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Unlimited kredits
Press [Down]x2 [Up]x2, [Right]x2, [Left]x2 during the story screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. After the next match is lost, "freeplay" will appear in the remaining kredits window.

Extra options
Press [Up] + [Start] on the Kombat Mode selection screen. Options to enable or disable timer, aggressor, blood, and kombos will appear.

Quickly press "BLOCK", "HK", "LK", "RUN", "LP", "HP", "HP", "HP", "LP", "LP" during the story screen ([C-Up], [C-Right], [C-Down], [A], [B]x3, [A]x2 using the default controller configuration). A voice will say "Hi Mom" to confirm correct code entry. The red and blue question mark menus will be accessible allowing the following options:

Red Question Mark menu
Freeplay - ON/OFF
Fatality Time - ON/OFF
Collision Boxes - ON/OFF
One Round Matches - ON/OFF
Blue Question Mark menu
Level Select - ON/OFF
Bloody Kombat - ON/OFF
Human Smoke - ON/OFF
Khameleon - ON/OFF
Bonus Pong game
Fight 50 two player matches consecutively.

At the end of a tournament game, the winner can choose a secret. To get two player Pong, have the winning player select the first picture on the second line (Rayden).

Stage select
Highlight Sonya and press [Up] + [Start] on the character select screen. The screen will shake and a boom will be heard to confirm correct code entry. You will be able to select a stage after choosing your character.

Random character select
Highlight Noob Saibot for player one, or Rain for player two, on the character selection screen. Hold [Up] and press [Start]. The cursor will select a random character.

Fight Khameleon
Quickly press [Down] + [Start] if the word "Toasty" is heard on the Star Bridge stage. This usually happens after a number of uppercuts are successfully made. The phrase "Player 1, get ready" will appear followed by the Living Forest stage with Khameleon.

Fight as Motaro
Select any character to fight in the Jade's Desert, Khan's Tower, or The Wasteland stage. Hold "Away" + [C-Up] + [C-Right] ("Away" + "LK"+ "HK)" before the match begins. Motaro will replace your character after an explosion. You will revert back to your original character after winning the match. To continue playing as Motaro after the match, enter the code on round one and round two in a two player game. Then, player two should choose not to continue. Motaro will be playable in a one player game until a match is lost.

Fight as Khameleon
Press [C-Right], [C-Up], [A], [B], [C-Down], [C-Up], "C-Right "during the story screen. The name "Khameleon" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Khameleon's moves/fatalities/combos depend on what color her name is on her life bar. If her name is blue, she is Kitana; when it is green she is Jade; and when it is purple she is Mileena.

Super endurance mode
In a single player game, highlight Kano and press [Down] + [Start] on the character select screen. The screen will shake and Shao Kahn will say "You'll never win" to confirm correct code entry. Choose your character and select the hardest path. All matches except the first two and the last will be endurance matches. The first match will be against Khameleon, the second match will be against Motaro and the last match will be against Shao Kahn. Some of the endurance matches have at least six opponents to fight in the same match.

Shao Kahn's Lost Treasures
Select "8-Player Kombat" from the mode select screen and win the contest. You may select one of the treasures:
Top row (from left to right): Ending, Galaxian-like game, Fight Ermac, Fight Noob Saibot, Random Prize, Fatality Demo 1, Brutality Demo 2, Fatality Demo 7, Noob + Ermac Endurance round, MK2 Classic Endurance, Mega Endurance, and Old School Kombat.

Bottom row (from left to right): Past History (Pong), Male Ninja Kombat, Animality Demo 1, Brutality Demo 1, Friendship Demo 1, Fight Khameleon, Fatality Demo 4, Animality Demo 2, Female Ninja Kombat, Supreme Demonstration (every "Finish Him/Her"), Play Invaders From Space, and the Secrets of Trilogy.
Note: Only the first five treasures (up to Random Prize) are selectable on the Novice Tower. Only the first eleven (up to Mega Endurance Kombat) are selectable on the Warrior Tower. Only the treasures up to and including Friendship Demo 1 are selectable on the Master Tower or the 8 Player Kombat mode. Only the treasures up to and including Invaders From Space are selectable on the Champion Tower. All treasures are selectable on the Champion Tower with Super Endurance Path mode enabled.

Exploding Babalities
Perform a babality move. Hold "HP" + "LP" + "HK" + "LK" when the screen turns black and your opponent turns into a baby. Continue to hold the buttons as the baby turns back into an adult and explodes.

Easy Ultimate Kombat Kodes
Continually sweep the D-pad or Analog-stick in a clockwise "Full-Circle" when the story screen appears. The Kombat Kode screen will appear.
Avoid the fighter's stance
In round one throw a projectile that will kill your opponent, then quickly hold "BL" when the game says you won. Keep holding "BL" and your character will remain blocking until released or the next round begins. In the final round, repeat this and hold "BL" at the "Finish Him" message.

Cyrax: Moves
Grenade far: Hold "LK" and press [Forward]x2 then release "LK".
Grenade near: Hold "LK" and press [Back]x2 then release "LK".
Teleport: Press [Forward], [Down], "BL".
Net: Press [Back]x2, "LK".
Cyrax: Friendship
Press "Run"(3), [Up].

Cyrax: Defeating Shao Khan
Keep doing the Acid Net and uppercutting him until you win.

Johnny Cage: Triple Head Punch Off Motaro: Fatality
Get close to your opponent when the "Finish Him" message appears. Tap "Toward"(5), then press [C-Up].

Noob Saibot: Easy win
This combo system works very well against the CPU. Select Noob Saibot in a single player game. First, throw a Shadow at the opponent ([Forward], [Forward], "HP"). Then, when the opponent is thrown above your head, time it so when you throw the Disabler ([Down], [Forward], "LP") it connects with the opponent just before he or she hits the ground. Next, run over to the disabled opponent and hit him or her with the Uppercut combo ("HP", "HP", "LP", "HK"). While he or she is in midair from the combo, Roundhouse them. Finally, as they hit the ground, throw another Shadow at the opponent and repeat. If no mistakes are made during the fight, you can get a flawless victory. Note: This combo does not work against Motaro, as his chest can automatically reflect projectiles; and attacks such as Scorpion's Spear and Noob Saibot's Shadow will pass through him.

Raiden: Fatality
Hold "LP" for three to five seconds when the "Finish Him" message appears, then release when close to your opponent.

Sheeva: Defeating Motaro
Have "Automatic Combos" active and play as Sheeva. When you face him, use the Teleport Jump ([Down] + [Up]). After you land on him, use the kicking combo to get him to back off slightly. Repeat the process for the entire match to win easily.

Sub-Zero: Juggle combos
You can do a 5-hit combo by pressing "HP"(2), [Down] + "LP", [Down] + "HP". This will juggle your opponent into mid-air. Then, press [L] + D-pad to run underneath your opponent and press [Down] + "HP" to send them plummeting into mid-air again. Next, press [L] again to run up underneath and press "HP"(2) or "LP"(2). This will throw your opponent back up into the air for a short time, and will have dealt a great deal of damage.

Glitch: Floating head
Begin game play as Reptile. Do his invisibility move ([Up], [Down], "HK") followed by the "Eat em up" fatality. Reptile's head will be there, but not his body.

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