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Cheat mode
Use the "Enter Cheat" selection on the options screen, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Big footballBCHBLL
Flubber ballFLBBR
Increased fumblesBTTRFNGRS
No fumblesSTCKYBLL
Increased injuriesHSPTL
Slippery fieldSLPNSLD
Eight downsDBLDWNS
Fat playersMRSHMLLW
Thin playersTTHPCK
Big coin tossBGMNY
Football on fireHSNFR
Rugby modeRGBY
Easy sacks
On defense, line one of the LBs beside the Center (Offense). Try and get as close to the blue line as possible -- the game even lets you go a little over the line. As soon as the QB hikes the ball, push forward then dive. If you do it fast enough, you will hit the QB for a sack. This trick works for all passing plays and most running plays.

Glitch: Kicking arrow
The kicking/punting "power arrow" does not always appear when you choose a punt/field goal/extra point. For example, you can play several games that will start with no arrow on punting, but finally have an arrow for the extra point after the first touchdown. After the first touchdown/extra point, the arrow will seem to appear on punts/kicks.

Glitch: Show receivers/zoom out
The game manual states that the trigger and left button will "zoom out" and highlight all receivers. Similar to the kicking arrow glitch, this option may not work on the first few plays. Instead, pressing those buttons only shows receivers in the current (pre-snap) view, which is usually just a back or TE.

Glitch: Blitz cam
When there is a fumble and the other team recovers the ball, the camera zooms out of place.

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