back to make him run. Run past the President and up the path. Turn right at the first hole in the wall and get through the tunnel. On the other side, run slightly to the right and under the big arch, then turn slightly left again and straight to Elvis. The President should follow shortly in time to unlock the cheat.

Farsight (Jo in solo mode)
Successfully complete the Deep Sea: Nullify Threat with a time less than 7:27 under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Classic weapons (Jo in solo mode)
Win all golds on the firing range to unlock the PP9I, CC13, KLO1313, KF7 Special, ZZT, DMC, and RC-P45.

Classic sight
Successfully complete the dataDyne Central: Defection level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Unlimited Laptop gun ammunition
Successfully complete the Air Force One: Anti Terrorism level with a time less than 3:55 under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Hurricane Fists
Successfully complete the dataDyne Central: Extraction level with a time less than 2:03 under the Agent difficulty setting or load a Perfect Dark Game Boy Color version file.

Unlimited ammunition
Successfully complete the Pelagic LL Exploration level with a time less than 7:07 under the Special Agent difficulty setting.

Unlimited ammunition no reloads
Successfully complete the Air Base Espionage level with a time less than 3:11 under the Special Agent difficulty setting.

X-Ray scanner
Successfully complete the Area 51 Rescue level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Successfully complete the Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine level under the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulty settings or load a Perfect Dark Game Boy Color version file.

All guns in Solo mode
Successfully complete the Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine level with a time less than 5:31 under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting or load a Perfect Dark Game Boy Color version file.

Alien (Buddies)
Successfully complete the Attack Ship: Covert Assault level with a time less than 5:17 under the Special Agent difficulty setting.

Hit And Run (Buddies)
Successfully complete the Carrington Villa Hostage One level with a time less than 2:30 under the Special Agent difficulty setting.

Hot Shot (Buddies)
Successfully complete the Area 51 Infiltration level with a time less than 5:00 under the Special Agent difficulty setting.

Pugilist (Buddies)
Successfully complete the DataDyne Research-Investigation mission with a time less than 6:30 under the Perfect Dark difficulty setting.

Velvet Dark always available (Buddies)
Successfully complete the Datayne Research Investigation level under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting with a time less than 6:30.

Mr. Blonde's Revenge mission
Successfully complete all solo missions under the Agent, Special Agent, or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

Maian SOS mission
Successfully complete all solo missions under the Special Agent or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.

War! Mission
Successfully complete all solo missions under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Perfect Darkness difficulty setting
Successfully complete all solo missions under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Website passwords
To get into the "Agents only" area at the game's website at, enter "solaris" as a username and "pal32ver21z" as a password. In the "Restricted" area of the game's website at, enter "JamesTann07" as a username and "8CR31D29" as a password.

More multi-player levels and weapons
Successfully complete the challenges in single player mode to unlock new multi-player levels and weapons.

Shigeru Miyamoto
Start up a multi-player game and select a character body. Then, press [Up] to select a head. When choosing a head you will see a Asian-looking male head who is really Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Link.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting to change the title screen.

Alternate introduction sequence
Successfully complete the game under the "Agent" difficulty setting to change the introduction sequence.

Alternate menu background
At the "Perfect" menu where you can select the solo missions, Carrington Institute, etc., select the "Combat Simulator" then immediately press [B]. You will have the same background as the Combat Simulator in the Carrington Institute "Perfect" menu. When you exit the menu it returns to normal.

Hiding your screen
Use the following trick to hide your screen to prevent ambushes in multi-player mode. Hold [R] and press [C-Down]x2 to duck all the way down. When you are low to the ground, hold [R] + [C-Down] to hide your screen. Try to duck even lower when you are as low as you can get. Turn off radar to add to the fun.
Air Base Espionage: Twin DY357s
Take care of both NSA lackeys (one at the escalator and the other at the freight elevator) and the last one at the station before subverting security, you will get two magnums.

Air Base Espionage: Help from guard
Go to the security terminal with your phoenix set on explosive shells. Get in a position so that you can turn off the security console, but do not turn it off. Take out your phoenix, shut down the security, and kill the black guard before he kills the Falcon 2 guard. Note: The guard has an aggressive personality and will run after guards from far away.

Air Force One Anti-Terrorism: Double Cyclones
Two guards at the base of the staircase have keycards. Get them and open the doors on both sides of the room for the Cyclones.

Air Force One: Air Base: Better start
Instead of going through the lasers and trying to get to the ladder, go around the lasers until you reach a location with enemies that shoot at you. There will be a elevator here. Take the elevator up, then turn right and go up the stairs until you reach a shuttle. This will start you outside the double doors, before the stairs.

For an even easier way to get into Air Force One, use the following steps. Enter the elevator near the safe contains the evidence. You will go down all the way, but if you immediately close the doors at the bottom, you will go to the floor above -- which will take you directly to the entrance to Air Force One. However, if you have anyone following you, they may keep pushing the elevator button. If they push it once, you should push it once, either as you are going down or when you are at the bottom. Or, just try to kill all the guards following you.

Air Force One: Air Base: Quick completion
Once you have gone into the first elevator (that moves diagonally), go down the corridor. There should be a computer with words scrolling down it. If you blow this up, the lasers in the big square hall should malfunction and flash on and off, allowing you pass through. Kill the guards first, as they will shoot at you and push you into the flashing lasers.

Area 51: Escape: Easy invincibility
When the conversation about who will be left behind to open the hanger doors begins, immediately go to one of the consoles that open one of the hanger doors. Doing this will prevent Joanna from volunteering for the job. Keep pressing [B] until the console message says "Outer hanger door open". Quickly run to the other console and press [B] again. The level will then be completed -- you will not need to get on the hoverbike and escape, and a lot of time will be saved. The key to doing this in time is to quickly initiate the conversation with Jonathan and Elvis.

Area 51 Escape: Twin Falcon 2s
Go back in the operating room. Next to the fumigated surgeons are the guns. Make it quick though, or you will end up like them.

Area 51 Escape: Remote mines
If you manage to put Elvis in the hiding place in less than 36 seconds, you will see an ammo box with the three mines.

Area 51 Infiltration: Rocket Launcher
Behind a fence near the tunnel to the place you place your comms rider will be a Rocket Launcher. Throw a grenade to blow up the mines near it. You can also use the small crawlspace.

Area 51: Rescue: Double silenced Falcon 2s
In the Area 51: Rescue level, go up the first ramp and turn right. Go to the stack of crates in the corner. Behind it, instead of where a crate should be, will be a blue object. Shoot it and get the Falcon 2.

Leave the crate, then shoot the three guards, One will come at you (in front of you), one will come around the corner, and the other one will be at the same place as the first. Next, get out of the hallway and turn right in between the stack of large creates. Go to the end then turn right. You will see an area where a crate is out of the stack. There is a drum barrel in that spot. Shoot it and duck inside to get your other Falcon. Watch out for other guards.

Area 51: Rescue: Wall
There is another way to get through the wall in the Area 51: Rescue mission without using the bomb crate. Throw your Dragon onto the ground with the proximity self-destruct on. Back away and use you pistol to blow up the gun, causing the way to break open. There will be another, more powerful, gun once you get inside.

Area 51: Rescue: Phoenix
Go up the first elevator and turn right. Go to the locked door and wait awhile. A man will open it. Follow him to the elevator. Go up the elevator and keep going through the doors until you get to a large, brown room. Look around to find a bench with the phoenix.

Area 51: Rescue: Save time
Instead of going through the trouble of taking the crate to the X, get a Dragon, throw it near the X, and shoot it. You will not be injured if you are far away, and it saves time. Do not shoot the crate at the beginning, or you will fail the mission.

Area: 51: Rescue: Destroying the hole
There are three ways to blow up the hole in Area 51. One way is bringing up the crate -- it is a lot of trouble and if someone shoots it while you are holding it, you will get hurt. Another way is to throw your Dragon by the crack and shooting it. The best way is to get the Phoenix. Go up the first elevator and turn to the right. Follow the lab technician to the elevator and kill him when he ducks. Go through the elevator and the three doors. Once you get to the large room, pick up the Phoenix on the edge.

Others have talked about how to make the hole without using the crate, but it is false -- that you cannot complete your mission objective if you blow up the crate. You can use the crate to take out the three men around the corner where you begin -- plus you will get to see "Objective Incomplete" in green when you do blow up the hole.

Attack Ship: Covert Assault: Slayer
Use the Fly-by-Wire rocket to obtain this. When you get up in the elevator with Elvis coming up as well, keep going straight so you can find it and crank it up.

Carrington Institute: Defense: Have Jonathan as backup
Some players may have noticed that doing some things in some parts of Perfect Dark affect what happens in later levels. This fact will help you get some help from Jonathan in the Carrington Institute mission. To get some help from Jonathan in that mission, begin by going back to the Area 51: Escape level. At the very end of the level, Jonathan will run to open the hangar doors. Before he reaches the metal ramp, run and stand on the ramp before he gets to it. If this is done correctly, Joanna will tell Jonathan to escape with the alien. After you have opened the doors via the control panels, you will have to escape Area 51 from a second exit. If you can complete the stage this way, Jonathan will repay you by standing by Dr. Carrington's office in the Special Agent difficulty setting and shoot enemies, as you use the laser to open the safe.

Carrington Institute Defense: Devastator
If you manage to save all of the hostages upstairs (secure the device training room first), then the last hostage will award you the Devastator. It will be useful when you need to get rid of multiple enemies, such as under the "Perfect Agent" difficulty setting when you work at the safe.

Carrington Institute Defense: Destroy sensitive information quicker
If you get the Devastator (save all hostages on top floor), you can just blow up the information.

Carrington Villa: Devastator Grenade launcher
Destroy all the crates in the beginning on the level. Then, when you get to the Villa, take out the Sniper on the wall above you. Next, move on to the helipad. There are three crates, one has a shield. Pick it up, then shoot each crate. The grenade launcher will appear from the one that explodes. Note: You only will have six rounds for the weapon.

Carrington Villa: Falcon 2
Disarm a guard and he will usually pull out a Falcon 2. Shoot the guards in the leg after they have been disarmed, and they will either surrender or will run off, leaving a small blood trail behind. Knock the guards out and they will still move on the floor when you punch them. When they have been shot, then they will just lay still.

Carrington Villa: Extra ammunition
In the tunnel caves that you have to move through after saving the negotiator, there are stacked gray boxes. Blow them up to get ammo boxes for the CMP150.

Carrington Villa: Explore level
Once the agent with the keycard has opened the door to the room that Carrington is in, the mission is over. However, if you want to see what is inside, play the level in a cooperative multi-player match. Have the agent with the keycard open the door, but block its path so that it does not open all of the way. The door opens toward you -- slowly back up with the door only enough to keep it open for the other agent to get in. Only one agent at a time may explore.

Carrington Villa Hostage One: Devastator
At the helipad (with a sniper guarding it), you should find some more cargo. Shoot the left one for the Devastator.

Carrington Villa Hostage One: Double CMP150s
If you eliminate the sniper guarding the helipad in under 38 seconds, he will drop twin CMP150s. This is almost impossible to achieve under the "Perfect Agent" difficulty setting.

Carrington Villa Hostage One: Sniper Rifle
Look in the bathroom when playing under the "Perfect Agent" difficulty setting, where a shield would be under the "Agent" difficulty setting. You should find a sniper rifle at that location.

Chicago Stealth: Bombspy
Go to where the dumpster and the explosive barrels are located. Move the dumpster next to the barrels. Blow it up and get the Bombspy.

You can use the Bombspy to create an alternate diversion other than reprogramming the taxi. Fly it over to the end of the level where the guards are located. When they are all around it, detonate the bombspy and you will complete the objective. Note: This will not work out perfectly every time.

The Bombspy in Chicago is essential to reaching your target time on Perfect level. Once you get used to using it, you will prefer not to reprogram the taxi. The game does not allow you to complete the final objective until all of the guards around the freight elevator are dead. If you miss one (or two) with your Bombspy, find him, kill him, and you will be in the clear. The important thing to destroy is the control box in front of the freight elevator. When a guard touches that, you will fail the mission.

Enter the room with the oil drums and the dumpster. Knock out the two CIA agents if you must, but you have to push the dumpster as close as possible to the drums. Shoot the cans until they explode to get a briefcase with the Bombspy. There are more hints...

You have to open the steps leading up to the entrance on Special Agent. If you go down an alley in the area where the steps are located, there is a skip. Place your Remote Mine on it, then blow it up. There is a Bombspy inside.

Chicago Stealth: Another Falcon 2
Enter the Pond Punk Club, which is the room next to the limo. When you enter, be careful of the man that is down the ramp -- pick him off quietly to prevent alarming the other guards in the room below. Now, stand outside the door and equip your Falcon 2 scope. Open the door and fire your guns to alarm the guards in the locked room. When the door opens, you will notice that you are in a strip club. Run to your left to the bar and get your Falcon 2.

Chicago: Strip club
Go by the limo and you will see a pair of doors. Go through them and down the ramps. Disarm the guard and he will open up the locked doors leading to a room with a pole on a table and a bar.

Chicago Stealth: Always access Pond Punk
Enable any or all the cheat codes. Get to the area where you destroy the box to get the Bombspy. Destroy the box with any explosive and walk over the white suitcase that appears. Then, open the door by the limousine to go down the ramp to get into the Pond Punk. Kill the guards by any method. Use the Farsight to see through the locked door that lets you enter the Pond Punk. Fire a shot besides the man standing inside. He will open the door to try and kill you -- kill him. Then, go to your left and enter the restroom. Walk to the last stall all the way at the end of the restroom. Equip the Bombspy. Fly it into that stall, then press [Start] to unequip the Bombspy. Walk all the way back and leave the Pond Punk by yourself. Once the doors close you will see that you cannot get back inside by pressing [B]. Press [Start] again, equip the Bombspy, and fly it to the door. Press [B] to open it. Then, fly the Bombspy back to where it was and unequip it. You can now walk yourself back inside the Pond Punk.

Complex: Hidden area
There is a slightly hidden area in the multi-player level "Complex" that is very easy to reach. Just look for a small area in the wall that has metal grates on three sides. You can climb up one of the sides. Then, run on the roof over to an item in the opposite corner (Item #5).

Complex: Ramp trick
Think of the main room in Complex that has two big ramps and a sniper window looking in. If you ever feel cornered, just run under a ramp, as though you were trying to climb up the ramp from the back. It looks like you are going to have to duck down to fit, but at the last second you will magically pop up on top of the ramp, which will disorient your opponent enough to let you turn around and run off up the ramp.

Counter-Op levels
Have one human player take control of Joanna and another human player take control of a guard. Have the player as the guard kill the other guards for Joanna to easily pass the level The other guards will not shoot back - they will just run away if they are not killed.

Crash Site Confrontation: Proximity Mine
Go to Elvis before completing any objectives. He will hand over a mine to you.

Crash Site Confrontation: DY357-LX
This is difficult to do. If you can disarm Trent before he shoots you, shoots the president, or runs away, you will use his own custom built DY357-LX.

Crash Site Confrontation: Trent's Golden Magnum
Play the level under the Agent difficulty setting. Note: In the Air Force One level, make the jet bike go into the hole it goes to be dropped off at the next level, which should speed you up. Start the level and find the jetbike quickly. Get on the jetbike and go to where you sound the distress beacon, killing the two guards on the way. Take their Avengers and sound the distress beacon. Then, take a path to where you snipe the Presidential Clone. When you get there, there will be many guards in your way. Snipe the clone and get of your bike. After that, find a big path that should lead you to where Trent and the President are located. Blow up the sentries and quickly disarm Trent before he shoots the President. The gun you took is Trent's Golden Magnum. It will help you kill the many guards that will be on your trail. Then, take the path out of the cavern to Elvis' ship, killing guards on the way if they shoot at you.

dataDyne missions: Target practice
While in any of the dataDyne missions, either from the roof or from a broken window (windows can be shot out), aim for the passing vehicles and blow them up.

dataDyne missions: Force guards to surrender
Find a guard then take any and all ammunition, guns, or any other weapon you can find around you and him, so that he cannot roll around and pick them up. Become unarmed and enter disarm mode. Press [Z] to take his gun. He will stand there with his hands in the air and say similar to , "I don't like this anymore", or "I give up, don't hurt me". Note: You cannot take them as hostages. Basically what this does is makes them worthless. Even if other guards are around, they will not fight anymore.

dataDyne missions: Flying guards
Enable the "Invisibility" cheat and sneak up behind a guard sitting at a desk. Plant a Remote Mine on the base of his chair. Walk away from the guard and detonate the mine. The guard will be launched many feet into the air, and possibly through the roof.

dataDyne: Defection: Defeat Cassandrabr> "To defeat Cassandra and the woman in the red, knock both of then out by switching your unarmed attack from punch to disarm. Then, exit the level. This can be done under any difficulty setting.

dataDyne Defection: Laptop Gun
Begin the level under the "Perfect Agent" difficulty setting. When the person that logs in the computer with the files comes out, let him "escape" for awhile. He will eventually lead you to a room with the gun. Its secondary function will be useful at the first floor.

dataDyne: Defection: Secret entrance to Cassandra's office
Start the level and go to where the cheese is located. Go down there and shoot a rocket (or grenade) at the opposite wall from the ladder. A hole will appear, leading to Cassandra's office.

dataDyne Extraction: DY357
The best way to get this hidden gun is with cloaking. Take out the first five troops (do not worry about the ones at the stairs) with head shots. Do not miss, or they will know that you are there. If you pull it off, the fifth one behind the couch will have the magnum.

dataDyne Extraction: Dragon
You will need Cassandra's keycard to get this gun. Get in her office and pick up the grenade. Throw it (or any other explosives, if you have any) in one of the right corners in the room. One of the walls there will have a hole in it. Look inside to find the gun. The wall that will blow up is the one with a man carved in it.

dataDyne: Infiltration: Exploding cars
When you are on top of the building, first kill the guards that are on the lower level of the roof. Once that is done, lean over the edge and shoot at the cars. One or two bullets will make the car explode. Note: Enable the "Unlimited ammo" or other of gun cheats to avoid wasting ammunition.

dataDyne Investigation: Twin CMP150s
The best way to get your hands on these is to use a cloaking device, since you need to be stealthy. Shoot the first guard without being seen. Let the yellow robot take you in and shoot the glass to drop down. Blast the next two guards, and do not give them a chance to notice you. If you do it all undetected, a computer down there will open the white weapon compartment.

dataDyne Investigation: Proximity mines
Do a quick lap around the lab with the isotope, to pick up some mines. Unless you have cheats enabled, be prepared to take damage.

In the area with the radioactive isotope, send the Camspy around the back of the circular hallway to see an ammo box. If you go in as Joanna around the hallway quickly, your screen will only be blurry. You will get one proximity mine, which you can use outside the door of the room that you have to download the password to get to Dr. Carrol.

dataDyne Investigation: Shield Tech item
On the second level of the solo missions, there is a secret item called a "Shield Tech Item". To get it, go to the room with the troopers (before the hall with the sentry turrets). Look around the room. There will be a smaller restricted door. Go inside and continue until you reach the end. You will se a wall like the one Dr. Caroll was in. Walk through it when it opens, and the item will be on the table. The shield will help you get past the turrets in that hallway if you have low life.

Deep Sea Nullify Threat: Proximity mines
One of the cloaked guards behind the first four doors will drop the mines if you can kill him before Elvis does. However, under the "Perfect Agent" setting, you will get them no matter who hits him.

Deep Sea Nullify: X-ray intermission
Get to the point in co-op mode where you see Dr. Carrol. Have player one stay behind while aiming the Far Sight. The player one screen will be in X-ray aiming mode. Have player two go into the room and while the intermission scene is playing. The cut scene will then be in X-ray mode.

G5 Building: Reconnaissance: Crossbow
Inside of G5 building, use the punch to defeat the cloaked guards to get a crossbow. You can get some arrows back if you return to the place that you kill the guard.

G5 Building Reconnaissance: N-Bombs
You can get this under the "Special Agent" and "Perfect Agent" difficulty settings only. If you placed your mine on the highest blocked up door on the last level, then head up there very quickly and get the bombs right next to the exit.

Maian SOS: Easier mission
When you wake up, walk toward the door about two steps to make the first scientist pull a gun, then steal it. Play through the rest of the mission until you pass the next three doors. Make sure you have some Psychosis ammunition. Turn right, kill the two guards with Dragons and the guard with 1000% life. Two DY-LXs will appear to take you out. Under the Agent difficulty setting his accuracy is about 30-45% -- take your time to shoot him in his chest. This does not phase him as much as a limb or head shot. Under the Special Agent difficulty setting be more aware because he has 1200% life and 50-60% accuracy -- dodge and shoot. Under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting, he has 1500% life and 90-100% accuracy -- sneak, peek and shoot.

For an easy path through Maian SOS, instead of killing the man with the two DY357-LXs, shoot him in the chest with the Psychosis gun so he will not limp, He will run, with you killing anyone who gets close enough to him before they have a chance to shoot you.

Mr. Blonde's Revenge: Extra CMP150 ammunition
On the first floor where all the guards have CMP150S, find a guard that has two CMP150S and shoot her in the hand. She will drop her gun from that hand. Collect the gun she dropped and wait. Once she recovers and gets ready to shoot again, she will have two CMP150s again. Repeat this to get more ammunition for that weapon.

Pelagic LL Exploration: Double Falcon 2s
One of the guards in the gangplank-like area will give up his double silenced Falcon 2s if you are unusually stealthy. You will get them if you can stop him before he or any of his shipmates set off the alarm.

Pelagic LL Exploration: Kill Elvis without failing
When you have completed all objectives besides number 3 (to find Elvis), go near the room where Elvis is located. Stand so that you do not pass through the doorway. Take out the CMP150 on secondary fire and target Elvis. Go through the doorway, wait about 4 or 5 seconds, then fire. If you done correctly, you will complete objective 3 and Elvis will be dead. When you throw the box to Elvis in the intermission scene, he will not be there.

Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine: Quickly Defeat the Skedar Army
In the last stage of the standard missions in Perfect Dark are a series of quick and fierce Skedar equipped with mauler pistols. There is a way to quickly and easily defeat them before they can become a deadly challenge. To do this trick, save two Devastator rounds until that point. Also, be sure to pick up the two Slayer Rockets that two Skedar guards tried to kill you with earlier. Combined, this is four rounds of explosive weaponry. When you first arrive in the Skedar suspended animation room, set the Devastator on "grenade launch" and blast two pairs of the Skedar suspended animation tanks. Next, use the two Slayer rounds to eliminate another pair of Skedar suspended animation tanks. The resulting explosions should have killed all of the Skedar before they can react to your presence. If not, just open the suspended animation tanks and shoot them -- before the aliens awaken. Note: This will help you along in earning the "All weapons" cheat on the "Perfect Agent" difficulty setting on that level.

Use your grenades before getting to the secret army. It is easier to use the Callisto NT on its second function (High Impact Shells). You do not have to open the cells in order to kill the Skedar. They can be killed in the order they appear. Taken from the view when you first enter the room, and labeling the cells nearest you from that point as 1 and the ones farthest from you as 4, the order is: R3, L2, R1, R4, R2, L3, L1.

Go all the way through the room where the army attacks you, open the door, and go through it to enter the small room. Close the door, stand away from it, and wait for about a minute. The Skedar do not seem to understand the concept of opening doors, so they will not enter that little room. After waiting for about a minute or more, pull out your Devastator and fire a grenade at the door on wall hugger mode. The grenade will drop, explode, and destroy the army without you ever seeing it. It is much easier than taking the army on, and it saves a lot of health for the Boss.

Note: You must have the twin Phoenixes to do this trick. Just before you go into the room with the Skedar Army, step into the doorway just enough that you can see the end row of tanks, but so you do not force them out. Shoot an explosive shell at each one of the visible tanks until you hear a roar. Then, bring up your Callisto NTG on High impact Shells mode and walk up to the tanks one by one. Shoot the Skedar through the green doors. For some reason while they are in their tanks one head shot will kill them. If they open, they are at full health. When that is finished, pull out your double Phoenixes on explosive shells and walk into the Boss room. Watch the Boss closely. If he lifts his staff above his head, watch the corners near him -- either a big or a small Skedar will appear and come after you. If the boss disappears, move around without stopping. If you stop, the Boss will uncloak next to you and hit you with his staff. Also watch for him to go to the left or right on his platform and hold still. Quickly shoot him with the Phoenix with an explosive round because he is trying to shoot a Slayer rocket at you. It will explode if you shoot the Phoenix at him just as he launches it. It will deplete his shield and he will go to sit on his throne beneath the shrine. He will recharge his shield, but this takes the shield off the shrine itself. Shoot the bottom row of spikes on the shrine and one will break. Then, the Boss will get up and run around again. The next time he sits down again, shoot the spike across from the first one you destroyed. Then, the next times he sits down, destroy the next row of spikes and finally the main spike that points straight up. It will fly up into the air and run itself into the Skedar leader's head.

Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine: Double Phoenixes
After you complete objective one there should be two "fake" pillars remaining. Use a wall hugger from your devastator and blow them up. At the place where drop into ravine or canyon you should pick up a single phoenix, but it will instead be a double phoenix. Save it to use inside the shrine.

Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine: Jump across chasm
The first chasm that you reach can be jumped across. Run over the left corner of the ladder on your side.

Skedar Ruins: R-Tracker
Kill the first few guards when you enter where the invisible bridge was located. Watch out for the Skedars with Slayers. When you get to the Boss, do not go in. Instead, stay there and he will not do anything.

Temple: Slayer Rocket
The temple level in multi-player mode is the only level where you can fire a Slayer Rocket anywhere. In the main room, there are holes in the tops of the walls and a hole in the floor that can be used to get around any door that may be closed. If you set the weapons to include the Laptop Gun you can become invincible by using the Sentry and waiting on the respawn point of the Slayer. Note: The Slayer is impressive and can shoot down other rockets, patriot missile-style However, it can also be shot down itself by automatic weapon fire.

The Duel: Easy mission
Play the mission under the Special Agent or Perfect Agent difficulty setting with the laptop gun (or after enabling the "All guns in solo" cheat). Start the level against the dataDyne guard. If you do not have the "Invincible", "Supershield", or "Jo shield" cheats enabled, run behind the wall. Equip your laptop gun, set it as a sentry turret, and throw it in the middle of the holograph room. The dataDyne guard will die, then Johnathon will be mauled by it as he plays with his magnum, and Trent Easton will do the same.

Collect all the weapons in the solo missions and achieve a Bronze rating or higher for each weapon at Firing Range.

To complete the Duel mission in under 1:00, use the following trick. Enable the "All weapons" and "Invincible" codes. Start a duel and when it begins, take out your Remote Mines. After that, go near your opponent but not too close or he will run at you. Start throwing all the Remote Mines that you have. If you run out of Remote Mines, use Proximity Mines, and use a few with the Remote Mines already attached to him. When the mines start detonating, they should kill all three of your opponents with the message "Well done! you were too quick for him." You can also use anything that explodes, as well as a laptop gun as a sentry.

When you have earned the duel mode, you face Jonathan in the "Special Agent:" and "Perfect Agent" difficulty settings. Defeat him easily by finishing a easy level, such as dataDyne Central in co-op mode with friendly-fire disabled. Go to the duel and Jonathan cannot shoot you. However, he can kick so keep yourself at a distance. You cannot shoot him either, unless you use the aimer. This works more than once, so you do not have to complete another mission every time you face him.

To complete the mission under the Perfect Agent difficulty setting, use a laptop gun and set it up it the middle of the room. Note: This will not unlock the gold star on the mission board.

Defeating the Skedar Leader
From the start, use your High-Impact Calisto conservatively throughout the entire level to save all pistol ammo for the Double Phoenix. The Phoenix will appear at the large gap after destroying all five pillars. When you reach the Boss, persistently fire explosive rounds at him. When he fires a rocket, it will explode in his face. Also, he will not have time to summon more Skedar. Knock out all the shards and kill them.

Use the following trick to defeat the Skedar Leader without the Phoenixes. Attach the target amplifiers to all of the pillars, but instead of blowing up the other ones, just play through the rest of the level. When you reach to the suspended animation Skedar army, defeat them and pick up all of their Maulers. Then, go to the Skedar Leader and select the Mauler. Switch it to charge-up shot. When he bends down to recharge his shield, shoot the prongs on the big symbol behind him, starting with the bottom ones. It should take about one blast to destroy each prong. Once the last big prong is destroyed, it will fall down and skewer him. This makes it easier to unlock the R-Tracker and All Guns cheats.

Killing Skedar
To kill Skedar in one or two shots, shoot the small snake-like thing hanging out the back of their head.

Multi-player mode
Keep moving -- standing still makes you an easy target for automatic weapons

When playing against sims (Meat, Easy, or Normal varieties), shoot weapons and ammo boxes out of their normal respawn locations then collect them. The weapon or ammo will respawn where you picked it up. Simulants will think that it has been picked up and pass it by without looking.

When with your back to a corner and low health, arm a grenade or N-Bomb by holding [Z]. Run at your opponent -- there is a chance you can also kill him.

When using cloaking devices, go for easy kills by using combat knives. Slashing with the knives will allow you to stay cloaked but give you a chance to get in some damage.

The larger your character, the faster you go. Mr. Blonde is the fastest and the aliens are the slowest. The best character to use is a Maian soldier with Biotecnition head.

If you are holding double guns you will take double damage.

When playing "one hit kills" in multi-player mode set your handicap all the way down (10) to get more experience points and gain levels faster.
Human bomb in multi-player mode
During a multi-player game with Remote Mines, preferably against many simulants, have your teammate come over to you. Place some mines on his/her body. If it is a simulant, have him/her attack the enemy, and if it is a human have them attract a large group of enemies. To avoid a kill penalty when your teammate dies, have your teammate fight as many enemies as possible at once then as soon as he dies, detonate. You will not be penalized for a negative kill -- getting killed is better than "suiciding" or team-killing and you can take out many enemies at once.

Headshots in multi-player mode
In Area 52, go to the room with the metal door and metal windows. Stand in the middle and look towards the door. You should see a line in the bricks to the right and left of the door (use the higher one). Aim equal to that height at the door. Next, aim in the door opening but slightly to the right, so when someone (mainly sims) opens the door, you can shoot them in the head. Note: Sometimes they enter towards the left.

In the Facility level, one of the rooms down the hallway has a large pillar to the right when you enter. You can climb up the pillar and set camp, especially if radar is off. You will have a perfect headshot to players who do not know about it.

Knife kills in multi-player mode
Since you really cannot get a headshot with the primary mode of the combat knife, hit them in the back instead. Doing this results in a lot more damage, and will usually kill a 100% health opponent.

Easy kills in multi-player mode
Use the following trick to upgrade your character easily. Set up a Capture The Case game with eight meat sims on your team. Set all weapons to remote mines and have the case in the bathroom on the Facility. Have all the sims to guard the case. Place one mine in between the sims, one mine on the ammunition case, one on the other ammunition case, and two on each door (one on each side of the door). Leave the doors open and run down the hall. Blow up the mine and it should keep doing that until you quit. Note: Set the time and scores to no limit.

Set one weapon slot to the combat knives. Kill someone with the poison knives. While they are falling to the ground, keep filling them up with the poison knives. When they revive, they will keep taking damage until they are dead.

Three Golden Magnums in multi-player mode
Play with a friend in cooperative mode. Go to the Maian SOS level and kill the man with the two Golden Magnums. Have one player get one Gold Magnum and the one player get the other one. One person should have one Gold Magnum and the other should have two. Note: This is more fun with the "Unlimited ammunition" cheat enabled.

Get all 4 stars in multi-player mode quickly
Select your custom character in multi-player mode. Make sure there are only two human players. Select tranquilizer weapons as all the weapons. Start the game and have player two hide in a corner, facing the corner. Have player one get a tranquilizer and find player two. Player one should shoot the whole "clip" into player two's neck. Player two will die. End game and player one should have the 4 stars: Accuracy, Killmaster, Survivor and Headshot.

Go to advanced setup and turn on one hit kills and enable another human player. Set all the weapons to Farsights and set the limits of the game to one kill. Then, just run and pick up a gun, hold [B] to switch the settings to target locator, and hold [R] to aim for the head. With one shot, the game is over and you will earn all four medals.

Raising multi-player characters rank quickly
Set all the weapons to Callisto, four Simulants to perfect, and the stage to the Facility (in advanced setup). Then, keep restarting your game until you start in the airducts or somewhere nearby. Make sure no simulants are near you. Get the Callisto next to the urinal in the bathroom and place yourself against the door. Set the gun to high impact shells. When someone tries to open the door they will not be able to because you should be against it. You will be able to shoot them repeatedly through the doors without giving them a chance, because the game will not let them restart in the airducts. Keep doing this until your rank is as high as it will go (level 1).

An easier way to level up in multi-player mode is do all the same things as explained above, but use the Farsight XR-20. It has x-ray vision which makes it easier to get kills and medals.

This trick requires two human players, and eight of the best Simulants available. Exploding weapons, Callisto, or FarSight work best. Have player two order all Simultants to stand close by. This works best in locations with doors. Have player two and Simulants gather outside your door. Player two should walk up to you and the Simulants will follow. Open the door for exploding weapons and shoot through the door if using Callisto or FarSight.

Mystery ammo box in multi-player mode
When in the Warehouse in multi-player mode, fall through the hole that has item 5 next to it. When you look up past the hole (where another item 5 is present), there will be a question mark grating with an ammo box on top. You can also use the sniper rifle to zoom in on it, or the Farsight to x-ray through. There does not seem to have an entrance to it and you cannot shoot through it to knock down the box.

More ammo in multi-player mode
Use the following trick to get a slight advantage when in the multi-player mode with your friends. Certain guns use the same ammo, such as pistols. Some of those guns have a larger clip than others, such as the Mauler. Switch to that gun and collect all of the ammo you can possibly get (it helps to get doubles). When done, switch to another gun with a smaller clip, such as any of the Falcon 2's, the Phoenix, or the Magsec 4. You will have more ammo than you usually would. This also works with Cyclones, Laptop Guns, CMP150s, Callisto NTGs, and RCP 120s, as well as Devastators and the grenade mode of the Superdragon.

Finding the hill in King Of The Hill mode
When playing King Of The Hill mode, follow the simulants to the hill

Completing all challenges easily
Have player one select "Combat Simulator" and choose "Advanced Setup". Have player two press [Start]. Have player one select "Load Settings" on the advanced setup menu, but do not select any setup yet -- just remain at the "Load Game Settings" menu. Have player two select the challenge to be completed in the advanced setup menu. Then, have player two press [Start] until the green "...and waiting" screen appears. Have player one select the desired game settings in the "Load Game Settings" menu. Note: You must have a custom or pre-made setup -- you cannot alter it after it is loaded. Player one can drop out or join the game -- it does not matter, however, staying in will give you two stars instead of just one. This trick can also be used to get the three or four player challenges.

Go to the Combat Simulator with two controllers. Have player one create a simple scenario, such as one kill in one minute against a meatsim. Save that scenario and go to "Load Settings". Highlight the new scenario but do not press any buttons. Have player two (who should have the advanced menu on screen) press [Right] until the list of challenges is displayed. Do not leave the advanced setup menus. Remain there and go through the four menus (Setup, Character, Other Options, Challenges) to find the challenge to complete. Have that player select it and press [A] until the "...Waiting" screen appears. Then, have player one press [A] on the created scenario, followed by [Start]. The created scenario will begin. Win the scenario and you will have the challenge that was selected beforehand completed.

Go to advanced setup. Have one player load a custom saved game while another player picks a certain challenge. Once the player picks the challenge and clicks "OK" the other player should pick a saved game. Both players should press [Start]. When you play, you will be playing the saved game, but it will count as a star for challenges.

Go to the challenge screen in multi-player mode. Create a game with a meat sim in Area 52 and one kill. Save the game. Press [Start] on controller two. Have player one go to the challenge screen and press [A]. The game will ask you to accept the challenge, Do not stay at that screen. Have player two load the saved challenge then load it and accept the challenge. The challenge will start with the saved game, and it will count as completing the challenge.

Over 10,000 kills
Select the Capture The Case level with you against eight Meatsims. Set the weapons to be all some kind of mine. Keep starting the game until the sim's base is at the restroom. Stand outside and place a few mines. At some point after you have done this two or three times, things will automatically explode from nothing. In an hour you can get as many as 10,000 kills or more. Note: The explosions may die down or stop if this happens just place a few more mines there.

Fast running
Turn left until your cursor is approximately 30 degrees to the left of where you want to run to. Then, simply hold Analog-stick [Forward] ([Up]) and hold [C-Right]. You will run diagonally, but once you get used to it, you will be able to get to places faster. This is useful for running from friends in multi-player mode and also for meeting target times in single player mode. This can also be reversed. Simply swap the left and right directions.

Circle attacks
This is a simple move, but priceless to master. Hold [Analog-stick Left] then hold [C-Right]. You will circle an invisible point in the center. Practice doing this around a crate, trying to keep your gun cursor/sights on top of it. Also, try doing this with holding [Analog-stick Right] and [C-Left] to circle in the other direction. This makes will make you harder to hit, but will keep the enemy in your sights at the same time. If your sight starts to drift from your target, just adjust your angle on the Analog-stick.

1000% handicap advantages
In advanced setup, set the handicap up to 1000%. You will not die as much, and can get better medals.

Getting more ammunition
When you see a guard in any level, switch to unarmed and then to disarm. Run up to the guard and steal his gun. Sometimes they will just stand there with their hands up. If you let them stand there long enough and if you walk around, they sometimes will pull out a Falcon 2 and try to shoot you. This allows you to possibly get twice the amount of ammunition, for example some for a CMP150 and some for your Falcon 2.

Getting weapons easier
Find a person with the gun that you want. Kill the person with the gun and abort. The gun will stay in the game's inventory. For example, if you kill Elvis when he is using the Phoenix, he will drop it. Pick it up and you will be able to use the gun.

Silent reload
If you want to reload without anybody hearing, press "Start," highlight the ammunition you need, and press "Equip".

Quicker reloads
Just switch to the weapon before the current weapon, then quickly switch back. Practice doing this to get it faster each time. This will save time and health. It will not be as fast as GoldenEye 007, but it is better than the regular method. Note: This does not work with the shotgun or crossbow, is not recommended with the Laptop Gun.

One of the main drawbacks to the shotgun and crossbow weapons is how they take too long to reload, leaving you vulnerable to attack while your character goes through the reload animations. However, there is a quick and convenient way to shorten the reload time. While your character is reloading the shotgun or crossbow, press the fire button (default is [Z]). Your character will immediately stop reloading and put the weapon at the ready position. When there are no opponents or enemies around, you can press the reload button and finish the reload later - when it is safer. This very helpful in the multi-player "combat simulator" mode, as even the CPU takes too much time reloading such weapons.

Retrieve Crossbow Bolts from body
You can get back the Crossbow Bolts from people that have been hit by shooting the bolt with a Dragon. The only person that this does not work on is the stewardess on Air Base: Espionage.

Quick shot
Hold [Z], then hold [A] during game play. You will not be shooting, and when you press [A] (especially with a pistol), it will fire a few shoots. With a pistol it seems to be easier to shoot faster.

Quick shot with the secondary on your weapon
The following trick allows a quick shot with the secondary on your weapon (or primary if you are in secondary mode). Hold [B] and press [Z]. It is almost exactly like rotating through weapons backwards with [A] and [Z], but you substitute [B] for [A]. This works well with the shotgun to get a quick double blast at point blank range, or to quickly throw your dragon as a proximity mine.

Quick weapon mode switch
To switch your weapon mode more quickly, hold [A] button until the quick weapon switch menu appears, then hold [Z] button and another quick menu will appear. The new menu will only show the weapon's different modes.

Faster Farsight target locator
Instead of taking the time to hold [B] while using the Farsight to locate a target, you can just scope in and hold [C-Left] or [C-Right]. This is better, since it does not move as much as the target locator.

Retrieve Sentry Gun
Anytime time you throw a Laptop Gun as a Sentry Gun, you can get it back by putting all guns away and pressing [B] while facing it. You will also get all the ammunition back was not spent shooting at enemies.

Slower Slayer Fly-By-Wire Rocket
When you have the Slayer, change it to the secondary mode. When you fire the rocket hold [R] to make it go slower for easier turns and maneuvering. Release the button to send it speeding towards your opponent/enemy.

Slayer controls
Press [Z] to detonate the rocket. You can also slow it down by pressing [B].

Easy kills with the Slayer
When you have your opponent in your sights and you cannot turn the fly-by-wire missile around in time, press [Z] again to self-destruct it.

Counter Slayers
Use the following trick when you have an opponent in multi-player mode who is using Slayer missiles to hunt you down, making it impossible for you to get close to him or her. Get an explosive weapon (preferably the SuperDragon in grenade mode). Just as you see the missile flying towards you, trigger the explosive. Make sure it is not too close or you will get caught in the blast. If aimed correctly, the flames should catch the missile and it will explode.

Unlimited Mauler rounds
This trick requires double Mauler (one in each hand). Immediately when you have it out, shoot and put it away at the same time. The game will put them away and when you pull them out again, you will not need to charge them and will have unlimited ammo.

X-Ray Camspy
You can use the X-Ray vision while in your camspy. Activate X-Ray vision, then go into your Camspy. Note: The Camspy must be in your weapon selection inventory.

Detonate Remote mines easy
Press [A] + [B] to detonate a remote mine without changing the remote mines function.

Shoot through platforms
If there are platforms with holes in them you can shoot enemies through the platform undetected.

Rocket flares
Enable the "Unlimited ammunition no reloads" and "Invincibility" cheats. Get a rocket launcher, fire a round on the ground, hold [C-Down] (until looking then press [C-Up] + hold [Z]). While holding [Z], you can kill people in your way. Note: You can still look at where you are going by holding [C-Up] + [Z].

Disarm option
Leaving disarm on indefinitely is not always a good idea, as disarming an opponent with a weapon does no damage. If you are low on health or need to take an opponent out quickly, punch them instead.

Easy knockouts
This trick allows you to easily incapacitate enemies. Sneak up on an enemy undetected, and instead of shooting them and wasting ammunition, pistol-whip or punch them for an easy "kill".

Earn cheats easier
Turn on fast movement to make earning cheats easier.

Easy medals in combat simulator
To earn medals for your record in the combat simulator (accuracy, head shot, kill master, and survivor) log in your record for player one. Leave player two as it is already set. Shoot player two in the head each time until you have about ten kills. Quit and you should have all four medals.

Load your character and start a second character. Then, set the options for a level you know well and is rather small. Set the game for one kill wins with an accurate weapon, such as the Falcon. When you start the game, get the Falcon, find the second character, and shoot them in the head. This is much faster than killing the other player many times. You get all four medals every time if you only use the one bullet to kill the second character.

Enter the combat simulator, and select "Advanced Setup". Make a character just for you to kill. Put all the limits to full (endless battle), your handicap 10%, and the character you made to 1000%. Make all the weapons Farsights. Play in any level, but do not change the default settings except for those previously specified. Start the game with you and the recently created character. Go to the nearest Farsight, put it on the secondary function, and shoot the recently created character only once, then quit. Make sure that you hit him on the first shot or you will not get all the medals. This can be done faster if you point the Farsight at him by using your radar, and then aiming after it is pointing at him. This will earn all four medals in about ten seconds. Keep repeating this to increase your rank. Additionally, if you do this for a while it will increase your accuracy up to 99.5%-100%.

Set four simulants to dark sims. Press [A] on them and you will be prompted to change the type. Change the type to fist sim or judge sim. These sims do not attack with weapons. The judge sim disarms you only and does not attack. Using these sims, you can gain ranks much faster.

Go to advanced setup in the combat simulator. Choose a two player game, set all weapons to Farsight, and the arena to Felicity.

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