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Cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes on the cheat menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. A buzzing sound will confirm correct code entry.

Thin playersTTHPCK
Fat playersMRSHMLLW
Short playersSHRTGYS
Ball always fumbledBTTRFNGRS
No fumblesSTCKYBLL
Big coins during tossBGMNY
Big footballBCHBLL
Increased injuriesHSPTL
Eight downs availableDBLDWNS
Electric football modeXTRVLTG
Rugby modeRGBY
Racquetball modeRCQTBLL
Slow-motion modeFRRSTGMP
Turbo modeTRBMN
Kickers never missPWRKCKR
Flubber ballFLBBR
Slippery fieldSLPNSLD
Pylons on fieldPWRPYLNS
Players bounce like pinballsPNBLL
Players on fireHSNFR
Fire stadiumFIRFILD
Unlock all extra teamsXTRTMS
Alien stadiumSCLLYMLDR
Landmine modePPCRNRTRNS
Opponents score set to 0RLSTN
Start game with 12 pointsBLOWOUT or SHTOUT

Reset play
Quickly press [Start] to pause the game while the quarterback is still kneeling before a play begins. A new play may be selected when game play is resumed.

No-huddle offense
Press [R] after a play has completed to repeat the previous play again.
Cheap hits
While playing offense, your players may continue to hit the opposing players after a play ends without a penalty.

Easy touchdowns
Select any team, then enter the options screen and set the offensive playbook to the Packers. After getting on offense, choose the shotgun formation, and do 41 Stun. Take your QB and run him to the right side of the field. Then tap [A] to run down towards the end zone. Done correctly, you will break a lot of tackles and gain many yards. Repeat this play until getting a touchdown.

Easy first down
Enter the "Shotgun" formation and run. If you use the stiff arm you should break a lot of tackles.

Glitch: Magic football
Select any mode, and any matchup (preferably Frankfurt Galaxy at New England Patriots). Start a CPU vs. CPU game. Pause game play, go into "Camera Views", and select "Cowie Cam". Resume the game and watch the ref touch the ball. The ball will automatically be placed on where the scrimmage line is.

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