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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Unlimited items from trees
Once you have received a hammer, use it to hit trees. The tree where you begin gives you an endless supply of acorns that revive your FP by 3. However, you must go somewhere else and then go back to receive another acorn. You can also get coins, Star Pieces, and a weird doll as well.

Colored toads
The colored toads will run off if you talk to them.

To get past the dark colored toads go to Merlin, and instead of talking to him across his table, go next to him. He says "What? The colored toads won't let you by?! I'll have a talk with them.". Go up to them and they will leave.

Never-ending hallway pattern
The pattern to the "Never-ending hallway" is up, down, up, down, down, up.

Ultra Leveling party members
Once you visit Raphael the Raven, you can "Ultra-Level" your party members. The best one to "Ultra-Level" is Parakarry, because he learns "Air Raid," which uses 6 (or 8) FP, and deals about 6 damage to each enemy (if you get to 100% on the "Press Left repeatedly" meter).

Reduce damage
To reduce the damage an enemy gives to Mario, do the action command while the enemy is attacking. For example, if a Goomba jumps on Mario, press [A] immediately before it lands. Mario will crouch down with his hat over his head, reducing the damage. If done correctly, the word "Nice" will appear.

More coins
To get more coins from fighting, wear the Pay-Off Badge. When you are in a battle and get hurt a lot, you will get more coins.

Go to any area with a fire bar (a rotating bar of fire). The volcano is the best area for this trick. Jump over it when passes, and it will spin faster. Soon, it will disappear and leave coins behind.

Hop on the Toad Town train to dry Dry Outpost. If you start to climb Mt. Rugged, you will find the mole, Wacka. Hit him on the head to get Wacka's Bump. Grab this and continue to go off the screen. Return and repeat to get more. It will sell for 64 or 50 coins. Note: You may want to use the Spin Attack Badge as it helps with the moles. Note: This only works for a short time and will eventually kill Wacka.

Get a rare item (for example, Wacka's Bump, Jammin Jelly or Ultra Shroom) and go to Tayce T. and let her cook it. You will get more than the usual amount of coins for it.

Get an Ultra Shroom and a Jammin Jelly. Give them to Tacye T. and she will give you a Jelly Ultra. Sell it at Boo's Mansion to get 200 coins.

Get rid of all of your items, then buy ten Dusty Hammers at Dry Dry Outpost. Sell them at Boo's Mansion. The Dusty Hammers will cost 20 coins, will be sold for 40 coins.

Buy as many Volt Shrooms as you can afford. Bring them all to Tayce T. to turn them into Hot Shrooms. Bring the Hot Shrooms to the store and sell them. Continue this for more money.

Defeating enemies or Bosses easily
This trick allows to you to defeat Bosses easily with the Power Bounce attack and get well over the occasional 20 or 30 Power Bounces. First, buy and equip the Dodge Master Badge from Rowf's Badge Shop in Toad Town. It will eventually appear there, if it is not already present. Then equip the Power Bounce Badge. Fight an enemy (or boss such as Bowser). You may be able to get up to 80 Bounces. Be sure to have at least one Power Plus Badge equipped and have Watt in your party -- she can do 5 damage with Electro Dash and can also use Turbo Charge to make Mario stronger.

To defeat Bosses easily, you must have Goombario up to at least Super rank. Fight any tough enemy or Boss, have Mario attack or do some other task, and have Goombario use his Charge ability. Use Goombario's charge ability five to eight times in a row, then do a Headbonk or Multi-bonk to do big damage. Most Bosses will go down quickly.

To defeat Lava Piranha, Huff n Puff, and Crystal King easily, get Goombario to Ultra Rank. Then go to one of those Bosses. Keep charging Goombario, and eventually his attack power will get up to fifteen. Use Multibonk as much as possible and they will be defeated easily. Note: When you are fighting Lava Piranha when you do Multibonk, make sure there is no fire on its head. As soon as it has fire on its head, switch to Sushie.

Defeating Anti-Guy
Have a Lemon Candy when you talk to the Anti-Guy in the Shy Guy's toybox. He loves Lemon Candy and will trade the treasure he is guarding for the candy.

Get a Lemon (from the Oasis in the desert) and a Cake Mix. Take it to Tayce T.'s to get a Lemon Candy. Give it to Anti-Guy. He will give you the Power Plus Badge without a fight.

Defeating Crystal King
You need Fire Flower(s), Watt, the Power Plus Badge, and a Stone Cap. Use Mario's Jump. Use Watt to attack the Crystal King. When he clones himself, use the Fire Flower. It will burn him. When your HP is low, use the Stone Cap. Then, use Watt to zap away.

The Crystal King cannot be hurt with ice, so do not use things like the Snowman Doll on him. Fill up with a lot of coins. You will need at least ten Fire Flowers and Kooper will need to know Fire Shell. Get an extra Fire Flower and an Egg from Mt. Rugged, take them both to Tayce T. and you will get an Egg Bomb.

Use Watt and his electrical attack to paralyze Crystal King. Then, do Mega Smash to do a lot of damage. Next, use Watt to attack for 5 or 4 or 3 (whatever upgrade he is at). When he becomes neutral, paralyze him again and keep using Mega Smash and similar attacks.

Defeating Huff n' Puff
First, use the "Chill Out" power from Muskular, the Start Spirit. This will turn the Ruff Puff's power to 0; when they drain Mario's HP, it will be ineffective. Use Lakilester's Spiny Storm to clear out the Ruff Puff's (but one or two will form). Hit Huff n' Puff with your strongest attacks and repeat the Chill Out and Spiny Storm.

Defeating Kent C. Koopa
Use star power "Lulabye", then use Goombario's charge about seven times. Then, Headbonk or Multibonk. While he is asleep, use the D-Down Pound attack. Repeat this if he wakes up.

Defeating Koopa Bros.
Get rid of all the enemies and get to the part where the Bullet Bills shoot out of the cannons. After you defeat the cannons, buy about five or six POW Blocks in Toad Town. You will also need some Mushrooms. Try your best to upgrade at least one partner (not Goombario) to super-rank. Use the Bomb about four or five times (your FP must be high) to defeat the Bowser Costume. Then, start using the POW Blocks, attacking with yourself and your upgraded partner. They will be defeated eventually, in about seven or eight turns.

Make sure you have two POWs and two Fire Flowers. After you destroy the Bowser costume, use the POW while they are on top of each other. They will be struggling to stay that way. Use Bombette to get them on their backs. Use the Fire Flower. When they get back to their feet, use the POW. Use the second Fire Flower in case they are not defeated.

Defeating The Master
This trick should work for all of The Master's stages. You will need at least four or five Stone Caps in your inventory, and Goombario at Ultra Rank. Have Mario use a Stone Cap to turn him to stone. Mario cannot be damaged in this form. Use Goombario's "Charge" attack to power him up. When Mario returns to normal, use another Stone Cap to turn him into stone form again. Keep powering-up Goombario until his power has risen by at least +20. Then, use Goombario's "Multibonk" attack on The Master. If you time the Action Commands just correctly, you should do a total of over 100 damage.

Defeating TutanKoopa
Buy about six or seven Thunder Rages and get two or three Whaka Bumps (at Mt. Rugged). When you face him, use all the Thunder Rages on him. Do not worry about killing Chain Chomp. Then, use an Upgraded Parter and pound on him if all the Rages run out. You will eventually defeat him.

Boo's Mansion: Original Mario
Jump in the vase in Boo's Mansion. When you jump out, you will be the original NES version of Mario. You cannot leave the room with this trick on.

Bowser's Castle: Triple Anti-Guy Bowser's Castle: Easy Starpoints
Battle a lot of Gold Bombs to get about 10 Starpoints per battle.

Desert Oasis: Finding its location
To find the Desert Oasis go south two times from the place next to Dry Dry Outpost. There is a lemon and lime tree, as well as a Super Block, there.

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