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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Music test
Start a new game and enter "MUSIC_ON" as a case-sensitive name.

Delete saved game files
Start a new game and enter "DEL_DATA" as a case-sensitive name.

In-game reset
Press [A] + [B] + [Start] + [Z] during game play to return to the title screen.

Save game files on a memory card
Hold [Start] while turning on the Nintendo 64. A menu should appear before the little soldiers drill out the logo. At this menu, you can copy one of your game files that are on your cartridge to a memory card. When you are done, move over to the exit and press [A].

Press [B] before you get attacked at the right moment, and the game will guard you.

55 of any item
This trick will allow you to get 55 of any item in the game. It does not work for weapons, spellbooks, or armor. It can only be done for items that any unit can carry. Select any unit, and fill that unit's items all the way except for the last two slots. For example:
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Next, place the item you wish to duplicate in the very last slot. For example:
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal Pack
Next, remove one character from a unit that can carry only one item. You can check how many items a character can carry by looking on the info bar above the character when you place the pointer over the top of the character. Now the items in that unit should look like this:
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal leaf
Heal Pack
Next, go to the "Carry item" command, and remove that item which you want duplicated from the unit. When this is done, the item will look like this:
Heal Pack 55/01
However the last number, after 55, will vary depending on how many you had before. Now, go to the "Item's command", and you will see the item you want to duplicate. It will look like this:
Heal Pack 55/01
You must sell two more than the second number. For example:
If you had 55/01, sell three
If you had 55/02, sell four
If you had 55/03, sell five
The item should look like this:
Heal Pack 55/54
Now you can use 53 of that item, but make sure you save the last one so you can repeat the trick. Note: If you exit the organization screen, the first number will disappear, so it will look like this: Heal Pack 00/54.
Item duplication shortcut
Follow all the steps up to the removing of the 1-Item Character, but instead, remove a two item character. This will eliminate the trouble of having to remove the item from the unit's inventory, and you can immediately sell the requisite amount to gain the 55.

99 of any item
Follow all the original steps for the "55 of any item" trick. Stop where it you are told to sell 2 more items than the second number:
i.e., If you had 55/01 sell three
If you had 55/02 sell four
If you had 55/03 sell five
Instead, just sell 58 of the item. This way you will end up with 99 items. After you sell them it appear as 55/99. Exit the organization screen and re-enter it. When you re-enter the use item screen, you will have 00/99 items. This trick is also helpful when you need to adjust a characters alignment. Use the Urn of Chaos to make the Character Chaotic, and the Scroll of Discipline to make them Lawful. Also if you want to just make money, sell as many of the items as desired. When you go to the tens for the number to sell, each zero after the 9 indicate that you are in the 100s -- once you pass the first 99, the double zero after that is 100. Then, 200, 300, and so on. After you are done, you can go to Alba and buy as many Annihilation books as needed. Note: It is best to perform any item duplication trick with only one item in inventory. Also, save before performing any trick.

Note: You can just use the "55 of any item" trick, use or sell all but one, and when you have one left, sell two more. You get the 99 items to scroll back around. However, this only works for one cycle -- make sure you leave one of your 99 items left to repeat.

Get every item in any stage
Get a Divining Rod, save the game, and go to a level you already completed. Use the Divining Rod to discover the location of items, then restart, go to stage, get item, and repeat.

Unlimited money
Note: This trick takes some time to perform. Follow the "Unlimited items" trick as listed above to get 55/54 of that item. Sell 50 and you should have 55/04. Sell 6 of the item. Now you should have 55/98. Go to sell, then hold "Analog-stick Up" as if moving the ones digit up, and move the "Analog-stick Up/Left" diagonally, and then hold [Analog-stick Up] again. If done correctly, the money should be going up, but not the tens digits. When the money reaches 99999999, press [A]. When the money reaches zero, it will go to 99999999 again, then to zero and stop.

Easy level-ups
To perform this trick, you need to be in a battle. Immediately after you defeat your opponent, and before it displays your experience, rapidly press [Z] rapidly until the experience points show up, then release. If done correctly, you will almost always increase in level. Note: This has no effect on Bosses.

Use the "Item duplication" trick with the Hero Statuette. Note: always leave one statuette so you can repeat the process.

Character preview
Press [Start] at the title screen to display the main menu. Wait at that screen until the introduction sequence begins. Press [Start] to stop the introduction. Press [Start] to display the main menu again. Wait for the introduction sequence to play again. The sequence will be different, and feature a preview of the different character classes.

Getting Biske
After you defeat Gules Hill for the first time, you can chose to go in three directions. One is north to Capitrium, the Land of the Advent. You can also chose to go west to the Vert Plateau to look for the Berthan Sentinel, or east to the Tremos Mountains. Go west, to the Vert Plateau. Defeat Biske, who is a Lycanthrope, or a werewolf, in his human form. After you defeat him , he will rave about how you should just kill him. You will be presented with two choices. Select the "Why don't you join us?" option. He will then rant about your being pathetic and says he will help you because your desperate enough to ask him.

Getting Debonair
At the Tremos Mt. Part 2, you will meet Debonair at Ibu Dehi. Do not send anybody but your main unit (Magnus). You must have a neutral to chaos alignment to get Debonair, Aisha, and Saradin in your battalion.

Getting Paul
When you get to the three way branch (the second one that links Capitrum, Tremos Mountains, or Vert Plateau), go east. In Coongul (the one with the Witch Den), enter the stronghold. Learn of the devil child. Send a unit to the village on the mountainous area behind the enemy base. Meet Paul. When he asks you to leave, ask if he really wants that. After defeating Kaigaie, say "No" to his offer. Paul will then join you. He is a powerful enchanter.

Getting Troi
On the first Mylesia mission, go to the town of Elgorea. Troi, a Phalanx, will ask to join your battalion. Accept the offer. After the mission, bring Troi's unit back to the town of Elgorea. His mother will give him a Hallowed shield, which protects against petrification.

Getting Vad
First, you must have liberated Audvera Heights and Sable Lowlands before coming to Mount Ithaca. On the map, send a team up to liberate the town of Ketican. Do not liberate it until you see where Vad's team is located. Do not kill off Vad or Vad's team -- avoid him at all cost. After locating Vad's team, go ahead and liberate Ketican. Once that happens, the bridge east of town will blow up. Vad's team will not move unless you approach him. Liberate all the other towns and defeat Sir Rhade. Afterwards, you will see a group of Bolmaukans led by Vad who are unwilling to join with you, and have other plans of there own. Vad will insist that he joins you. Allow him to join. He will be equipped with a Touelno Claw, Thunder Chain and Hachigane.

Black Knight
Get one Satan's Boulevard by defeating an entire unit on any mission after Chapter 1. Then, get some Valiant Mantles The number of Valiant Mantles (not Satan's Boulevard) will be how many Black Nights you get. Note: You only need one Satan's Boulevard, then you will never have to get another one again.

Annihilation can be found on the Barpheth stage, just east of Sondrio.

Book of Meteor Strike
On the sixth, fifteenth, and twenty first of any month, go to Melphy, Darrnundeles and get what you originally came for. Before leaving the area, wait until after 17:59 and before 23:59 and renter Melphy. The salesman will still be there. After 17:59 on that day, he will be out selling the Book of Meteor Strike. Each copy costs 50,000 Goth .

Chaos Frame
Chaos Frame is one of the most important things in the game. It is affected by liberating and capturing strongholds. For example: A city with high morale should be taken by a unit with high alignment to liberate it, etc. You cannot find out your Chaos Frame until the end of the game, but some things will change to clue you in. The lower your Chaos Frame, the more evil Yumil acts. Some characters (such as the Zenobians) will not join you if your Chas Frame is too low (they will also rebuke you). -Magnus' alignment has nothing to do with Chaos Frame, To get Low Alignment characters, make them several levels above the enemy you are fighting, and make them fight "Holy" characters (such as Clerics, Platinum Dragons, Valkries, etc.). To get High Alignment characters, keep them close to the enemy's level, try and kill them all at once (not prolonging battles), and fight "Evil' characters (almost all magic users, Tiamats, Black Dragons, etc.)

Decoy Cap
Take Sheen to map Dardunnelles, town Garu Kaio to get the Decoy Cap after mission 19.

Dream Tiara
Finish the Blue Basilica map in the Final Chapter. Re-enter the map and send a unit to Clemona to learn about Gelda. Then, go to Crenel Canyon and enter Boolem. You will find out Gelda has gone to the Zenobian Border. Go there and send a unit to Elle in the Zenobian Border map, where you will find out Gelda's real location. Go to Soathon,Tristle, to meet Gelda. She will give you a letter for the old man in Clemona. Return to Blue Basilica, Clemona and deliver the letter. You will get the Dream Tiara in return.

Idaten's Mail
After getting Vad, send him to Shafferville in The Highlands Of Soathon. A man will give Vad the Idaten's Mail, which is a light armor with good defense, and adds a lot of agility to the character.

Meteor Strike
Meteor Strike can be found on the Ptia stage, west of Furge close to the highlands.

Pedra Of Bane
At the stronghold where the family's dog was shot by a stray arrow, bring a unit with a Hell Hound to enter the stronghold twice. On the second time, the Hell Hound will be with you. Give it to the young boy, and he will give you the Pedra Of Bane.

Pedra Of Virtue
In the area of Gules Hills, at the town of Muji, a man will ask you to deliver a letter to his daughter. He will instruct you on her location. When you find her, she will give you the Pedra of Virtue in return for your troubles.

Pure White Dress
After mission 8, go to map Tenne Plains, town of Bordeaux with a female group leader to hear about a pure white dress. Then, go to map Dardunnelles, town Melphy on the 15th of the month between 9:00 and 17:59 to get a bolt of silk. Then return to map Tenne Plains, town Billney with a female group leader to get the dress from the tailor.

Rai's Tear
After defeating the Tundra of Aregent and you go to the town of Mehaus, bring Merida there. A man will rave about how beautiful she is and will give you Rai's Tear.

Bring Meridia to the town of Mehaus. Listen to the noble drool over her and Merida say "What a freak!". You will receive the Rai's Tear. The Rai's Tear seemingly only adds 2 to your Strike Resistance.

Robe Of Abyss
First, get Paul. After defeating the temple of Berthe, send Paul there .He meets a Gorgon and gets the Robe Of Abyss. This robe gives +50 Res. Holy.

Tempest can be found on the Blue Basilica stage, north of the town of Clemona, along the river bank.

White Mute
White Mute can be found in the Argent stage, north of Meltaus along the eastern river bank.

Birthday gifts
Make a note the birth date that you put in at the start of the game and the date on the game calendar. Once you pass your birthday, go to the main menu. Select the "Hugo Report" icon. Choose the "Event" icon, and find the date on the list of events. Choose the date, and press [L] to replay the scene and you will receive a birthday gift. The following is a list of the gifts you receive. You will receive special gifts every 10 years.
19th: Goblet of Destiny
20th: Gallant Doll (weapon, doll)
21st: 29th Scroll of Discipline, Urn of Chaos, Goblet of Destiny
30th: Marching Baton
31st: 39thstone of Quickness, Crystal of Precision
40th: Censor of Repose
41st: 49th Bracer of Protection, Mirror of Soul
50th: Figurine of Sleipnir
51st: 59th Sword Emblem. Crown of Intellect
60th: Manual of Warfare
61st: 69th Championstatuette, Cup of Life
70th: Mastaba's Barrier
71st: 79th Dowsing Rod, Sliver Hourglass, Flag of Unity
80th: Charge Horn
81st: 89th Altar of Resurrection, Revivestone
90th: Diadora's Song (armor, full body)
91st: 98th Heal Leaf, Heal Pack, Power Fruit, Angel Fruit
99th: Noish's Promise (weapon, sword)
Advance days
The following trick helps with the birthday feature. Complete the first four or five levels. Then, go to the last level completed and go back to Alba. Keep going back and forth. Every silver dot you touch is one day. The further the distance between the two places, the more days that will pass.

Glitch: Birthday glitch (North American version)
When you get to your 50th birthday, Leia will say something to you. The first part of what she says is in Japanese.

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